For the Love of Steampunk! (CLOSED)

Sign Up thread will be locked the afternoon of Jan 22nd. If you do a placeholder post, please make sure you have your information filled in by that time.


-Character Name:
-Character description:
-Hair color:
-Eye color:
-Body type:
-Race (Human, Elf, or other...yeah anything goes in this Steampunk world, just keep in mind that Elves are the magic wielding race, tho half elves could have latent abilities as well) :
-Rating (G, R, anything goes!) :
-Desktop size:
-Please include either screenshots or reference pics of your character, unless you want to leave it completely up to your fellow artist:
-Feel free to add anything you think might be helpful to the person portraying your character. General ideas for attire would be good, like whether your character prefers casual or formal look.
-Tell us your tale (optional as always of course):



Any medium is welcomed in this event. TAC events are NEVER exclusively 3D, so feel free to try a new medium or embrace your own: vectoring, pixel art, freehand, etc.



As with all TAC events - signing up means you will provide (at least) 1 desktop size portrait of the person who's name you were given, and I'm asking that you also include a sig this time as well. Most do anyway. It's just nice to have something to use on the board to show off.

Please do not show the art off until the turn in date - March 6th - It's all secretz!

From Roz-

Please use your time wisely - any late turn ins will result in being banned from future TAC art events. We take this very seriously and we do not want to see ANYONE empty handed. If there is a reason YOU CANNOT TURN IN ON TIME - please let Eve or Lessa know AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Or I swear, I will lose my shit. I am not kidding. =( Seriously, please let them know before the turn in date so they can make arrangements for your person not to be empty handed. All I ask is common courtesy. =) Sorry for getting angry there.

If you would like to turn in early, please upload them (somewhere not viewable in a public gallery please) and send the link to both Lessa and Eve either in a PM here on TAC, or a note on DA. If you get it finished, get it loaded up! That way even if something happens to your puter, you've already got a copy of your gifts out in cyber space.

Lessa and I are looking forward to running another event this Spring- please tell your friends - everyone is welcomed to participate and there is NO MINIMUM POST COUNT required.

templarlover 14 years ago
Character Name: Rebekah Lieferssen
Profession: Scholar, Owner of The Next Page bookstore
Character Description: Shy, often blending into the background, Rebekah has an easy smile that never quite reaches her eyes. People often mistake her shyness for aloofness, but to those who truly know her are allowed to see the fun-loving, imaginative, romantic dreamer. Occasionally one might catch a glimpse of her fiery temper, but only rarely.
Hair Color: Auburn, leaning more towards copper. Always pulled back away from her face, but hangs down her back in soft waves.
Eye Color: Gray-green, framed by dark lashes
Body Type: Curvy...think hourglass, waist definitely smaller than chest & hips

Race: half-elf…latent abilities unknown
Rating: R
Desktop Size: 1440 x 900
Attire: Usually formal in dark greens and browns. Always wears a choker/necklace with a key.
Story:Rebekah came to Morbourne after the recent death of her mother and used her inheritance to open a bookstore. A bold move for someone who had never traveled, but according to her late mother, Morbourne was the last place her father had been sighted. While she does not believe she will ever find her father, she still dreams that one day she might. An aspiring writer/artist, she spends her evenings in The Rusty Cog, sketching and watching the patrons from a far corner.