Caylee Anthony

They've tentively ID'd the remains they found =(

ROzbeans 14 years ago
I saw this yesterday =/ 5 minutes from the grandparents house. How fucked up is that? They said the FBI is going to work thru the weekend to ID the remains, but really...who else could it be? At least the grandparents will get some closure.
Lolanae 14 years ago
There was apparently a lil boy that has been missing for ages. They said all signs point to it being Caylee. The area it was in has been covered with water almost all summer.

It's like the only thing on the news here.
Lessa 14 years ago
I just read about that, so sad
MoonLily 14 years ago
I look at my three year old daughter, and wonder how someone could do anything to a sweet little baby. Then I want to cry, and just gather my kids up for hugs that poor little babies like Caylee won't get anymore. I'll be knocked over by a feather if the remains aren't that little angel's. There are no words... and even if it isn't Caylee's remains someone still killed a toddler and disposed of them like so much garbage in a bag. WTF. Rest in peace, sweet baby, whomever you really are.
ROzbeans 14 years ago

It was her. That poor little girl. =/
Adiene 14 years ago
Makes me sick to my tummy.