ROUND 2 MAFIA HIT - If He Hollers

Getting Alexander to the arena really wasn't as hard as they thought it might be. He didn't seem to be all that into the role playing, but with a little enticing, a frantic Alexander fell into the arena.


Alexander grabbed his thigh, the projectile shot with extreme precision from the dark tunnel leading back out of the arena had come from its depths, but he couldn't see from who. Alex tried to decide whether to apply pressure or just run like hell. Maybe a little of both. Keeping his back away from the tunnel, Alexander put a little weight on his injured leg and was rewarded with mind shattering pain.

The murderers watched from the dark tunnel - a crowd was forming. Even better.

Voices from outside drifted into the arena. "Help!" Alexander yelled as he crawled away from the tunnel, off to the side to avoid a direct shot, forcing whoever it was out into the light. "Help me, I'm in here!"

"You know," one of the murderers said, "he can talk to animals."

Alexander began to feel woozy from the blood loss; a thick trail of blood laid in his wake as he crawled toward the back of the arena when he heard metal against metal - like chains clinking together. Looking up, the orange and black fluff he had seen on the helicopter trip in walked gracefully out to meet him.

Alexander observed that this fluff had two very sharp fangs. He also couldn’t help but notice that help was not coming. His eyes locked on the tiger’s. He couldn’t hide – he could barely move – and his voice had gone so raw from shouting for help that he doubted he could make enough noise to frighten the tiger. Even so, he was crawling away, trying to get to one of the tunnels with fresh determination. Attacked by a tiger? Really? He wasn’t going out that way. He’d go out on his own terms before he allowed that to happen.

The tiger took his time, allowing him a little room before stalking ever closer. He was clearly a human-trained tiger, probably raised in captivity, meant to entertain and thrill rather than maul. Big guy probably thought this was a game, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be seriously injured if he decided to pounce.

At the mouth of one of the tunnels, Alex finally collapsed, unable to even crawl. He had to do something before he bled out, before the Tiger finished him off. Something…anything…

“I’m here.”

Alex tilted his head, staring in bewilderment at the tiger. His last thought, before slipping into unconsciousness, was that he must have lost quite a lot of blood if tigers were talking to him now.

“I’m here to rescue you.”

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Mike 13 years ago
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Christian was totally flipping out. This game was getting –way- to serious and people were getting down right scary! He liked to ‘win’ and save the day and all that but it wasn’t worth losing Alexander.

Apparently you couldn’t trust any one on this island!

Nope, not any one.

Worried about his fiancé, more than a little worried, Christian locked them both in Alexander’s room.

They would go home, have a nice wedding and he would find a different hobby. One that didn’t get his boy toy nearly mauled by a tiger. That was sooo cliché! Look at Siegfried and Roy! And he and Alex were –way- better than that.
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alex was more than a little pissed but that took second place to feeling like crap. Medical facilities being what they were on this remote island, he decided to take the good advice of the folks around him and stay in bed that day. He let Christian flip out and fawn all over him, not minding the coddling at all... he was nearly mauled by a tiger, damnit. Surely that deserved some coddling.

If only he could remember details. Any of them. But everything was a blur. He remembered a voice, and that was it. "I'm here to rescue you."

But who the hell had it been?

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Ksagag 13 years ago
Another one?! This is getting way too serious! People should not be dying right?? Jaz noticed that the two men were taking it easy locked in their room. Well maybe that was a good idea. Maybe everyone should lock themselves in their room, especially since someone is taking shots at other people!

Jaz DID NOT want to ruin her beautiful gown with a bloody hole in her body! That was for damn sure. But she couldn't just lock herself up either... she needed to do her best to figure out what was going on before more people started dying. She headed off back down the hall to see if there was anyone to compare thoughts with.
Mike 13 years ago
Making sure Alex was a sleep, Christian slid out of the room making very –very- sure to lock it up tight behind him. He couldn’t think what would entice Alex to the arena. Something for the scavenger hunt maybe?

It couldn’t be another man. No. Not one who was all silent and dangerous, because every one knew bad boys had appeal… and it couldn’t even be one who was tall and powerful although the billowing cloak had been sexy. Maybe it had been that one girl, the one dressed like a guy but with the water gun. If the light were just right or the sun was in his eyes –maybe- Alex would have mistaken her for him. Ok that was a huge long shot, but he just couldn’t figure it out.

Christian got as far as the dinning room before he decided he was not Freddie, this wasn’t Scooby Doo and that the bad guy wouldn’t have on a mask and be upset about meddling kids. In short he didn’t want to leave Alex alone or have him wake up by himself. So he just scrounged some food, something nourishing and not sugar or preservative laden for his injured lover, he had to eat and build up his strength again after all. Soup seemed logical, soup fixed everything and just on general principle he snatched a bottle from the bar too. They’d be lucky if he and Alexander didn’t sue at this point so the hotel couldn’t really say anything could they? Food found he quickly returned to the room and locked the door again.
Kilandra 13 years ago
News traveled quickly in this group it seemed, hushed whispers from those who dared remain out and about, the way people moved in the hallways getting to and from their rooms, yep! Something was most certainly up.

