DAY 2: OOC Discussion


Morcalivan 18 years ago
LMFAO! I feel like that at work today. Poor bastard. Let that be a lesson to keep your complaints to yourself!

Will attempt to read for clues later, am giggling too much right now.
Verileah 18 years ago
Well the first thing that sticks out to me is that Dan seems like the type who would enjoy collating forms and would take on the tedious task of sliding paper through a slot one page at a time.

I suppose there's the writer/paper connection. *shrugs* I think it's more about the action than the weirdness surrounding it. Someone had the patience to kill someone by locking them in a room and "drowning" them in paper.


I don't really buy it, just throwing that out there.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
There's yet another shuffling reference as well, this time in regards to shuffling paper, as in Dan's character bio.

Reading more.
Mai 18 years ago
I think we have more writers than that actually. Ok, maybe not... they appear to be disappearing at an alarming rate. First the fish and now the author. Dan is also writing though, so if you include Cindy who is filling in as a writer then you should probably include the one who is doing a freelance job. I'm not sure it has merit though because there were so many with some sort of job that involved writing.

Also of note, shuffling was used again.. is there any way we can get a definite answer on the word clue thing because that seemed to be a part of a good many of the mafias in the past.
Mai 18 years ago
LOL what Blackrabbit said. y
Mai 18 years ago
Ok, forgetting the word clues and looking at the rest of it brings these things to my mind.

Two days later, Jax heard a shuffling on the other side of the one-way mirror

Ok, after some discussion it has been pointed out that this could be our snake person. The sound of her moving across the floor might be the shuffling heard.

The fact that the papers were coming faster than he could handle them suggests someone not human. The robot comes to mind. Also of interest, the door was locked... someone would have to have the key. Someone who say, works there. That would also suggest Matilda.
Gilae 18 years ago
I think the shuffling could be someone with say, a limp. Someone who had been recently hit by a car perhaps?

The key clue is a good one though. Other people who could potentially have keys: Qixa (holoporn coordinator who just had a fling with a hot waiter and who knows what other hotel staff), Penelope (works at the Hiltondorff for Starship Enterprise), Hilde (works in Hiltondorff for DYTYE). Other (possibly farfetched) ideas would be Zipper (hotel rodent) or Aniyah (PI).

That does put Qixa as a possible from two aspects (shuffler, and key holder).
Mai 18 years ago
Ah haa haa! Touché, my dear!

However... in her bio, Matilda was cleaning a vogon toilet. That would give her access to that poetry and perhaps she found the other earth poetry while cleaning rooms.

He then heard the rustling of paper as the being rummaged through some sort of container

What sort of container? Did anyone else find this odd? Its from the first hit.

Also they spoke with the boss in the first hit off to the side..why not around the guy they had tied up? He could still hear them which suggests they didn't care if he knew what they were saying. This leads me to believe it was either the mattress or the guppy because neither would be able to leave the water. If it was the guppy then that should be cleared up rather shortly. There is no mention of the boss or water in the second one.

Also it took a couple of days to find someone to deal with it possible that the reason for this is because we actually (wouldn't this be nice?!?!?) managed to lynch a mafia member, perhaps even the Godfather.
Mai 18 years ago
Darn you're right there are more workers! Ugh my brain hurts
Geeii 18 years ago
Nothing like waking up in the morning to find you are a murder suspect, eh?

Again, I reiterate a couple points. 1) Jinheim doesn't use linguistic clues, he is more the traditional 'mystery novel' writer that prefers to clue in with scenes and modes of demise over using words like shuffling

2) None of the references in anything done by my character, bio or ic stuff, uses 'shuffling' to refer to MY character.

3) Finally, I would like to also make sure everyone is clear my character is human, just not from Earth. His 'profession' is to dance - his chosen style, the robot and moonwalking - he is NOT a robot =)

reading clues later. @ work atm.
Dia 18 years ago
hmmm, a robot would have an alarming rate at which is could despense the paper through the hole.

You'd think any living being would have a sore arm or limb after all that. I dont imagen a mattress being able to put anything through a hole.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
I'd like to point out that in no way shape or form do I shuffle. When moving, I slither or slide. A shuffle refers to a sort of stilted, jerky walk, while my slithering is most definitely more of a gliding, smooth movement.

