DAY 2: OOC Discussion


Merreck 17 years ago
Matilda, Qixa, and Danibot strike me as the 3 most likely suspects...

Matilda, being a cleaning robot for the hotel should have a key to lock and unlock all rooms in the Hotel. That should/would include the complaints department. As stated before, Matilda could have easily lifted poetry from a guests room.

Qixa has been setting up Holo-porn in Hotel rooms, and had a fling with another staff member, so it is very possible for her to have very similar access to rooms as Matilda. Not to mention she is a part timer for HHGTTG and could very well have a grudge/jealousy issue toward the full time employees. Giving Qixa the benefit of the doubt that she isn't lying when she says she's a townie, it is very possible this could all be coincidence.

He then heard the rustling of paper as the being rummaged through some sort of container

What sort of container? Did anyone else find this odd? Its from the first hit.

As he shouldered his small pack

Danibot mentions bringing a pack, perhaps this is the container mentioned in the first hit. I don't recall anyone else having any sort of container on them. He is also a part time writer for HHGTTG and could easily have grudge/jealousy issues towards a full timer as well. Also, he has been asking around to go do jobs that are not appealing to most. Perhaps a staff member gave him a key so he could get to work? Slipping papers through a slot one at a time seems almost as fun as cleaning a toilet, eh?
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Ugh. Remind me to be far more specific next time I write up a character. Qixa does not at any time actually enter a hotel room. To set up the projectors I simply imagined her flicking some buttons in the main control room to tell each movie which room to go to. Then when it's the right time she kinda just hits 'start.'

The only room Qixa has any access to is the projector room. Since she isn't a hotel employee, she has no keys or access to any other area. Also, since she's basically a Holo-porn lackey, she has no authority.

She also works nights, so the only free time she has to be roaming around in are a few hours in the mid-morning. afternoons are for sleeping... or uh, sleeping around.

Anyhow, if the sheriff would like to ID me that would probably clear up some confusion for my poor little snake. But it'd be a waste of an ID that could be used to ail a real mafia member.

Back on topic, is there any one of us who can manage to drop a safe full of kittens on someone? I'm assuming that was the SK's role in the first combo hit, but I'm still trying to figure out how it happened. :/
Merreck 17 years ago
Thanks for clearing that up....It was this line which lead me to believe you actually entered the rooms:
In a frenzy of activity, she spent most of the day setting up the individual Holo-Porn Projectors in each room whose occupant had put in a request.

Nothing in my post was to indicate which way I was going to vote...just some points that stuck out to me. I still have no idea who I am going to vote to lynch tonight, and the 3 "suspects" could change at anytime, should anything else come to light.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Yeah, I re-read that and realized how it looked myself. I've got to clarify more next game. :/

About the container, I think that's a possibility, especially with Danibot carrying a pack. I had a purse, but it was only mentioned so Roz could puke into it. I'm not sure if the mods take clues from our /ooc discussions, I thought they were just taken directly from the bios.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Geeii 17 years ago
*nods* I am seeing where you are going with this and can see how you are stretching for clues. I have *never* called a pack a container, nor do I know anyone that does. Now, perhaps I am out of the loop, but I didn't think backpack/napsack/bag/shoulderthing when I read container I thought more like tupperware/lunchbox/etc. I know in this game it is hard to find clues and as such we *look* for them too hard and end up making clues form things that arn't (trust me, I've modded and seen players go off and kill someone just because I thought the phrase fit well and ended up implicating someone unintentionally)

I can assure you that is what is happening here. I don't know if the container was important, but I do know you are going down the wrong path currently.

The problem is saying, "hey i'm townie" doesn't really work. Because, although I am, players are guilty until proven otherwise not the other way around. You have to play that way. And, by saying, hey I am townie 1 of a few thigns happens.

1) You don't believe me, and I end up dead because of a few really far-fetched clues.

2) You don't believe me but don't feel like the clues REALLY implicate me and I live.

3) The mafia, for whatever reason, decides I am a big enough threat *as a townie* and I get lynched utilizing them

4) The SK or mafia hit me tomorrow morning.

So. I suppose it is up to you; I just got home from working, going over the scene to pick out some clues.
m2 17 years ago
Ok, so I'm pretty new around here and am one missed vote away from being offed myself I found out this morning, but here are my thoughts:

Key things that stick out - In the first death scene they use the term "Hitchhiker scum" which would suggest
1. This person is not a hitchhiker or likely employed by The Guide
2. This person feels those that are employed thusly are scum

Second Death - Quite possibly (though not necesarily) Hotel Staff
- Access to large quantities of papers/forms

- her job entails a certain anal-retentive quality (which would likely be anathema to hitchhikers, and vice versa)
- general manager likely has keys to the Hotel
- she is being put out by the throng (of mostly hitchhikers)
- has access to "armfuls of legal forms"
- is relatively fresh from earth (source of vile poetry)

- sounds like she may have Neat Freak / Control Freak tendancies
- as member of the Hotel staff she is likely to have keys

Hrm, I have at various times suspected
- mostly for the sound that was made/heard before our first victim slipped into unconsciousness (the first time) and because he doesn't work for The Guide)
- Murder 2 doesn't precisely fit in.

