G.A.S.H.er's - The Beginning of the End TURN IN THREAD (Nov 16th)


ROzbeans 14 years ago
From Temprah to

Adiene 14 years ago
Roz totally screw up my "FIRST" post .... /daggers

I had CSmalls talk about nervous -_- Hope you like. remember sci fi is not my stong point .. but cute sexy girls are =P lol

and desk top is here linked for size - http://morbidmystic.com/gallery/g2data/albums/Sci-Fi/SynSableTACtrade2009Desktop.jpg

if you want to know all the credits note me as I can't remember atm lol
Lunna 14 years ago

Get me your actual desktop size and I'll re-size this if need be. It's currently 1680 x 1050.


All images were created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
Eve 14 years ago
I had Jetamio! Hope you don't mind having me again hon Your girl was as much fun to do this time around since I got to go all pale with her. The 13 in the background there is of course a nod to my own character *giggle*

Credits: V4 with a VAMP morph given out to contest participants as well as an unreleased VAMP girl texture, my own postwork on her arms for the glowy tats; Outfit is a combination of Future Cop with textures by Motif and Gear Punk from Daz modified with various shaders to mesh together, top is a freebie from Mint called ExistenZe; gun comes with the Novarian outfit; Ranger hair; set is a modge podge of pieces from Stonemason, Bar-Code, and daveso all retextured and/or tweaked by me

Roguegoddess 14 years ago
For Rae: Hope you like it Rae

Thanks for all the fun. I really enjoyed it.
Nianya 14 years ago
For Eve ! Hope you like it!

and...an outdoor scene..

and just a simple portrait..

Credits.. hahaha omg too many to name. For something specific ask away.
Character / pose / outfit put together in poser & imported into Cinema 4D for textures and to build the scenes
tamaelia 14 years ago
LOL At least I am on the same Outer Rim as Nianya :P

I had darkermusings who's character was Larson, just Larson; a cyborg with a painful human history.



I hope I captured the Larson you had in your mind!

KaAnna 14 years ago
Here is my image for TEMPRAH's character, Amberelle De'Espionne. I very much hope you enjoy it! Thank you for making your character so easy to work with. Excellent description!

Here it is! (small version)




Here are some additional images (bigger versions of the scanned objects in the desktop image)

Full Body
freyals 14 years ago

I had VERILEAH and Nova Piestewa!
Hope you like her!! ^^

P.S. will post the proper sized desktop pic on Deviant Art soon, will let you know.

Faeini 14 years ago
i had Darsa!! was so much fun making this! hope you like it hun. if you would like the way bigger version send me your email . sorry photobucket didnt wanna hold the desktop size -.-

Lessa 14 years ago
I had Rixter!

I hope you like it hun *hug*
darkermusings 14 years ago
Scifi is really not my thing, but I gave it a whirl. Even made the background myself. I had Graphx mcafee2000's character. Hope you like!

Verileah 14 years ago
I had Lillyanna-Windmane's Mira'De:

Bigger Desktop

Jetamio 14 years ago
I had Faeini! Sci-Fi is NOT my strong point lol, but it gave me an excuse to buy Bio-Flow, which in turn made me learn Poser. A great way to stress myself out further rofl. I hope you like her

And a siggy

V4 with Jadyn (I am still in love with this char <3 ), Aery Soul's Bio-Flow, Aether Hair which I used the Material room (shock!) to change to purple hehe.
McAfee2000 14 years ago
I hope you like it. It was fun.
Did the background myself in VUE. Tried to make her as described.





DA Sig
Laschae 14 years ago
I got Vex I hope you like these like everyone else this was way out of my comfort zone but I think they turned out alright

Version 1 of Lotus :

Version 2:

Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
I had, Banbha!
I had a hard time picking clothes, guys are tough!! lol

quiarrah 14 years ago
Well here are mine for Kanna . . .I really hope she likes them. I had the hardest time with these,. . . .couldn't find anythong spacy that is in my realm of expertise so I went with streetwear. . .somethiong she might wear on a normal day. . . ..

Shot at 2009-11-16
Shot at 2009-11-16

You can download them here. . . . . .

quiarrah 14 years ago
I had this in the wrong place

The Sig . . .