2011's Second Quarter Exalted Crayon - LESSA

As we usher in the spring (not that you'd notice it by the weather), we would like to thank Wystro for being TAC's 2011 First Quarter Exalted Crayon and announce our Second Quarter's.

Lessa has been an active TAC member since January 2007 and has been an essential part of our Art Event team co-moderating some of more popular events with Eve. Her helpful suggestions, inspirational ideas, and friendliness makes TAC a happy and comfortable place to display artwork as well as help foster creativity in our other members, including myself. If you have not already seen her artwork, please check her out at www.vanesse.deviantart.com .

Please help me congratulate Lessa, The Angry Crayon's Second Quarter Exalted Crayon!


ROzbeans 13 years ago

ROzbeans 13 years ago

The whalebone corset dug into her ribs as she bent down to unlace her shoes, but Lessa paid that minor annoyance no mind. She was listening, straining to hear the sound that had startled her away from her desk, had drawn her down the stairs, soufflé pan in hand, to just outside her workroom door.

There was someone in the house with her, some uninvited guest, and they would pay dearly if they hurt her babies. For that was what her robots were – her adopted babies, brought into her home from an indifferent world and made new again. Better than new, because she took such care with them. These robots were not merely household appliances. They were her creations.

She slipped off her shoes without a sound and crept to the door on tiptoe, already imagining the hell she would unleash when she pushed open the door. She would swing her cast iron pan right into the first intruder’s nose, smashing his face in! That would give her time to grab the pistol strapped under her work bench and really go to town. She reasoned from the clatter and clamor she’d heard upstairs that there could be a whole team of bad guys to defeat.

Lessa wasn’t even a little afraid as she closed the distance to the door, kicked it open, and went into the pitch black work room swinging and roaring like a mama bear.

Instead of a meaty thud when her pan made impact, though, she heard a loud metallic clang that made her heart drop into her stomach. It was suddenly very quiet, and very still.

A soft ‘snick’ behind her startled her into action once more; she whirled around, the pan lifted over her head, wrath and fear in her eyes…

“Wait wait wait wait SURPRISE!”

“Oh my GOD woman, switch to decaf!”

“Don’t shoot! Is it over? Surprise! I forgot to yell surprise. Please don’t kill us!”

“Can we get some light in here?”

Lessa blinked as, overhead, suddenly several yellow bulbs flashed with electricity. She was blinded for a moment before she could take in the scene, but she’d heard enough to realize she wasn’t being invaded at all. Her arms felt the weight of the pan she still had raised over her head all at once, and she lowered them, letting her weapon drop to the floor with a clatter as her eyes focused on the banner that the light bulbs illuminated.


Breathlessly happy and exasperated all at once, Lessa could do little more than beam until Mister Copperhead the Third announced that he was quite fine, thank you very much, just a small dent to the head, no bother at all. Then all the robots began talking at once, congratulating Lessa and thanking her for all of her hard work and brilliant creativity and for being in general a most lovely person. This was jumbled in with random shouts of ‘surprise’ and loud steam whistles, until the room seemed to spin around her in a whirl of noise and happiness.

“She’s got the vapors! A chair, a chair! Don’t just stand there, get the tea!”

“Decaf tea!”

“Tea for Lessa the Brave!”

“Tea for Lessa the Ingenious!”

“Tea for Lessa the Generous!”

“Hip hip…”

Verileah 13 years ago
Congratulations, Lessa, for this much deserved recognition .
Kilandra 13 years ago
Yay! Congratulations, and well deserved.
Lessa 13 years ago
Wow Guys! Thank you so much! I am extremely flattered.
How did you manage to not spill the beans Eve!?
Gongaa 13 years ago
Hooray, Lessa! Congratulashawnz!
Laschae 13 years ago
pharren 13 years ago
KaAnna 13 years ago
Daaaaaaaaaw! Woohooooo!!
Eve 13 years ago
LoL It was so not easy hon believe me! Mostly I just didn't even bring up any of it, avoided you while I was working on the pic so I wouldn't be tempted, and bit my cheek a lot I couldn't spoil your surprise tho! I have a sig for you as well, and I'll get that loaded up here shortly when I head downstairs since I just woke up

Siggy for you hon!
Wystro 13 years ago
Lessa! Congratulations for an honor well-deserved! Wooohooo!
EireDOrakaa 13 years ago
Very nice and well deserved. Glad to see this. Congrats hun.