GASHer Gushing

AKA Thank you for my phat lewtz!

Thank you Nia! I love them all, but that first one kicks much ass! I love how you incorporated the event name into the sign there I'd say you've come quite a ways now with C4D. Keep it up! *hugs*

Nianya 14 years ago
You are very welcome! I was so nervous trying to make a sci fi picture.. I had to bug Roz and Fredy3D for CC. LOL I'm so glad you liked it!

As for C4D..thanks! I absolutely love how textures come out in it compared to Poser. Still can't figure out how to make awesome textures like you in Poser, but in C4D.. NO problemo! Go figure! In the first pic, no postwork. Everything you see is 100% C4D render. No touchups, no photoshop. Even the sign with the GASHers on it.
tamaelia 14 years ago
That is sensational Nia! Fanfuckingtastic And Eve... that floor reflection is to die for woman! You two are sensational
KaAnna 14 years ago
So far everyone's is awesome! I have completely fallen in love with Adiene's image. The lighting and rendering make me very jealous!!

Nianya, you are so right. The textures are phenomenal. The portrait is absolutely gorgeous and all of your images want me to get C4D. The glow in the first one is especially brilliant.

Excellent job all!
Verileah 14 years ago
Thank you freyals! Nova looks smouldering and I love her enhancements . And I'm thrilled that you included her firebird .
Jetamio 14 years ago
OMG Eve rocks! Issy looks so badass! Instant desktop background lol, I still had Xar'zith on it I'm in love <3
Temprah 14 years ago
I'm sneaking on from work before I start playing catch up because I have to say... KaAnna you made me squeal and do the inner Snoopy happy-dance! My Amby looks SO freaking good! I *love* that hair you used!!!! And the desktop idea is super clever =D (soooo stealing that!)
/snuzzles her pic
Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
I love my picture!! Thank you so much Ver! I especially like the finger avatar, so how I see her!

Thank you again all for letting me participate in this! it's so, so much fun doing something I'm not used to. Working with guys is tough, especially when you aren't used to it! lol

Darsa 14 years ago
EEEEeeeeEEEEEEEEeeeeee!!!! OMG Fae, she's just PERFECT; I would totally mistake her for my daughter from the back And I love the nod to the collab story with Echo there as well. Amazing, and thank you sosososososoooo much!!
csmalls 14 years ago
squeeee!!! omg, it's glorious. I 'heart' adienne. *passes out*
Lunna 14 years ago
McAfee2000, she's sitting on my desktop! I love her expression, she's got sass and a sekrit!

Thank you!
McAfee2000 14 years ago
you're welcome - glad you liked my version
Actually, I have her on my desktop too.
Lessa 14 years ago
Thank you Banbha for the lovely artwork, it looks awesome hun
McAfee2000 14 years ago
I almost forgot - busy day at work.
I'd like to thank Darkermusings for her version of Grafix. I know her forte is not Science Fiction, but she did a great job with my off the wall character. I knew she wouldn't be easy. Thank you - thank you
Faeini 14 years ago
Thank you Jet!!! i love her yay purple , Glad you like your gift darsa! i loved the story you put for her so i thought it was needed to put in echo
Banbha 14 years ago
You're welcome! I enjoyed actually going into Poser and getting these out, despite some memory and video issues I had upon rendering.

To Lillyanna: Thank you for Morgan! Got that broodiness down and that rugged look of a grisly soldier. Men are harder to do but I do love to throw out the challenge once in a while!
LacyAnn 14 years ago
wow guys haven't seen mine yet but everyone's posted so far are just AMAZING!!!!!
Wystro 14 years ago
I love my exchange, csmalls! I love his attitude and his awesome suit!
quiarrah 14 years ago
I love mine. . . .she is gorgeous. . . .I just wish I could have done justice to Kanna's charcter.
tamaelia 14 years ago
/humps Eve

You are a doll and I <3 you.
Nianya 14 years ago
Thank you so much Darsa! I love my lewtz and how you made up her own background. :<3 I suck at that sort of stuff which is why I left it blank. LOL I