Scariest movie ever

I will give you such a pinch Anulien. :P

Seriously, what movie gave you the heebie jeebies so bad you couldnt sleep, couldnt close your eyes in the shower, made you remember why you were afraid of the dark as a kid. The movie that made you wish for daylight when you felt the dark close in on you. When goosebumbs tripled in size on your body whenever you thought of that disturbing scene in your mind.

The movie that scared you so badly you couldnt STOP thinking about it.

Majalita 19 years ago
Has to be Cabin Fever. It's not too scary, but seeing some of the effects (blonde girl without a face) just made me wanna gag. Just disturbing.

Yes I agree with that one. And the bits of person all over, ewww. And the shaving scene, double ewwwww.
Belial 19 years ago
The Ring- made me jump a few times, but scared the heck out of my wife and one of her friends. I still mess with them both whispering "watch out for the girl in the well" or calling and whispering "seven days".

The Exorcist- I saw this when I was about 12. It scared me so badly that I slept at the foot of my parents' bed for a month or so.

Nightmare on Elms Street-I think I was 13 when I saw this. Also scared me, I wouldn't go to sleep. So I'd stay up every night reading until I fell asleep with the book in my hand.

Blair Witch Project-didn't really scare me, but I liked it, I thought it was very cool. However, I was in the Army at the time, and I had to do a night navigation course through the woods not long after I saw it. I had a few scary moments on that night
Anulien 19 years ago
Event Horizon, only scary movie I have ever seen and only movie that can be catagorized as scary imo. I was so freaked in the theatre I truly was on the edge of my seat falling off and grabbing on to the arm rests. I think the biggest scare factor is the use of science that is still unknown to us and the wonderful use of mutilated bodies. Cruising in space with demon ships sounds like the suck and I head straight back to Earth if that was me. Scariest Movie Ever.
Anulien 19 years ago
O I keep forgetting the other scary movie I've seen, Requiem For A Dream. This movie was so harsh on me I walked out of the theatre halfway in and even left the room when my friend had it at his house. I tried again to watch it after it was released on DVD and finally made it through with a room full of friends. I was so phased at the end of it ass to ass scene wasn't even interesting. Very intesnse soundtrack too, the website bothers me too

Its amazing the small decisions that put you in or get you out of the situations that movie dealt with.
Guest 19 years ago
The Exorcist was just friggin in a class of its own. That movie cant be compared to any other and shouldnt be. It was fugged up.

The Ring freaked me out. I couldnt even look at the dang tv screen until after 7 days passed. Im sry, but theres something about the look on what was left of that chicks face in teh closet that was more than disturbing. Although the spoof that made fun of it was absolutly friggin hilarious.

Darkness Falls. Wow. I am deathly afraid of being anywhere in the dark by myself. I had severe nightmares as a child, (like to the point of causeing physical problems) and still do. I take medication to tone them down. sO Id have to say this one was one of the worse. IWhen I think of it I cant walk to another room if there is a dark space in between. Call me what you will, I dont care. I dont recommend that movie to anyone that is slightly scared of the dark. /shudder

Although I must add its kinda hard to say what movie is the scariest unless it is accepted 'to each his own'. Different things scare different people. Im more scared of phsycos than zombies and crap, and who might be hiding in the dark with a knife than some freaky stinkin ghost, so that would explain what scares me. People are afraid of different things.

I forgot to say what the scariest movie ever was to me tho.

Arachniphobia. I will not, cannot, refuse to ever watch this movie again. I get to the part where the spiders fall from the trees at teh beginning and I turn it off. And have nightmares. I hate HATE HATE HATE spiders, despise them, think they are the ultimate evil. Forget teh devil, spiders will kill us all. :P
Masoyama 19 years ago
Nalla Trueheart
The Exorcist was just friggin in a class of its own. That movie cant be compared to any other and shouldnt be. It was fugged up.

When I was in school studying Theology of all things; a friend and professor told me the story of his Uncle. He was a Jesuit Priest and at the young age of 29 assisted in a now famous excorcism. Unlike the movie ... he never fell down the stairs at the end. Rather he became mad shortly after and went thru a 10 year "walking coma" By the time he turned 50 he had regained his senses but was always a little skewed. He published some very controvertial books on Origin of Sin, and Original Sin. After the Church started clamping down on his works he became a recluse and finally died in his early 70s. Father Benedict had many chances to talk with his uncle and had alot fo truly "terrifying" stories to tell about the Cristian Art of Exorcism.

Now, (my wife is young and never saw the movie) I told these stories to my wife before she ever watched the movie. And I explained to her how it was based on a true story. After we watched she had nightmares for weeks. For us I am sure that is the best scary movie of all time ........

but i will reserve my rights for the new amnityville horror comming out.
Pallaton 19 years ago
Hmm.. movies that scared me....

The Ring- Although I saw Ringu first.. I must say the US version scared me more.

The Grudge- Same with the Ring. Saw the japanese version first, but I laughed at it. When I went and saw the US version.. BOY it scared me to death. The beginning with the girl pokin her head into the attic and that throaty noise.. and and *shudders*

Dawn of the Dead- The new version. Zombies scare me (don't laugh :P heh) so this one just made me about shit in my pants when I saw it the first time. I didn't sleep for 2 days after b/c I kept thinking that if zombies like that ever came to be.. I'd be dead in a heartbeat :P

Event Horizon- Completely forgot about that movie till I saw it mentioned here. That movie is awesome! Gore + Psycho demon things... yeah! It's pretty creepy.