Liza watched the young man, some elf whose name was so long and annoying she couldn't bother to remember, flit into the dining room and then just as quickly leave. She felt bad for him, really. But, they'd all seen the caged tiger, and who knows what else was down there. So in a way, she reasoned to help make herself feel more at ease, it was that Axel fellows fault. Right? He said he was some outdoorsy type guy, maybe curiosity got the best of him, a chance to see a tiger up close would be pretty darn cool.

Sure. Accidents happen. That's all this was.

That Vinnie the Vampire guy is alive and well some where else in the hotel, we're on the fifth floor afterall, and the Axel guy just let the cat out of the bag and things went awry. That's all this was...

It's just a game.

... right?

It wasn't doing well for her dinner to sit there and think think think. Though, she had to concede that the dinner rolls were much better than their attempt at a muffin from this morning. She glanced around to see if anyone else was 'brave' enough to eat dinner. Liza wasn't one to really skip a meal, especially a free one with such treats as roast. Kilandra wasn't either, really.

An assassin needed her strength afterall. And this was still a LARP... now to actually get to do some!
Ksagag 13 years ago
Jaz entered the dining hall to find the woman from earlier picking at the dinner rolls. She decided to see what her thoughts were on everything that's been going on. She wanted to find out if anyone else had put two and two together about Alex's leg being hit. Someone obviously shot at him... but who? Who has the necessary equipment to do that? Ok, I'm getting myself worked up again... Stay calm Jazzy.

With a deep breath, Jaz approached the woman and said, "Hey. Quite the excitement around here huh? Hey, you wouldn't happen to have a gun on ya would ya? Heh heh."
Kilandra 13 years ago
Liza perked up her brow as she was approached, setting down her roll and offering a smile, as well as a nod towards a chair across from her at the table.
"No, 'fraid I don't little fae."

Okay, that was even weird for Liza, she admitted to herself.

"She motioned with a tilt of her head, "Just my two babies, my swords I mean. Why do you ask?" She perked a brow, pulling off another bite of roll and sneaking it into her mouth. She couldn't resist. She loved bread.
Mai 13 years ago
Notebook in hand, Adila headed towards the ranger's room. Hopefully they'd talk to her;she wasn't here with a posse after all. It was hard to believe these killings were random and if they were not then Alex must have done something to piss one of them off. Could be the lover... perhaps elf boy wasn't so lovey dovey after all. If that was the case then Alex would be in serious trouble of being bumped off in his sleep.

She had heard that someone had shot him. With what though? Several people carried guns or their characters did. But if it was an arrow then that would leave only Christian. Adila didn't seriously think Alex shot himself in the leg.

Knocking on the door, Adila waited while watching the hallway for others. A person couldn't be too careful around here.
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alex answered the door himself when there was a knock. His leg hurt like a bitch but vicadin did wonders. Christian was out getting food so he had some time to reflect. With a little trepidation he opened the door to see the demon lady there, the one with the nails.


He still couldn't remember her name. And screw this LARP shit. She had a notebook with her. What was she, some kind of amateur detective?

"Let me guess. You're a reporter for the Gay Times and you want to get my thoughts on tigers. Well here's a news flash: I wasn't big on pussy before, and this just confirms my beliefs. Thanks for stopping by."

Ok so vicadin also made him rude... Or had he been rude before? Whatever.
Mike 13 years ago
Christian came around the corner and Alexander was out of bed and in the hall and talking to people! He was instantly alarmed and went all protective, hurrying over with the food and booze eyeing the girl to see if she was a threat. What was her name? Oh yes, Topaz. He really did have to start remembering real names not just character names.

“You should be in bed darling. Your stitches will tear.”

He fussed and tried to heard him away from a potential killer before asking,

“Can I help you?”

It was polite, suspicious, but polite.
Ksagag 13 years ago
Feeling slightly more comfortable around Kilandra now that she knew she only carried swords, Jaz smiled a bit.

"Oh, I was only wondering because of that ranger man getting shot and all. I guess it's hard to know who to trust..." Jaz took a sip of her water. "So," leaning in close, "who do you think did it?"
Wystro 13 years ago
Chrystal went into the lobby of the hotel and to the unmanned front desk. After poking at the phone system a bit, she found a way to access the public speakers>


She heard her voice loud and clear.

"Ummm...listen...There are only a few of us here, and I don't know any of you; and you're all people I don't know playing characters that I really don't know.

"The....uhh...reason why I'm talking is that I know that there is a group here that is hell-bent on murdering us, and I'm able to ask once a day whether or not someone is a murderer.

"Since I thought Vinnie was killed by someone nice, I asked Victoria about the biggest asshole on the island. Stanley is not in the conspiracy!

