Thank you Eve and Lessa!

I'd like to give Eve and Lessa a HUGE thank you for running such a fun exchange. It really took me out of my comfort zone and got me trying new styles. Looks like we had a 99% turn in with just 1 person needing an extension. Fear not, there will be no empty hands because this person will be presented with something today from our fearless Mods and was given a DA membership in the name of the person who did not use their time wisely. I would like to add, there are repercussions to poor time management so thank you to everyone else for turning in on time!

Again, thanks Eve-e and Lessa!!! See you guys next exchange!

KaAnna 13 years ago
Thank you so much indeed! This was quite a fun event and my image definitely challenged me! I don't usually do full scenes and this event really let me flex those artistic muscles! I am very proud of my image, so thank you guys so much! Can't wait for the next one!!
Wystro 13 years ago
This pressed me in a new direction, and I am so grateful to have the push to develop new skill sets. Thank you, Eve and Lessa! I'm a better artist leaving FTLoS than I was coming in =)
Lessa 13 years ago
I know Eve and I had alot of fun with this exchange, and are so glad that everyone participated and had fun with it. I look foreward to the next one!
Eve 13 years ago
Thanks to everyone who participated! I know some of you whined and complained about the genre, but you all came thru in the end Now was that really so very hard? *snickers* I'm glad you all tried something new with us, pushed your own limits, and had fun doing it. I'm still so tickled that so many participated, and only one let us down. Not bad odds considering how many we had turn out for this one, but I'd still rather have had 100%.

If anyone has any questions about the genre, or just wants to show off something you're working on, feel free to drop me a note here or on DA. I'm still pretty absorbed in the whole Steampunk thing myself.
Lessa 13 years ago
Steampunk addict...
Eve 13 years ago
*squeals* Love the emote!
katlienc 13 years ago event! Thank you!