Cindy - mostly just because she not only doesn't work for the guide, she works for the competition.
- Murder 2 doesn't precisely fit in however
Geeii 17 years ago
First clue: The title, now, is this a clue or a reference to teh victim or both? Could be regarding writers, as mentioned before, or also something dealing with block.

Block could then mean - guard or square. Robots are blocky, Mattresses too..

The next thing would be the obvious method of death, Forms. This could point to Cindy for a couple reasons.

1) Her assignment was literally "You are expected to complete her news article on the hotel and turn it in to NNN by friday it should include interviews that you have colleced by annoying *ahem* questioning at least three employees and five guests about their experiences at the Hiltondorf. " Now, what does this have to do with deathbypaper? 2 things. Where would you go, as a reporter to get some views on the hotel, especially one that may propell you skyward in your recently landed job? I, for one, would look to expose the dirty underbelly of the overrated beheomoth. Secondly, she is used to plenty of forms, as indicated when she received her new job. And finally, you would need to get consent to use someone's statements in your artical, so perhaps she had consent forms - lots of them (that one is a stretch I will admit)

Another being that this points to, in my opinion, is unfortunatly the robot. 1) The robot can finish tasks much more easily then a human could doing similar work, which would be needed to move that many papers out that quickly. The shuffling we have been assuming to be the sound of the being moving, but what if it is the sound of them working. Do we know how the robot is constructed? Are there gears and belts and such inner workings, which when moving, could make a sort of shuffling noise?

I don't know, I am hungry and running out of steam, I have implicated 2 people, both of which have at least pointed to me mildly; what does that mean? I am either innocent, finding the clues needed to implicate them and they (knowing they are mafia) are grasping at trying to pin me, one or both of them are innocent, the mafia is getting a great laugh over all this, or one of both of them are mafia hoping that smoke screens can mask their guilt...

Will look some more later!
m2 17 years ago
This is me picking apart your theories Geeii

1. Writer's Block - Occam would point out that in this scenario a writer was blocked in a room.

2. Cindy - It doesn't seem to follow that, if pursuing the dark underbelly of the Hotel, she would kill the first person ever to lodge a complaint.

3. Matilda - She literally gets off on cleaning up, not making messes or offing those who do.

Finally, just so this isn't an entirely nay-saying post, I have added Geeii to my list of possible suspects on basic "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much" principles.
Morcalivan 17 years ago
The point of the game is not to inspire paranoia and make everyone suspicious of everyone else? Cause so far I think they are doing a great job at that. Question everything! XD

You know, I don't think people should be allowed to clarify bios or add little explanations at this point. It would be too easy to smooth out a detail here and there to avoid being in the sight of the hint. I find the sudden character elaborations very suspicious. Just trying to prove your innocence or trying to cover up your lack thereof? Huh? HUH?

See, told you paranoia was setting in.
Geeii 17 years ago
*nods* points taken and I can understand why you point this out.

*But* even more important then clues pointing to members...consider this, If * I* were mafia (which, I have never been, so I don't know for sure) I would avoid talking at all the first few days, vote to kill, and then, after things have drug on, start to weave some lies. to confuse.

If a fellow mafia member got caught would point at someone else or not talk at all.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
The trick to mafia is watching who says the least.
Mai 17 years ago
I hate to blow holes in your well thought out clues there, Geeii, but...

I stated in the end of the bio the things Cindy had with her... forms were not one of them, nor does it say I filled a lot of them out, in fact, it doesn't say I filled any out for my employment. There was the employee handbook and the scratch off benefits. A decided -lack- of forms in that scenario. The only thing she has used regularly and that was mentioned in the bio is a note pad.

Also Cindy is -not- a reporter she is a STAND IN doing this job while someone is on vacation. Doing a sterling job so that she can go far with NNN is not her motivation. When the job is done she'll be sent to -stand in- for someone else. Doing a good job was to impress her boss, not any love for journalism on her part. This is stated in the bio as well.

If the backpack as a container was reaching and that was something actually mentioned in your bio how much more reaching are you doing by making up stuff that doesn't even exist on mine? y

You're making me giggle though, carry on.
Gilae 17 years ago
I think at last I begin to understand how this game works!

I guess the big question now: was the person on the elevator with Aniyah responsible for the elevator malfunction...or was he/she an innocent bystander?

Who would be able to tamper with the elevator? I somehow feel this might implicate Matilda again. I know it wasn't me though. /crybomb Don't kill me just when I'm loving it!

