Hi there :)

Hey all

I came across this website via Deviantart by Vanesse.
I came across that originally via art searches cause I play EQ and EQ2.
I thought to register here view the art created, as I think it is absolutely fantastic.
The designs of most of the drawings are simply ashtonashing, and I'm very impressed by the skills of some people that can do this, and frankly, a tad jelous

I hope i'm not to blaim by registering to be able to view but not participate in art work, as I lack skills and knowledge to do so.

Greetz, Whitness

ROzbeans 14 years ago
All are welcomed! Thanks for registering, Whitness, and we don't do just art here, we also do some writing so if you're ever inclined to do either, feel free to show off!

Lessa 14 years ago

I am Vanesse over at DA, Glad you found us!
KaAnna 14 years ago
Lillaanya 14 years ago
Welcome! If you do decide to try your hand at anything, please don't be afraid to show us. We truly don't eat the newbie here.
Aniyah 14 years ago
Welcome! Skills can be developed -- don't be afraid to jump in!
Wystro 14 years ago
Welcome aboard! You'll have fun here =)
Whitness 14 years ago
Thanks for the warm welcome all

@ Vanesse.
If I had more money i'd just donate some of it to you for your art skills...
I've found many fantastic drawings through deviant, and am absolutely amazed by each and every one of them.
Tho I don't "fancy" all (lol), the quality is fantastic.
Good thing to know it's all cartoon, otherwise would easely fall in love with some /grin.

Any idea furtherly why i'm unable to view posts in the 2d / 3d sections?
I read the C/C post, but honestly it's not making sense to me.
I must be honest to say tho that I don't yet had the fully quiet time to actually read it in peace o)

Greetz, Whit
Lessa 14 years ago
aww thanks hun! I am flattered by your compliment, but the artists here are amazing, they keep me from thinking I know it all already, Ive got lots of room for improvement!

What I do isn't freehand, but 3d, like many of the others here, so I cant take credit for "drawing" anything, as awesome as it would be to do so.

The CC is Critique, for those of us who want tips and other perspectives on what can be improved on or changed if requested.

If you look at the bottom of the pages of the forums, youll see a bar that lets you choose how far back you want to view posts, if you select "From the Beginning" you should be able to view everything.

Hope that helped.
Shaelynn 14 years ago
Heya, welcome