Here I am...

Took a peek at TAC many times ...
Now Vanesse invited me trough DA ... I couldn't recist so here I am... Thanx Hun

Most will know me by my art all around the web and as a expandor at Rendo ...
At least I hope so ...
My art is recocnisable twisted in a way I try to develope my skills on that.

Since my Eng. isn't THAT great ... I hope I'll understand all here ...
So with lots of patienceI will sure have fun to be here

To take a peek at my recent pics:

And If anyone needs a serious permanent Poser content texturer, tester, developer or fantasy artist please know I am available right away!!

ROzbeans 12 years ago
Gorgeous artwork! Welcome to The Angry Crayon!

Eve 12 years ago
Welcome to TAC! You gonna join in with the exchange? I'm sure Lessa has badgered you already but I can too!
Lessa 12 years ago
I'm badgering everyone who makes the mistake of talking to me. *nods*

Welcome Pearl!
Wystro 12 years ago
Welcome to you and your wonderful work!
Verileah 12 years ago
Welcome to TAC . If you don't mind me asking, what is your first language?

You speak (type) English better than plenty of native speakers .
Laschae 12 years ago
Hello and welcome
Pearl3D 12 years ago
Thanx ... My own language is Dutch ... But forums like these refresh my Eng. a bit ;o]]

And yep ... I was crazy enough to fall for her charmed talking ... LOL
I took a look to the exchange ... But not quite sure I understand ;o§
So I will run through it again when my mind is a bit more clear
Gongaa 12 years ago
If I were Emperor of the World, all news programs would be in Dutch.

I mean, listen to this:


They're talking about freaking steel pipes and it still sounds awesome. I love the Netherlands! And FoxNews hates it, which is another plus.

Welcome to De Boze Kleurpotlood, Pearl!
Kelefane 12 years ago
Gongaa likes dutch ovens
Jetamio 12 years ago
My ex BF is Dutch... I know a little, I visited with his family a few times. I CANNOT say the dutch word for 'sheep' though, he still teases me about it lol.

My response to everything I didn't understand when people tried to talk to me was ' Ik ben neit Neederlaands!' (or however it's spelled :P And Ik haat spinnen >.<
Pearl3D 12 years ago
You realy make me laugh ... Didn't know the Dutch has so much impact around the world!!
Lessa 12 years ago
How often do you need to say the word sheep in Dutch?
ROzbeans 12 years ago
How often do you need to say the word sheep in Dutch?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh come on, I know everyone else thought the same thing I did. /snort
pharren 12 years ago
Oh come on, I know everyone else thought the same thing I did.

"When I'm playing my World of Warcraft mage with people from the Netherlands" ?
Jetamio 12 years ago
LOL! We are on the train from Amsterdam to Zwolle, and I was making him tell me the Dutch words for things...there were horses, and cows, and...sheep. Horse and cow were easy to say, but sheep was an entirely different matter.
ROzbeans 12 years ago
I looked it up. schaap = sheep?
Jetamio 12 years ago
Yes. But when they say it, it sounds like theres a frog in their throat trying to roll its R's. A sound I cannot replicate LOL