I can't help but wonder about Penelope, the Enterprise Starship lady again. Surely she would have some sort of key/override to get to the parking garage.
Merreck 17 years ago
The elevator doors closed behind her, and the remaining guest rode it all the way back up to the lobby.

I know what was said about word play, etc...but referring to the other passenger as a guest in the last line, when in all other lines it was "the other passenger" really sticks out to me.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
The mods have to do stuff like that, since referrinf to 'the other passenger' as 'him' or 'her' would obviously give away too much. I didn't read any further into it than that.

It is notable that once again this person hasn't spoken. We have a few beings who can't speak, including Zipper the hotel vermin, of course. There is also SAGE, who hasn't actually mentioned whether or not he is capable of speaking.

Also on the topic of the elevator, it's also possible that the other being didn't need to speak because he/she/it would have exceeded the maximum weight, thereby causing the elevator to drop.

In addition, pertaining to yesterday's mafia hit, Penelope would have access to all kinds of forms, as she does state in her bio that she had to fill out paperwork that would take her all night to do. That's a lot of paperwork.

Those are my thoughts so far. I still don't see anything that makes me 100% certain of any one person or another.

edit: Ok, after re-reading I see what you meant about referring to them as a guest instead of a passenger, but I can't draw any kind of connection between that and the kill. I also see Gilae's point, where the person involved must have the ability to make the elevator go all the way down to the parking garage, which of course implicates Penelope.
Morcalivan 17 years ago
Oooh, interesting point, Merreck. I hadn't looked at that as such. Could be the SK is not a hotel employee, but one of the visitors. Yes, yes, someone will bring up the point that we shouldn't expect word clues, still, its interesting.

Okay, lets see...

Assuming the other passenger is the SK, why did he/she/it get in the elevator? They could have been killed as well. Either by the werewolves or while the elevator did the plummeting thing. Why risk that? Was the killer not scared of dying? Do we have anyone who can't die? o_O *pokes through the bios* People who stand out here are the robot, cause you'd think they'd be tougher than humans, all that metal and all. Snakes are pretty difficult to kill as well, would the same apply to a half snake person as well?

The elevator fell, but didn't crash. So its safe to say the cables hadn't been cut but someone probably messed with... the control box? With the wires and the thingies. Help! What's that called? Anyhoo, tampering with cables. Would be someone with some sort of wiring experience? Again the robot comes to mind. Did the setting up of holo-porn projectors involve wiring?

If we go with the weight trigger as Blackrabbit mentioned, who would be heavy enough to trip it? Is it possible to program a new weight? Eh, dropping this train of thought cause I have no idea what I am talking about XD

Why did the werewolves wait so long before coming out? Was it a trap? Did they know the elevator was coming down? Could just be advance lycan hearing, I guess, or someone could have made some sort of deal with them? Someone who has reason to be down in the garage area often? Penelope, perhaps?

I keep seeing the clues pointing to the same characters all the time. I think I have tunnel vision.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
You thought I was mafia yesterday, too, you know. I can't be both mafia and SK, darnit. And besides, snakes are easy as hell to kill. Haven't you ever run us over with a tractor? Snake guts everywhere!

Myself, I'm just having trouble finding the clues at all this time around. I think I'm over-analyzing it all. Then again maybe I'm not analyzing enough.

At this point I'm considering Penelope simply because of all the characters, she seems to be the only one who'd have reason to be in the parking garage, or the ability to get to it.
Merreck 17 years ago
In my own defensive, because simply saying "I didn't do it!" isn't enough to convince any of you...I mentioned in my bio that we run a tight ship at the enterprise, everything is stored, save, I know where all the ships are. This leaves no reason for me to go to, or have access to the garage and risk being eating alive.

On the note of keys...The Rent-A-Ship place, while owned by the hotel, is still a seperate business (think Starbucks in a supermarket). I doubt Penelope would have nearly the access Matilda has. Also, she isn't being put out by the guests, I believe it was specifically the news of the valet staff which ruined her day.

Maybe there is someone we're completely over looking...there is another human here, who could have just as much access to bad poetry as Penelope. She also happens to have a job that isn't looked at very highly...maybe it's the hitchhiker scum reporters who don't respect her job?

I haven't gotten anything from the sk kill, except that it seems like a guest to me.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Don't forget, the person or persons responsible for drowning Jax in paper are NOT the same person who are responsible for the elevator and the safe (from the combo hit).

The SK and Mafia work completely independently of one another, so trying to find someone who has lots of access to poetry and/or paper will give clues to the mafia... finding someone with access to a safe full of kittens and the elevator/parking garage will hint to the SK.

Looking for someone who meets all those qualities will lead you to a dead end, as the SK had nothing to do with yesterday's paper crime, and the Mafia had nothing to do with today's elevator 'malfunction.'