"I'm taking a chance saying this. If something happens to me, know that at least Stanley is innocent. Meet me in the hotel lobby if you want to talk it out. Beware though...I have a water pistol and a wooden dildo, and I'll unleash them both on any of you that make a sudden move!"
Mai 13 years ago
Adila raised an eyebrow at Alex and his statement on women and felines. The man had plenty of reason to be rude.

"Look, I understand being shot can make a person cranky but I really think we should try to figure out who tried to kill you."

She turned to the blonde when he showed up to usher Alex back to bed.

"I was just saying I think we should try to figure out who would have it in for your ranger here."

Her head turned up towards the speaker, listening intently as Chrystal told everyone she could ask if someone was guilty once a day.

"What the hell?! This is a part of some game? Someone knew there would be deaths and gave someone the chance to ask a who dun it once a day?" Adila shook her head. "That's just plain sick."

Turning back to the two men. "Think we could get out of the hall? Pat me down if you like; I don't have a gun. So I think you'd have the advantage."
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
"I'd love to know who has it in for me too but I can only think of one person who knows me well enough to kill me and he hasn't done so in the last few years."

Alex snorted at the idea of frisking Topaz and opened the door to let her in, letting Christian take it from there while he limped his gimpy ass back to the bed.

"I don't remember a single thing about it unfortunately. Maybe I list too much blood but it's all a blur."

Chrystal's voice interrupted to make her announcement and Alex had to agree. Furthermore, there was a killer loose.

"Guess maybe they have a different target than me now," he said.

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Mike 13 years ago
Listening to the ‘announcement’ he just rolled his eyes.

“Oh my god I knew it people are losing their minds. Its going to get all Lord of the Flies around here.”

Christian would have pat Topaz down, but there were a limited number of hard things he knew how to look for under cloths. It didn’t seem likely she’d have any of them. Instead he just helped Alexander back to bed, hovered, fussed, fluffed the pillows and other wise played nurse maid.

“Yes, we should. I can’t belive some one would want to hurt him.”

His voice got all huffy as he set the food and booze down.

Cocking his head Christian was struck by a sudden thought.

“You don’t suppose they were gunning… don’t you say a word about puns!” he shook a warning finger at Alexander, “for some one else do you? Its that or they are bigoted uptight cowards.”

Prejudice made him so mad. They’d let a straight couple make out from dawn till dusk without saying a word but let he and Alex so much as hold hands and some people just had to express their tiny little minds.

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Mai 13 years ago
Adila found a chair, pulled it up near the bed and sat down. Putting Christian's ideas down in her notebook, She looked up at the two men.

"Well there seemed to be no one else inside the arena, right? That's what I heard through the grapevine. So who else could they have been aiming at?"

Which did point to a possible hate crime. Why Vinnie the first night though? Maybe someone didn't like geeks and gay men, which meant just about everyone on the island was screwed.

"Has anyone seemed uncomfortable or awkward with you two?" Adila snorted and then added. "I mean aside from the geeky, I live in my parent's house and all my friends are online kind of awkward." Let's face it lack of social skills were the norm for some gamers. She had to admit though that not many people here seemed to fit the stereotypical LARPer... Of course some of them were killing people and that wasn't normal either.
Mike 13 years ago
“Hmmmm... well there is that Trevor guy. And wasn't he loaded with weapons?”

Christian chewed at his lower lip and stroked Alexander's hair back from his forehead, checking to see if he had a fever. Infection was a very real danger as far as he was concerned.

“And then there is that Nara Miki girl. She's been edgy ever since she got here -and- she was in a big hurry to get way from Vinnie's body. And ninjas are as sneaky as rangers and they have those throwing stars.”

It didn't bother Christian at all to blend characters and reality. In his experience most people incorporated something of themselves into their characters. Besides who ever was doing this was a sick bastard and they might have thrown reality right out the window.
Mai 13 years ago
"Trevor was upset with you two?" Adila frowned. "I pegged him for too absorbed in his own reflection to notice there was anyone else in the room. You know, the "I am SO smooth I even impress myself" type." She considered the other person for a moment.

"I haven't seen much of Nara Miki at all which isn't exactly odd with murders going on but it does raise some questions." Adila didn't think Nara Miki looked like she was harboring any magical ninja skills but then none of these people looked like they were murderers either.
Mike 13 years ago
“He... er... caught us making out a bit and seemed a bit edgy.”

Christian smiled a bit slyly at Alexander. It had been a good kiss, and early in the morning and they hadn't been together that night. Whoa Nelly had to stop these thoughts before things got weird. He couldn't take advantage of Alex right now.

"Oh wait, no that was Vinnie. Lord I just can't think straight right now!"

He only shrugged about Nara Miri.

“Don't ask me, but if I were the killer I wouldn't exactly be running around trying to make friends. But maybe she's just scared. That makes sense too.”
Wystro 13 years ago
Chrystal makes herself at home behind the front desk pretending to check people in. She occasionally shoots the water pistol at some of the potted plants in the lobby.