HM - The Mafia /ooc the winner and roles

For those of you who just read that epilogue and left scratching your heads and going wtf, let me explain. Or attempt to.

I will let Vulash and Grimknot explain the depth and intent of their alliance; I will only say that never before have I come across two players on opposing teams who were more loyal. It's sort of cute *giggles*. Even when they had managed to blaze a path through both the mafia and the townies to be the last men standing, they remained allied. Normally, in a situation where there is a Mafia player and a Serial Killer as the last people standing on Mafia's turn, it's an automatic win for the Mafia. All the Mafia has to do is SKID the serial killer and take the game. However, neither Grimknot nor Vulash wanted to end that way; they had gone in together and wanted the tie.

Of course, I assumed one party or the other would betray the other. Imagine my surprise when they insisted on their loyalty to the alliance. I still can't get over it *shakes head*. At any rate...ties don't happen in this game very readily. The game isn't really designed for it. But, luckily for them, there was a loophole; they could SKID themselves. Which they did. *sniffs* ain't it beautiful. So, that is where the final scene is coming from. Make sense? Good. On another note, whoever finds The Doors reference in the scene gets a cookie.

Alright, I will stop blathering now and...reveal the roles for the lazy people who don't want to read the long assed Epilogue!

Godfather: Aramous
Mafia: Goofball, Grimknot, and Larene
Sheriff: Ryala
Doctor: MEC
Serial Killer: Vulash

I'm kind of tuckered out, but will make and effort to post clues and answer questions tomorrow, as well as go over some of the highlights.

I do, however, feel compelled to mention that I nearly fell out of my chair when Elvaiz listed all the bad guys on day two. When Grimknot admitted they were the bad guys, I think I did fall out of my chair.

Vulash 19 years ago
Cobert 19 years ago
I called it on day two
Go me.

And I knew Vulash was an SK, but the whole sk/mafia alliance thing I didn't see coming.
Tornt 19 years ago
Grimknot used and abused me, I feel violated =(((
Cobert 19 years ago
You deserved it for not posting tornt.
Vulash 19 years ago
Pocket votes for the win <3 Tornt
Etric 19 years ago
Yeah Elvaiz = teh man
Tornt 19 years ago
Sorry I got really busy IRL when this took off=/ the first day was fine, but after that I ended up going out alot and shit.. basically rl > this at that time, sorry all
Grimknot 19 years ago
When Grimknot admitted they were the bad guys, I think I did fall out of my chair.

Best place in the world to hide was right out in the open. I never received a single vote and after coming out sarcastically and confirming Elvaiz's accusations it was never given another thought.

Great plays, great scenes, and overall a wonderful game.
MEC 19 years ago
But, if you've proven that your alliance transcends the game, can you ever again be truly trusted?

Anyway here's how the atttempted saves went:

The first two times I tried to save myself because I didn't know who was going to get hit:

I don't know who to go with so I'll just go with myself.

Marcus Crowley

I am going with myself again, since I don't know who the mafia or SK will hit next.

Marcus Crowley

The next time I was going to try to save Gilbert (Which would have been successful, for better or for worse) until the Rev. got me confused with him, and then voted for me without posting a reason.

I don't want to sound like i'm just using my doctor position as aurmor, but I think I am the next SK hit.


Then I went and tried to save Dia, and you can see what I was talking about in my own death thread...

Well, because I am not going to try to save myself, there is about a 98% chance that I am now going to die...but I think Dia is the SK next hit.

Guest 19 years ago
heh I'd like to point out I had you all pegged on day one (see reference in the epilogue), but you killed me too fast. =/ Why did I get taken out first anyway?
immy 19 years ago
Ok, I suck at a townie... I suck at figuring out clues.
The only person I had pegged from the beginning was Vulash, I was even in PMs with him telling him I didn't trust his ass. =)

The fact that you two formed an alliance like that and stuck with it... well... It's a beautiful (and intelligent) thing.

Very well written from everyone, and some fun ass characters too.

Thanks Veri and Geeii. *hugs*
Slipnish 19 years ago
Yeah, I had it figured out the two were in league, but from the wrong angle.

When people I had confrontations with started dying, I knew then that either Vulash or Grim were involved. What threw me was the SK/Mafia connection.

I had them both pegged as Mafia, manipulating or in league with the SK....

Of course they both acted affronted WHEN confronted, but hey, that's how you play the game.
Aramous 19 years ago
Vulash = penis

fucker killed me
Aramous 19 years ago
So let me get this straight. Both Grim and Vulash played together? Grim had me whacked?
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Yeah you got sold out, Mous. And I told you people I was a townie. WTF?! Good game, very good ending =)
Aramous 19 years ago
Yeah you got sold out, Mous. And I told you people I was a townie. WTF?! Good game, very good ending =)

Maybe it is just but that is just plain out wrong.

I used to enjoy these Mafia games but this kinda killed the enjoyment. Getting whacked by you own family is kinda shitty.
No way would a Family member whack his boss.

Guest 19 years ago
Maybe they would if they thought they could get away with it. In a house full of murderous people, do you think you can truly trust anyone?

I still wanna know why I got killed first
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Yeah you got sold out, Mous. And I told you people I was a townie. WTF?! Good game, very good ending =)

Maybe it is just but that is just plain out wrong.

I used to enjoy these Mafia games but this kinda killed the enjoyment. Getting whacked by you own family is kinda shitty.
No way would a Family member whack his boss.


Mous its just a game. Anyone taking any of this personally needs to step back and realize this game is about treachery and back know, fun stuff to do but not IRL. Maybe its time to take a break, I'm taking Xmen off because i'm getting burnt out. But please, if you're taking this seriously, take a step back and remember...its just a game.
Geeii 19 years ago
My clues are done.