In the Mouth of Madness- Yeah.. that movie scares me. There's that line in the movie that pretty much goes like, what if you were the only sane person left in the world... blah blah etc.
Movie is filled with a buncha weird crap and just scares me in that oh so good way.

Phantoms- Yep... it scared me the first time I saw it. Well up until the part where they find out what it is.

Day of the Dead- Another zombie movie that scares me to death. The thought of being the only ppl left alive with all of those zombies around. And that part where they're running through the tunnels and it's pitch black. YIKES!

uhm.. I'm sure there are other movies that have scared the bajebus out of me but I can't think of them atm.
Kelefane 19 years ago
Faces of Death/Traces of Death. Watch those and I will 100% guarantee you, that you will not be the same person as you were before you watched them :P
Lorelei 19 years ago
I agree on the Ring. Was watching it on a cable because a guy friend called and told me I should because it was good. So I say ok, and hang up. I watch it, get freaked out, then as soon as it blanks out going off, my phone rings and he does that whole Seven Days thing in sing song. I could have killed him grrr.

Anything with demonic dolls or mirrors in it freaks me out also.
Zhavric 19 years ago
Zhavric's list of scary films (in no particular order)...

Jacob's Ladder - It's an older film, but if you haven't seen it you really need to. This one will scare you.

Donnie Darko - One word: Frank. This movie ruled. It had quite a cast, but most of the big names are simply secondary characters. Drew Barrymore, for example, plays a high school teacher and doesn't have all that much screen time. Very creepy film. It will keep you guessing.

Le Chien Andelou - The Andelusian Dog. If you have no idea what it is, then you're lucky. The first 30 seconds of this film WILL traumatize you. The scary video in The Ring?... many of the images are inspired by this 1920's avant guarde film. What's it about? Why is it so scary? Well, it's not so much that the film is frightening... but watching it will curdle your sanity like year-old milk...

Showgirls - Any film that can make sex boring is, by definition, scary.

Pi - Before there was Requiem for a Dream, there was Pi. Excellent indie thriller. Just keep in mind that it was made in the early 90's so the computers in the film don't look nearly as high-tech as we'd think. I didn't think there was a movie that could make Rabbis, math, and Go interesting let alone frightening... but there is. And as a migraine headache sufferer... well, you'll just have to watch it.

Ginger Snaps - One of the funniest horror movies ever made. The sequels weren't so hot, but the first one had me laughing out loud.

The Silence of the Lambs - Anthony Hopkins won an acadmy award for 15 minutes of screen time. 'Nuff said.

Any fast food restaurant training video - The idea that one is going to become as the people in the video... well, that's about the scariest thing I can think of.
Sangre 18 years ago
I can't think of anything scary scary that I have SEEN. I know I wont see that Emily Rose devil's gotcha movie and I wont go to see either of the SAW movies or that serial killer Wolf Creek thing from Australia. I don't like bloody torture movies. Like The Devils Rejects. The freaking previews for that scared the hell outta me.

When I was younger I was crazy for the original Night of the living dead. I used to quote it with my friends. On Halloween I once had the television report playing on my answering machine for whoever called...

and where was I going with this...????
Den 18 years ago
Everything 'scary' movie I see I compare to the first time I saw the Exorcist...nothing has ever effected me quite as strongly. The only other one that came close was The Entity...awesome movies.
Sangre 18 years ago
Everything 'scary' movie I see I compare to the first time I saw the Exorcist...nothing has ever effected me quite as strongly. The only other one that came close was The Entity...awesome movies.

OMG yes. I was damaged after I saw that. I read the book, first, so I knew the worst of it but when the devil starts to speak in the Priest's dead mother's voice...

Den 18 years ago
I read the book first too...hardback version with a picture of the girls face on the front...creeped me out so bad I had to make sure the book was always turned front cover down before I went to bed...I know it makes no sense, but what can I say.

(It was her voice and the evil in her eyes that got me, during the movie.)
Mirabela 18 years ago
Event Horizon
Sergon 18 years ago
Event Horizon

Loved that movie although I did not think it was that scary.

Exorcist is what I consider very scary.

Addi 18 years ago
im the biggest chicken shit ever so i dont hardly ever watch scary movies and this is gonna sound weird but the ones about real shit that i can happening scare me the i would have to say, even though most would not consider it a scary movie, Outbreak was one of the scariest movies i've to me. I did give in and watch The Ring and it was scary as shit but we had a prank set up for my mother in law the whole time so it made it less scary. We told her that people said within like a half hour of finishing the movie people were getting that same phone call saying "7 days" so we hid a cell phone in the bathroom before the movie started and when it was over my nephew snuck in the room and did it to her, she was literally in tears so was scared.
Addi 18 years ago
damn i cant type but im sure u can read through the words i left out
Kelefane 18 years ago
Saw 1 and Saw 2 are hands down the scariest Movies I ever seen.

Two awesome movies...The ending of Saw 1 sticks out to me as one of the best I -ever- seen.
FyreGarnett 18 years ago
okay, i'll start off by saying i DO NOT watch horror flicks... thus most of those listed I have not and will not see. Psychological thrillers however... there's about a 50/50 shot i'll watch those. that being said, the only movie that freaked me out enough that i had trouble sleeping was Through the Eyes of a Killer. Course, it didn't help i lived in a similiar type of apartment and was home by myself that night...