Instant Message Info

Wanted to talk to some of you silly folks.

For reference:

ICQ: 16370432
AIM: StarryFlyght
MSN: [email][/email]
Yahoo: Starry_Dance

EDIT: Changed the title and gonna sticky this. =) - Mae

ROzbeans 19 years ago
I dont think we do have one. Here's mine:

AIM: rozbeans
YAHOO: mae2gurl (almost never turn it on hehe)
Verileah 19 years ago
AIM: ladydaybillie
email: [email][/email]
Laney 19 years ago
ICQ: 986414
AIM: Ilaenu (never use it tho)
MSN: [email][/email]
Yahoo: laneydawyn
immy 19 years ago
Yahoo: giggliey
AIM: immeni
Gilae 19 years ago
Yahoo: rmceachn
AIM: rmceachn
...and if you're really bored, I'll give you my cell number
Guest 19 years ago
Yahoo (when its on): nallatrueheart
Identikit 19 years ago
AIM: JaySiciliaSays

Ask me for my RL name and ill kill you
Rikr 19 years ago
AIM - rikreq
ICQ - 9167458
MSN - [email][/email]

cant get trillian to work, at work for some reason, but that's my infoz.
Vulash 19 years ago
AIM: Vulash
Vulash 19 years ago
I should note. I very commonly forget to turn away on, or go to sleep with AIM left on or play WoW with it on. So odds are I won't respond right off but I will get back to you ;p
drizzi 19 years ago
icq: 53567919
aim: thebetterpixel
Guest 19 years ago
ICQ: 282262281
Yahoo: clubkitten007
MSN: [email][/email]
AIM: GODpimp007

I leave Trillian running all the time and am almost always in away to kinda screen my IMs and don't really have access to any kind of chat progs from work so...if it's not at night or on the weekend when I'm not on EQ2, I'll get back to ya when I can.
Sarah 19 years ago
I only use Yahoo!

Mileron 19 years ago
AIM: mike34886

Yahoo!: michaeljr915
Stormystone 19 years ago
Aim: StormystoneAot
Anulien 19 years ago
aim: anulien
yahoo: fsck_lost
Aziyade 19 years ago
aim: wyred dragon
msn: [email][/email]
Yahoo: wyred_dragon--though I rarely am on Yahoo...

Like Vulash, I frequently forget to turn on my away/busy msg so don't feel slighted if I don't reply.
Divine 19 years ago
AIM : Joel the Cunning

I guess I don't contribute much in the way of art, but if you have a WoW question I can probably help. ;p
zaura 19 years ago
AIM = Prassina

Yahoo Messenger = PrassinaM

Email = [email][/email]

I hardly ever remember to check AIM or Yahoo, used to use them a lot till someone at work complained that my boss had given me permission to use them at work and everyone else was forbidden to. Sigh, I liked being special for that brief 6 year period of time, LOL.
Droggen 19 years ago
aim: Jugernaut86
msn: [email][/email]
yahoo: BPWaltjen

e-mail: [email][/email]