Avatar - Anyone going to see it?



I think it's going to be in 3D...

Too bad they chose such a cheesy font for the title.

ROzbeans 14 years ago
He's spent the last what...4 years working on this movie? Boy, I really want to be impressed. I really do. =x
pharren 14 years ago
Well, I just hope the font isn't any indication. If they spent 4 years you'd think they could spend 5 minutes to choose a more unique font.
Verileah 14 years ago
What were they thinking with that font? *crybabyjesuscry*
Jetamio 14 years ago
I didnt think it was that bad... unless I'm missing something?
pharren 14 years ago
Doesn't it come standard with Windows? It's one step below Comic Sans MS.

EDIT: No offense if you like Comic Sans MS.
Eve 14 years ago
Papyrus font I believe, but I didn't find it that distracting cuz frankly the trailer looks too kick ass. I'm a font snob usually, but yeah that one doesn't offend me too badly
Kelefane 13 years ago
Or interested?
Vex 13 years ago
they spent all their budget on CG.

at least its NOT comic sans.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
If we can get a sitter we'll go see it. Maybe when we're up in OH visiting the parental units.
Kelefane 13 years ago
I was wtfpostowned by Roz again =P

I fail at search
ROzbeans 13 years ago
LOL sorry. It's no problem, I'm just anal about multiple posts about the same thing. =x
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Just read that Sam Worthington (hot guy in wheelchair/main character) signed on for 2 MORE AVATAR MOVIES. /sigh Not sure how I feel about that. I hope it doesn't turn into the Matrix trilogy - awesome first one, suck ass sequels =(
pharren 13 years ago
they spent all their budget on CG.

at least its NOT comic sans.

I would have hand drawn them a title for 5 bucks. THERES NO FORGIVENESS FOR USING THAT FONT! NONE!@!@!@
Aniyah 13 years ago
But I LOVE that font....

j/k... :P

Where in OH Roz? I'm in Columbus.

I plan to see this movie, much to the chagrin of the hubby who wrinkled up his nose and said... really?
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Oh sorry, I meant Oak Harbor Washington, not Ohio lol.
Aniyah 13 years ago
oh well poo
Den 13 years ago
Saw this today, in 3D. Loved it! However, the story was very familiar, having seen it in a few other movies. Parts of Dances With Wolves, and even Aliens were evident. None the less, I found it very entertaining to watch, and am glad I went the 3D route.
Nianya 13 years ago
Oh this movie was good..atleast I thought so. Reminded me almost of Furgully save the rainforest ... but the graphics + hot guy = awesomesauce! LOL

I was hoping there'd be a sequel. The ending left it open and damnit I wanna know what happens!
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Heard Sam Worthington already signed up for 2 and 3.