Tree and Bird Mural

This was done for a person who wanted me to incorporate her wood-burning stove and more importantly the stove pipe into the design of the mural. I loved working on this!

Lessa 14 years ago
I think it looks awesome hun! Great work!
Wystro 14 years ago
Thank you. Lessa =)
Verileah 14 years ago
I want one! It's fabulous, very designer-ly.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Zoinks, that is friggin cool!
Wystro 14 years ago
Thanks, Veri and Rox =D
Jetamio 14 years ago
Want to come do my bedroom?
Wystro 14 years ago
I'll get working on obtaining a passport!
Shaelynn 14 years ago
It looks awesome, Wystro!
SnowDragon 14 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous
Wystro 14 years ago
Thank you, Shae and Snowdragon =)
Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
That room looks so cozy! Great job on it!
Adiene 14 years ago
That is sooo cool! I want one now