FtLoS Turn-Ins! (OPEN for business!!)

Post your artwork here!

For Roguegoddess from Jazzine

Eve 14 years ago
Early turn ins for folks who were afraid they might not be around on Saturday-

For Rozbeans from ShutUpSarah-

Wallpaper and Siggy

For Faeini from McAfee2000-

Wallpaper and Avatar and DA Icon

For Quirrah from Jules-

Wallpaper and Second Siggy

For Darkstorm from Csmalls-

"This is Darkstorm's character Jebadiah (Jeb) McPherson for the For the Love of Steampunk Art Trade at TAC. He's a professional smuggler who specializes in human trafficking, hence the handcuffs he's about to slap on the girl's wrist there on the right. I imagine he swiped that nice shiny pocket watch off somebody in at the Rusty Cog and lured her over with it. Very sneaky. Anyway, Darkstorm hope you like him. He was fun to draw! " -csmalls

For Archseer from Klooless-


For Mai from Twilightfenix-

Shaelynn 14 years ago
This was a fun exchange!

I had
- her steamy character is Merlu, the elven mystic salvager

Hope you like and enjoy your art! hugs!




Vaia 14 years ago
My first time

I was given Darsa's lovely Ember to work on
I hope you like what I've done with her.



Laschae 14 years ago
I had Shaelynn's Delilah. Hope you like them I kind of lost steam on this (har har).

Had the idea of a string of portraits with ehr in various outfits/disguises...

Anywhoodle... here's some more!

I hope you like them
Janet PD 14 years ago
I had Lillaanya. Her character is Ellie Flint, an archaeologist. She gave me a great, detailed description. Thanks for that! Here's some of it:
Ellie is in her early 30's, which is considered quite young in her field of work. Although she is quite respected as an archaeologist, she lacks the self confidence that comes with age and experience. She strives to always be very professional, and quite the "proper" young lady, tho neither come naturally to her.



Faeini 14 years ago
I had jet!!! i had so much fun making your girl and hope i did her justice!

Nianya 14 years ago
I had

This was the original picture I made..

and then I decided you needed another!

and a siggy to match that one
Mai 14 years ago
For TwilightFenix

I hope you like it. I had a story in mind which would go along with it but doing the picture took so long that I didn't get a chance to write it. Needless to say, she was solving a murder.


Both desktops should be 1440 by 900 but I swear one of the links doesn't seem to be working right.

Sabby 14 years ago
I had Lunna, I am not finished, I had a lot of stuff going on the past few weeks and I hope you like what I have so far, I am going to be posting a couple more things to this thread in the next 24 hours, I hope.

Two Sig Options:


Roguegoddess 14 years ago
Click Me!

Siggy too!

Hope you Like Templar - I enjoyed doing this for you
Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
I had

With her lovely Sarwyn LeCroix!

I hope you enjoy! Sorry, I'm not a siggy lady.
tamaelia 14 years ago

I have a portrait of of Jade ready to go. I also have a desktop and sig but they haven't quite made deadline and I absolutely have to go to bed as it is 10pm here and this flu is kicking my ass but I promise you will have the rest when I have had breakfast. It may still even be Saturday over there when I get them done LOL

And a mini version to use as an avatar, feel free to resize as you need...

Again I am so very sorry not to have all the things ready. Between 2 externals dying, kids getting bullied at school, getting the flu and my already dubious time management skills, I wanted to have at least one pretty thing ready for you before I passed out from flu meds. *hugs* I will definately catch the rest up in the morning.
patslash 14 years ago
and there I am as well!! for VAIA with love!!! hope you like it hun!!!

and siggy

Lillaanya 14 years ago
I had Laschae and her lovely Juliet!



and cause I couldn't decide if I liked the text, desktop2

and a sig
katlienc 14 years ago
For the Love of Steampunk - Kethaera aka Clara Longhurst

I tried to stay up late to be one of the first to post, but I didn't make it LOL. I loved the character of Clara with her dual lives...mechanic and society gal....very cool!


Simple Portrait
My plan was to shrink the simple portrait to use as an avatar, but the computer that has Photoshop isn't behaving today. In case you are wondering...she is saying "Take the picture already, I have work to do"


Link for size http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/8962/claralonghurstdesktop.jpg


Verileah 14 years ago
I had Tam's Triss!

And Portrait:
Jetamio 14 years ago
I had I-inspire!
FTLoS - Cate Duncan by ~MadRedDruid on deviantART

Cate sig by ~MadRedDruid on deviantART

Cate Avatar by ~MadRedDruid on deviantART

Avatar and Siggy for you too



(My website ran out so had to put em on DA)

EDIT: Omg, how the hell do you put DA pics here?! Grrr! *bats her eyes at Eve, hoping she can fix it again!*
Lessa 14 years ago
For Jules from Quirrah!

I tried getting these up last night, but I keep getting the evil red X, so I will just be posting links for you. Sorry!






There are a number of others she made for you, and she will post them when she is back and able
Lessa 14 years ago
For KatlienC from Kethaera

Keth is having computer issues and was afraid she wouldn't be able to post these.

Karaliina 14 years ago
For Janet PD from Karaliina