Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleeve of care (Death by natural causes)

Shaharah stood with her arms crossed near the back of the crowd forming around the homeless man’s murder scene. Slowly they deposited his body into the vault and moved back upstairs to the conference room. Nadiya’s body had been moved as well, but no one had cleaned up the blood – red splashed everywhere in the stairwells as they stepped over the puddles.

The conference room filled up quietly, no one saying a word. Shaharah had dressed lightly due to the heat of the summer bearing down on the city that day. She felt a thin sheet of sweat spread across her face and chest, making her wonder if the air conditioning was still working. It was nearing 9pm now and the moon had risen, taking the sun’s place – not that they could look out the window without getting a bullet in the eye. Shaharah sat down, feeling the wooziness from the heat.

Her stomach grumbled. Looking down the hallway, she contemplated going to the snack room but everyone was in the conference room. Going alone probably wasn’t a good idea, even though she felt safe. Digging in her bag, she found the left over muffin from her lunch and the hunger pains pinched her stomach, making her feel woozy and sleepy. She ate it quickly, sucking the incredibly sweet crumbs from her fingers.

So tired…

Shahara laid her head down on the table and ignored the thin sheet of sweat turn that now began to soak the back of her blouse. Her breathing picked up, even though she was too tired to wonder why she felt exhausted. Sleep took her quickly…as did the ketoacidosis that her body was going through. She had neglected the doctor’s concern of her increasing blood glucose and continued eating the sweets she had so come to enjoy.

Shahara Duncan, housewife, fell into a diabetic coma and died.

Wystro 13 years ago
Mr. Freeman looked down upon the body of Shahara Duncan, and shook his head with sadness.

"Well, if you had diabetes, and you're on Medicare, your testing supplies could have been covered. Here's how it works...Liberty is a participating Medicare provider. They bill Medicare and your insurance company. You pay nothing up front.

"Your testing supplies are delivered right to your door at no charge for shipping. You have nothing to worry about because when it's time to reorder, Liberty will remind you.

"They'll even send you a free meter if you qualify. Give them a call to find out. Call Liberty Medical. They can help you live a better life...or at least they could have. Poor, poor woman."
Guest 13 years ago
Mr. Green rubbed his hands over his face and sighed quietly.