Morcalivan 18 years ago
Okay, I find it funny that the paper shover never spoke. It ties up with (yes, I know, no word clues, but hear me out) with the "nearly unspeakable crime" from the first kill. Mai pointed out last round that the mattress and my rat couldn't speak. What about the robot? I know she makes sounds of delight while cleaning, but has there been any reference to her speaking?

Still on the shuffling, wasn't there a dance like that at some point? Or am I thinking of the hustle? Could the moonwalk produce shuffling noises? o_O

It allegedly being an inside job and tying in with the poetry reader from last turn's seeming dislike of those who work for the Guide, could it possibly be discontent on say... a free lance / part time Guide employee's part? Perhaps they are not being paid enough? Or they refused to hire said person full time? *eyes the snake woman*

I don't see hotel management sending Qixa to deal with a complainer, though. What's the point of sending the breast if he's not going to be able to see it? Would they send a robot who cleans toilets? DID they send anyone? Considering this is a fancy hotel who never had complaints before, its kinda strange that no one came by to offer him tea or coffee or something. Or was the staff member who had been sent to look after him taking their time to find enough paper?

Hilde's bio mentions filling out a 357 page document if she wanted to change her title. How does she know its 357 pages? Has she seen it? Would she know where to find these documents? A couple of those would be sufficient to bury a person alive, methinks. Plus, hotel staff and the key holding thing.

Yar, jumping to conclusions and mostly repeating what everyone else has. Will reread it a few times more, maybe something will start clicking (which I highly doubt).
Mai 18 years ago
Geeii... Matilda IS a robot when people mentioned a robot it wasn't always referring to you. Such as the suggestion that the paper was coming through the hole faster than the poor human could keep up. *giggles and sings... You're so vain..*

Nothin but love for ya,babe. y

Qixa slides and slithers.. gots it.

As far as speech goes though, the mattress does talk but a guppy wouldn't have. At least I don't think it would have.
Verileah 18 years ago
I think shuffle can be twisted to mean just about anyone, unfortunately.

I do think the speaking off to the side thing is could mean something, or not. Maybe the GF is not the type to get his/her hands dirty, or maybe it is physically difficult. I do think this is something to keep any eye out for in future posts.

Honestly, I don't want to rule anything out; maybe the mods are playing with words to keep us guessing. I'm just trying to find the best answer :\.
Geeii 18 years ago
I didn't refer to anyone calling ME a robot, just wanted to keep people from thinking all these 'robot' references were pointing to me, cause they arn't =)
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Erm, I suppose I should clear up some confusion about my character's form of employment... for mods and players alike.

When I wrote her up I didn't consider her a direct hotel employee. She's more of a subcontractor.

This is mostly moot, as I'm a townie, but just for future reference if the mods need to write me into a scene... Qixa doesn't report directly to hotel management. She has a separate boss who coordinates the holo-porn with the hotel.

Ok, that aside, I'm still not finding any really juicy clues.

I hate being clueless
Gilae 18 years ago
Matilda is a neat freak...she is very unlikely to be someone to carelessly throw paper into a hole. She definitely isn't a shuffler given that she is a robot and walks very precisely.
Aniyah 18 years ago
I, too, am clueless. After being obviously wrong the first ime... ... I'm trying to take a little more time with this one.
Pulvani 18 years ago

Hilde's bio mentions filling out a 357 page document if she wanted to change her title. How does she know its 357 pages? Has she seen it? Would she know where to find these documents? A couple of those would be sufficient to bury a person alive, methinks. Plus, hotel staff and the key holding thing.

Hilde knows that it's 357 pages because she looked at it once, when she entertained the notion of changing her title (think "promotion"). The 357 pages were enough to make her say "no thanks," and besides like I mentioned, she keeps the books anyway so she can basically pad her own salary now and then, since the owner of the shop doesn't really pay attention to details like that.

So, yes she's seen it and yes she knows where to find it. She's the only employee though, so there's not like...50 of them in a filing cabinet somewhere or something.

Hilde works in a shop inside a very large hotel/metropolis. I would imagine that she would have a key to be able to get inside the hotel's main doors, but she wouldn't have a key for every single room in the place. Think of it this way - if you own a store in a mall, you can get into the mall and you can get into your own store, but you wouldn't have a key to everyone else's store in the mall.

As to who I think the culprit(s) are... Not sure as usual, lol.