Tim Burton - Alice in Wonderland


Johnny Depp!

ROzbeans 14 years ago
Lessa 14 years ago
I saw that, so creepy hehe, I bet its awesome

love how his eyes are slightly off center

Heres another link and more pics

Adiene 14 years ago
Oh yeah I saw that I been wetting my pants since I heard he was finally going thru with it!!!!!! *squeals like a school girl*
Alice is my all time fav and with Tim's twist and the fucking killer cast it has got to be good! omgomgomgmgomg cant wait /dies
Faeini 14 years ago
me and my big brother been waiting for this one for awhile and knowing tim doing it i know its going to be good coz yea he has the twist and he picks great actors.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
No offense but, he always seems to pick the same actors.

Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
I still haven't watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory, I adore Johnny Depp, but I just can't do it. Same with this, maybe...maybe..
ROzbeans 14 years ago
God I love that movie. Don't get me wrong, Burton does use Johnny Depp in everything, but he has such incredible range that you believe every role he does. Gene Wilder, to me, is still Willy Wonka but Johnny Depp did a hilarious take on him.
Lessa 14 years ago
Johnny Depp s a fantastic actor.. I can see why he uses him all the time. Guy isnt afraid to go way out there and be strange, or crazy, or funny or whatever the role needs him to be, then add his own twist to it..

Hes no Nick Cage
ROzbeans 14 years ago
It's Nicolas Cage in (insert name of movie here) as....Nicolas Cage!
Lessa 14 years ago


Oh and I heard.. ( ok saw while watching Suite Life or Wizards or something) That Nick is one of the gerbils in that G Force movie hehe.
Faeini 14 years ago
eee so cant wait lol
ROzbeans 13 years ago

New Trailer
Faeini 13 years ago
is it here yet? ^^
Wystro 13 years ago
My life depends on seeing this film.
Den 13 years ago
Burton really has a gift for the aesthetics.
Adiene 13 years ago
it hurts my soul I have to wait more months for this ......
Den 13 years ago
Saw this yesterday. I never did really like the Alice in Wonderland story when I was a kid. I also never have really liked the stories in Tim Burton's movies (except Edward Scissorhands). This time I both loved the story, and Tim Burton's adaptation. Of course being in 3D magnified my enjoyment, but I liked Alice older, how she came into her own, and her relationship with the Mad Hatter. Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp were both marvelous, as usual.
Adiene 13 years ago
loved it! I even wore my alice dress~! I looked cute dammit! haha