I am addicted.

I'm excited though, I've plowed through season 1 of Bones and today the final season 1 dvd and Twilight is coming. I only have Twilight in my queue to appease Vex who keeps going on and on about it. I had to kick it up from #25 lol.

I love netflix though. My father has had it for about a year now and he kept telling me to do it, but we never watched dvds or movies all that much, but after I stopped playing WOW and got a little burnt out writing on SA, I decided to give it a try. I love it!!


Lessa 14 years ago
I loved Netflix when we lived in Phoenix. Its so convenient!

Though honestly after reading the Twilight series Id only consider the movie as OK, they skipped too much. I can wait til New Moon comes out on video.
Vex 14 years ago
Its so hard to cram 7-800 pages of story into 2 hours though.

But having said that, I do kinda wish they'd added 15-20mins more of E & B's bonding so it doesn't seem so entirely highschool crush lol
Lessa 14 years ago
exactly! Thats the main thing that bugged me I think.. it looked like theyd known each other all of a week and they were in love.. *eyeroll*
ROzbeans 14 years ago
High school love is the purest of love...yeah right, hormones give you an insight on someone that would rival a 30 year marriage.

Hormones and perky boobies.
Kelefane 14 years ago
Netflix is cool, but sometimes I still love going to Blockbuster etc. Just something about browsing a movie store with all the movies at your fingertips.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Yeah but netflix is like christmas in your mail box!
Lessa 14 years ago
evrey day!
Mileron 14 years ago
Ahh Netflix.

I've been a member since mid-04.
I've caught up on shows and movies I'd missed or never got a chance to see.
I watched Star Trek DS9 sequentially...
ST: Voyager
Witch Hunter Robin
Babylon 5
CSI (Las Vegas)
Roswell (just season one, didn't care for it much)
Xena (just season one, I got carried away with CSI)
Earth 2
Working on Charmed right now
Den 14 years ago
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh...don't ever tell Stefanie how you feel about Roswell!!!
Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
We have blockbuster, get about a movie a week and 2 in store exchanges a month. It's not bad for 12 bucks.
I don't know how much or how netflix is, but I just love being able to have the option to go to the actual blockbuster store and pick something up or return the movie from there while keeping movies in your queue.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
For 2 unlimited discs (meaning two out at a time, no matter how many times you interchange them) I pay 13 bucks. The shipping center is in Tacoma so the turn around time is - mail out monday, they receive and ship tuesday, and then I receive the next movie in my queue by wednesday. It's really not that bad. They have an instant queue, too. Lots of really good and newer movies available to watch via streaming stuffs.

Mike and I used to peruse the movie store shelves for hours back in the day, but honestly I haven't been in a movie store in like 4 years maybe? I think I bought candy lol. Netflix is pretty much for me since Mike's not watching this stuff with me, I mostly watch them on my computer, but I'd rather not lug a kiddo around while trying to find a movie. Just easier for me =)
Lessa 14 years ago
yeah I think its cheaper for us.. considering if you have a late movie at blockbuster.. (at least it used to be.. maybe not anymore) you may as well buy the darned thing.. its nice not having late fees.. and unlimited movies for a set price per month.. We would pay the 15 or whatever it was for having 3 at a time, we would queue up one for the boys, one for sarah and one for dave and I and if we forgot to watch for a night or two it wasnt any big deal.

since mail is so slow out here, being out in the country and all, we just red box now, but nowhere near the selection of a movie store or netflix, but still way cheaper than the movie rental store. ( a dollar per night)
Vulash 14 years ago
I was against it - I thought waiting by mail would be stupid. Girlfriend got it anyway - totally awesome we use it all the time - the turn around time is great
Kels 14 years ago
i used to use netflix and blokbuster by mail a lot but I had a problem with stolen discs. Do you guys have that problem?
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Not at all, but I live on base. We used to get our mail right at our doors, which was pretty unsecured, but now it goes to a central lock box on the street.

My father has problems with dvds being broken though, but netflix is great about sending out replacements asap.
Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
I've never had one stolen, but I did get a broken one from blockbuster, you just mail it back and report it.
Vulash 14 years ago
Never had a broken or stolen disc. In fact we've had zero issues unless you count the fact that they quit offering scarface and took it out of my queue :P but they did send us a message
ROzbeans 14 years ago
They did, I wonder why? =( But yeah I've never had a problem either, but its only been about 3 or 4 weeks.
Den 14 years ago
I belonged to Netflix a few years back, and the only problem I had was one time I got the wrong disc in the right sleeve.
Lessa 14 years ago
My kids accidentally sent back one of their video games in a movie sleeve.. think thats the only problem we had.. but our fault not theirs lol. ><

They never did contact us to get their movie back.