Ultra Fractal

www.Ultrafractal.com and a helpful tutorial for this can be found at a friendly deviant named Fib3rglass

Mai 17 years ago
Oooh I went and downloaded that program because it looked more fun to play with than the KPT fractal thing I had for photoshop. I've been playing with it since.. Its great and the tutorial was very helpful.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
I think I have the sneaky sneaky code thing still or can find it if you want to open the program up, Maealso =)
Guest 17 years ago
hook a sista up!
Rikr 17 years ago
anda brotha.
MoonLily 15 years ago
I just coughed up the funds for the standard version of ultrafractal 4... so far it's very interesting and I am looking forward to trying more tutorials to learn it.
Mai 15 years ago
I've used it once or twice for backgrounds. Its hard to get precisely what you're looking for with it but happy accidents happen all the time.