I am just splitting off that that post, it is too big for this thread.
Grimknot 19 years ago
LOL....You actually think that the Mafia should be honest and trustworthy? Pfft... Best way to advance in a corrupt system is to take out those above you.

And remember what Mae said, it is a G-A-M-E centered around treachery and deceit. Townies lynch other townies every day.

I left you(Aramous) alone as long as you were killing people who I wanted dead, but the night you put in a hit on Elvaiz I had to ask Vulash to start clearing the way for my ascendance to the throne. Then I made a deal with Tatyana that I would put in the Mafia hit that night and she would do it the next.

The mods were fully aware of what was going on. They would never confirm nor deny anything and stayed absolutely neutral throughout the game. I did inform them every step of the way of what was going on to be sure we were not breaking any rules of the game, as well as to tickle their voyeuristic feathers.

ladydaybillie: Tatyana wants to share the responsibility
GrimknotSolro: meaning?
GrimknotSolro: i mean that's fine if there's something workable
GrimknotSolro: but you can't vote 50/50
ladydaybillie: yeah, I don't see her on. As in, you do one skid she does the next
GrimknotSolro: so i order tonights and she orders tomorrow's hit?
ladydaybillie: yes
GrimknotSolro: ok hit mec tonight
ladydaybillie: Alright
GrimknotSolro: yea i just got a pm from her saying aol won't boot up and get her on yahoo..i don't have yahoo though
GrimknotSolro: SO it is official
GrimknotSolro: I'm putting the hit in tonight on mec?
GrimknotSolro: that's ok with you if we do it that way?
ladydaybillie: yep, that's an official SKID
GrimknotSolro: ok
ladydaybillie: and tomorrow the SKID comes from Larene
GrimknotSolro: >< Hope a serial killer doesn't take Larene out tonight....
GrimknotSolro: That would mean I'd have to assume responsibilites tomorrow too

ladydaybillie: omfg you evil bastard *laughs*
ladydaybillie: <<----actually laughing
ladydaybillie: and I mean that in the nicest possible way
GrimknotSolro: and i take it as such
ladydaybillie: good then *still laughing*
GrimknotSolro: i hate to take larene out
GrimknotSolro: Means I lose my buffer
GrimknotSolro: but she wants to kill the wrong people
GrimknotSolro: i can't believe how convinced people are that bob is the bad guy
GrimknotSolro: Can't have Larene killing my patsy

We had so much fun with this.

So to clear things up this is what happened. I began by pretending to be the sheriff. This is actually pretty easy to do as a Mafia member, since you already know who every Mafia member including the Godfather is. So it's pretty easy to send someone a message saying, "Hey I id'd you and you came back not mafia so let's work together to sniff out the real mafia members.

At first I believed Vulash was a townie and he believed I was the Sheriff but at some point he began to get suspiscious of me and the clues kept pointing to him. So around Jinheim's death where the serial killer beat someone to death with a splintered piece of wood (club, Dustin was a D.J. who plays at clubs) we came out and were upfront with each other.

Hi I'm really the SK.
Hi I'm really in the Mafia.

Now the point of the game is to kill everyone except yourself in one sense or another. Townies want all non townies dead, mafia want all non mafia dead, and the SK wants everyone dead.

Looking at the numbers there were 16 townies, 4 mafia, and 1 SK. On day 1 pascal got lynched leaving it 16:3:1. Being outnumbered 16:3 I felt it was strongly in our best interest to keep the SK alive, even if we didn't know who it was and if we could control them. That is why I worked so hard to save Summer though Mae inadvertantly caused Pascal to swing instead. Even with the SK killing people randomly he had better than 5 to 1 odds he would take out a townie over a Mafia member and those numbers stayed true for a long time. Aramous however wanted the SK dead while I felt the SK was doing a job for us.

So when I found out who the SK was, and he was willing to deal, well it was a perfect quid pro quo situation.

However slighted you may feel Aramous, and I guess you have a reason to feel that way since I DID have the SK whack you(I get such a laugh out of that) you have to realize it wasn't personal. I actually saw it as being in the Mafia's best interest. You were putting in hits on whomever you wanted to no matter how it made us look. Hell Elvaiz was able to pick up on every single one of us after your first or second kill. Not to mention that you yourself kept us in the dark about who you were killing.

From: Grimknot
To: Aramous
Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2005 10:44 pm
Subject: Re: BTW

Aramous wrote:
Summer definitely the SK

I was just reading your back and forth with her in the treetops. I take it your hitting her in the morning?

On the one hand it's still almost 4:1 odds with 11 townies 1 SK and 3 Mafia left. On the other hand there is only 3 of us and losing even one would be a drastic blow.

Your reply to that PM is what prompted me to ask Vulash to put in a skid on you that night.

From: Aramous
To: Grimknot
Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2005 10:53 pm
Subject: Re: BTW Quote message
You will see my strategy after tonight kill :Wink

You said you felt cheated by members of your own team. Well you were. Trust is something you earn and responses like the one above earn you nothing in my book, well nothing except for a visit from a maniacal D.J. Like I said I felt I was acting in the Mafia's best interest when I had you killed. You should be more of a team player imo and send me 2 dollars for my efforts.

Oh well, I guess my strategy paid off in the end >.<

And in the end what you have to remember is once again what Mae and the mods have said. It is a game centered around the ability to lie, cheat, deceive, and manipulate the other players. You were lied to, you were cheated, you were deceived, and you were manipulated. However, I at no time broke any rules.