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For Roguegoddess from Jazzine

ROzbeans 14 years ago
For Kels:

Blank poster:
For Kels TAC FTLOS 2 by *Rozbeans on deviantART

With text:
For Kels TAC FTLOS by *Rozbeans on deviantART

KaAnna 14 years ago
I was blessed with


character, Echo! I hope you enjoy her! I really enjoyed working on this after getting the initial idea. I worked non-stop on it because it sort of just sucked me in! I'm sorry I didn't include anything related to her sister or The Rabbit. I hope that's okay! The story of her being in a fight just stuck with me

These are kinda big, so wait for them to load!



Tori B 14 years ago
This is for Patslash.

My interpretation of your tinkering jeweler, Countess Nancy Bettenridge. I hope you enjoy.

Wallpaper is a little large to post here so please view and download at: http://www.cruzines.com/pics/CountessNancyBettenridgeTACWPToriB2010.jpg

I'll also post it in my Deviant Art Gallery.


Two Siggies

Backgrounds and elements, modified, from Steampunk by Sveva (Renderosity)
My morph for V4
Outfit by Aery Soul (Renderosity)
Instant Hair by Ilona (Renderosity)
Texture from http://foxxie-chan.deviantart.com
Stock from http://darkland-stock.deviantart.com and http://angelus-knight.deviantart.com
Composition in PS
jules 14 years ago
For Quirrah

I truly enjoyed this event! I hope you like the images I made for you. It's a coincidence that I got you and you got me! Wait, maybe that was on purpose, hmmmmmm.
Thank you for the beautiful gifts! I love them all! Hugz
Oh, I almost forgot, here is another one for you.

The image is there just click on the box.

Avatar by Quirrah. Thanks sweetie!
Verity 14 years ago
I had... Wystro!!!

Here's a picture of The Tinkerer in his shop:


And a siggy: [ATTACH=CONFIG]295[/ATTACH]

I wanted to get a close up, so you get a closeup portrait as well

quiarrah 14 years ago
Here is my fotki link Jules. . . .


Hope you got the ones you wanted. I know there are alot. . .of course if youwant all of them. . that's fine too! LOL. . yes it is kind of strange that we got each other! Must have been in the cards!

Getting them up on 4 share now. . . . .


All the 4- Share links. . . .Have fun!
i-inspire 14 years ago
This is for the lovely LacyAnn. She is an archaeologist who spends her days in the dust and dirt trying to learn about our past and future. After work you can usually find her in the rusty cog enjoying a glass of wine and sketching in her journal. The sad look that is often seen in Lacy's eyes hides some kind of dark past.
This is my first exchange, and it was really fun. I hope to do more of them, time permitting.
I made a desktop of her with her journal here.
And a Portrait style desktop here.
I also made two sigs. Enjoy!

Darsa 14 years ago

I was sooo not ready to be done!! At least I got the desktop finished, anyway. The sig's in progress now and *should* be done by tomorrow latest, if not tonight!

I had

I hope you like it, darlin; Steampunk is HARD for me!

Wystro 14 years ago
This is for Verileah!

I think I'll make sigs and stuff later, but for now I gave absolutely everything I have to this one image. (Desktop size link is below)

Kels 14 years ago
This is for ToriB <3

I had a lot of rl stuff happen during this, and explored some new things. I've had the avatar done for a while, but have been futzing with this until the very last minute. I had a lot of problems with Steampunk as I was very unfamiliar with it. I did a lot of reading and one thing was repeated a lot: Start period and work out. So I based my outfit on a Victorian Walking Suit and worked from there. The garden was a labor of love as it took me more time than I want to admit to plant it. And a 26 hour rendering time. I'm probably going to work on this further as I'm not terribly happy with the lighting. Such it is with new things. I hope you like her, ToriB. I learned a lot and had fun.




Lunna 14 years ago

So sorry I'm late today. I wasn't quite ready before work this morning. But I'm going to stand on the notion that it's better late than never in this case! Hope you like her.


Desktop Image

LacyAnn 14 years ago
omg im here im here my sons 5th bday party was today anyways trying to get the pictures together to load for you!!! sorry im running late lol
okay LOL i had csmalls and i really enjoyed working on this one. i checked out your DA acct. multiple times for inspiration. i hope i did him justice. I went for the cullen look like you suggested. i really like how he turned out if i decide to ink him i will shoot you over a copy
click desktop and main image for larger size

main image
SnowDragon 14 years ago
Sorry I am late. I really hate moving and then anniversaries and b-days on top of that. I had the lovely Lillyanna-Windmane's character. I really wanted to do a scene in her shop and I will say it was a bitch to find stuff for a Seamstress but with the help of Darsa we found stuff. I really hope you like it. I am in the process of doing a portrait one also that I will post a bit later. Seems Poser does not like me.


Adiene 14 years ago
I here I here *pants .....

I had Karaliina aka Arrah Atwood

Hope you like~!

and a desktop for ya here : http://morbidmystic.com/gallery/g2data/albums/misc/FtLoSDT2010_by_Adiene2010.jpg
templarlover 14 years ago
For the lovely Jazzine...I actually did several different images. Settled on this one after getting the opinion of non-internet friends. I'll probably send you the rest over the next few days.


DarkStorm 14 years ago
My steampunk person turned out to be McAfee2000, I could not have been more honored to build sommin for you buddy.

5o years after the great silicone virus destroyed all the microchips of the world. The devasation to all walks of life was felt around the globe. It became imperative to re-establish a machine world to help feed, and clothe the populace but what mode of mechanism would be chosen? STEAM! And that then made water the new gold standard for the world. For if you had water you held steam. If you had a steam powered machine you were a veritable god. Jarrod Calgori was just such a man. An airship pilot which of course was crucial to the inspection and preservation of the water tanks and production facilities within his quadrant. Pilot by day, rogue by night. Mike I hope yo enjoy My rendition of Jarrod, Air ship Captain.



Darsa 14 years ago

I was sooo not ready to be done!! At least I got the desktop finished, anyway. The sig's in progress now and *should* be done by tomorrow latest, if not tonight!

I had

I hope you like it, darlin; Steampunk is HARD for me!

Okay!! Here's the signature! *whew*

This was actually very fun to do! I know it's kinda large for a sig but I wanted to get all the stuff in that I had played with!
Eve 14 years ago
For Klooless from Me! Sorry you had to wait sweetie, but I hope this makes up for it

McAfee2000 14 years ago
Faeini sorry I didn't post these earlier I thought they had been posted in full.
I guess these are available through the viewer.