Wet Work - OOC Chatter and Question

Feel free to talk about the exchange, or ask questions here. You can also drop a note to Lessa or myself with any questions you might have about the theme or anything else for that matter

Lillaanya 13 years ago
I wanna play! But I don't think I could realistically get a piece finished in time this go around with 2 jobs, the man going to Guam for the month of Oct and inlaws moving in. I will be happy to give cc tho if anyone needs just holler at me.
Lessa 13 years ago
aww! We will miss you this round Nik
Wystro 13 years ago
Jet, your story is amazing!
KaAnna 13 years ago
Sad face, Lillaanya. Hope all goes well for ya though!
Jetamio 13 years ago
Jet, your story is amazing!

Wow, thank you I couldn't sleep the other night and this idea formed in my head and just got bigger and bigger. It wouldn't leave me alone til I wrote it down o.O I was even dreaming I was her the other night, it was such an awesome dream
Lessa 12 years ago
Hey All!

Don't forget to fill in your placeholders and remaining details before the final sign up date so you are all included when we pass out names!

Also, any who have been meaning to, and havent signed up yet, there are only two days left, final day is Thursday!
Osirusblue 12 years ago
I'm excited to have jumped into this. Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out!
Lessa 12 years ago
Yay! Glad to see new faces coming to play! I promise this will be a lot of fun, even if you do pull all your hair out before its over.
Lessa 12 years ago
Assignments are out! Go check your PM's!
Wystro 12 years ago
You may want to send a group email that the assignments are out. We've all been conditioned to wait for that =)
Lessa 12 years ago
oh, oops! ok ><
ROzbeans 12 years ago
Oh I'll do that.
Lessa 12 years ago
Thanks Roz!
Lessa 12 years ago
Past the halfway point guys! Less than three weeks til turn ins!
Lillyanna-Windmane 12 years ago
All quiet, everybody having fun?!
Laschae 12 years ago
I was gonna ask ... does The Order have any sort of clothing or outfits? Or do they operate strictly on the DL?
Eve 12 years ago
I would say they are pretty much on the DL as you never really know who they are
ROzbeans 12 years ago
Actually finished my piece in daz (with SUBSTANTIAL help from Vex). Came out super pretty. Just need to do the text and stuff on it.
Laschae 12 years ago
I'm totally stuck I have all the pieces of the puzzle I just have no idea how to put them together.
Beli 12 years ago
I swore I saw this somewhere (checked all my emails and threads!) -- wasn't there a minimum size dimension posted for the finished piece? Or is it just "desktop size" in which I assume 1600 wide is safest? Pleased with how my piece is coming along. I trashed about 6 rough drafts before my groove started flowing!