I cannot believe we haven't done this yet.

31/decidedly female/Alaska!

I like pina coladas and men who arent' afraid to cry. :P

Laney 19 years ago
28/yes please....I mean female/Germany for 7 more months then hopefully a nice posh assignment in Hawaii or Guam!

softball nutt and Lil Jon freak
Jardan 19 years ago
21 / Male / Maryland
PS: currently single and lookin
Vex 19 years ago

ive reached an alltime low of lame :P
Mizen 19 years ago

I go harder than 2 day old biscuits
Aziyade 19 years ago
37/female/orange county, CA

I like literate men who make me laugh.

Mizen made me laugh. Luckily for him, I am not single.
Guest 19 years ago
24/F/lame-ass TX

I'm currently a Vicodin popping fewl due to stiff muscles.
Mileron 19 years ago
25 / male / NJ

Single, okay with it, watches Buffy and Angel DVDs on the weekends.
Vulash 19 years ago

I'm awesome
Rasberry 19 years ago

I'm angry... grrrr
immy 19 years ago
26/I'm with Laney on this one...yes please./North Carolina, US of A
Mileron 19 years ago
I wanna change mine to

25 / Who's offering? / NJ

drizzi 19 years ago
21 / Male / Maryland
PS: currently single and lookin

same here=P
but going back to germany in may
Aziyade 19 years ago
Hey Drizzi.. where in Germany?
Verileah 19 years ago

I can't believe no one has done anything smartassed yet :X.
Geeii 19 years ago
21/male/FT COLLINS CREW (aka co)

I look more like
12/male/gradeschool though
Rikr 19 years ago
30/Hetero Male/Dallas, TX

No witty comment to insert here.
Kharnage 19 years ago
27 / Male / Maryland (near Ft. Meade.)

Paintball freak, hunter and Computer Super Geek. (PC repair Technician)

P.S. Also a competition gamer and rifle shooter.
Wuznita 19 years ago

WTB a sig!
Saraquael 19 years ago
26/male/Tucson, Arizon

Me Tipe Gud
Cidwin 19 years ago
21/ Male / Bumfuck, TX abouty 1hr south of Dallas