FtLoS- Rabble Rousing (OOC Chatter about the Event)

Feel free to chat away about anything related to the event here! Just remember, don't give away who you're making a pic for

ShutUpSara 14 years ago
Not a signup - but not sure where to put this. It's some really nifty Steampunk-ish items that just offer some more variety for the rendering goodness Variety is f'ing awesome!!!

Bootleggers for V4
Steampunk Mechanica
Arecebus has a lot of steam-y goodness! Check it out! (The dodo and the copter are two of my wishlist items >.>
Steam-powered Armor! M4
A cool-looking vehicle
AS's Peppermint
Zetta Boots
Lydia Boots
AS's Evenesk's Elite
Devious for V4

A lot of these (almost all) say nothing about Steampunk, but they all have elements that could fit into the theme very, very easily. If anyone needs help finding stuff, I am a junkie of Steampunky goodness... hell, I'm just a Daz/Poser junkie in general. You can email me at [EMAIL="shutupsara@comcast.net"]shutupsara@comcast.net[/EMAIL] or talk to me on MSN - saras279@hotmail or AIM - saraly279. I trust the peeps here not to add me to even more spam lists >.>

Da mods can feel free about putting this elsewhere - I didn't see a forum for discussing this event, and didn't know where else to put it.
Eve 14 years ago
Thanks for the help Sara. Most of that stuff I have listed in the Inspirations and Resources I have linked in the event post as well.
Eve 14 years ago
Would also like to address a couple things here while I'm thinking of it. Steampunk usually -doesn't- have elves, Jet I threw them into my world for a lil variety, and to add an element of magic, strong emphasis on the "elements". Earth, air, fire, and water. Those are the schools of magic I've included for folks to choose from should they want to do an elf. Not to say elves can't work on machines, it's just a more rare thing to happen. I would like to stay away from time travel or "chronomancy" as well. I feel I've left the world open enough for everyone without bringing in a way for even more advanced technology. Heavy on the steam here folks
ShutUpSara 14 years ago
hehe yeah, I saw the inspiration page after I made my list >.> <.<

Actually, found ALL the stuff about the event and whatnot after I wrote my bio... does it meet the Eve & peeps approval by being part of upper class? I don't recall any mention in your desc of Morbourne (but I'm on pain meds so I have a foggy memory) ... but I know there's often the same class system as England had back at the turn of the century.. erm.. last century. 1900s. Victorian. Mew.
Nianya 14 years ago
I hope my profession works. LOL Being an elf an all, I wanted her to do something in that field of magic and well.... yeah.. it sounded good from the list I used from Seventh Sanctum.com ROFL
Eve 14 years ago
Yeah you two are both fine Your twist works just fine Nia for an elf, and I love the upper class spy *nodnod*
Wystro 14 years ago
I'm so freaking excited! I can't wait to start on my person!
ShutUpSara 14 years ago
lol then don't! I'm scanning my runtime for steampunky goodness, and once i'm done finishing my penguins with polearms piece I'm going to start practicing steampunk!
Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
This is actually a little bit more fun than the Sci-Fi. I'm still working on my bio / render, but it's a lot of fun. I keep seeing something new to discover and throw on a shader. hehe
Laschae 14 years ago
There's a lot of ways to go with this; so many directions! So hard to stick with one idea lol.
Lessa 14 years ago
This is so much fun! I cant wait til we get to hand out names.. and turn ins..!

Hurry up March!
quiarrah 14 years ago
Kind of takes me back to Dickens Faire this last December in San Francisco. . only with machinery and tecnology. I wouldn;t mind of we dressed in victorian clothes again! I would be fun!
I found some stuff. . .. so I hope I am on the right track with whoever I get.
Lillaanya 14 years ago
All this steampunk stuff is making me itch to make artsy things with all the gears and things I stole from hubby when he rebuilt his motorcycle engine last year. I think I'll wait till it warms up a little more than 40 below tho before I go digging for the welder in the shed lol
ROzbeans 14 years ago
CSmalls is making steampunk jewelry now. She lives by me and I'm tempted to have lunch with her so I can buy some! You hear me Smalls!!!?? I wanna see them!
tamaelia 14 years ago
I am excited that Sabby is back playing with us!!! Yay! Hope your daughter gets well soon hun.
KaAnna 14 years ago
I had no idea Sabby was on this board! I'm glad to see her here too! Will keep her daughter in my thoughts and prayers!
Eve 14 years ago
Names have been drawn outta the hat, written down, and then typed in on my master list > < Lessa and I will start working on PM's in the morn when we're both up and functioning. We had a huge turn out this time with 40 folks signing up, so it may take us a lil bit even with splitting the list Everyone ready to get Steamed!?
Kethaera 14 years ago
Wow, what a great turnout! I'm so excited to see who I get!
tamaelia 14 years ago
Steamed and punked?? that sounds like a lame reality show huh LOL
KaAnna 14 years ago
That is excellent! I'm glad so many people took part this time! I've been so excited about this since you guys first posted about it! Can't wait to see who I get either!