Choose your own adventure - Unlocked

You live in a small town. In this small town is a city hall. In this city hall is a box that was found in the local mining caves, five thousand feet in the earth. In the cold, black darkness, this box has sat for thousands of years. You open this box and find a picture.

It is a picture of you.

One by one, the other townspeople reach into the box and pull out a picture of themselves in some place they do not recognize. The box begins to glow brightly and suddenly everyone is caught up in a vibrating sound wave that knocks you to the ground and takes you all to a different place.

Where are you? When are you? What...are you?


Welcome to another art/lit event. Last time we offered everyone a story based biography, again we are asking you to not only write your characters biography, but to choose your own adventure. I wanted to name this exchange 'I got sucked into a time rift and all I got was this t-shirt' but it was too long. =D


Hair color:
Eye color:
Body type:
Physical Appearance: (IE clothes)
Time and Place: (This is where you decide where your person has traveled through the time rift to - whether it is another era, another place or another planet)
What are you: (IE mermaid, cyborg, human, vampire, werewolf, fairy, pirate)
What's your story?:

Do you stay in the confines of your comfort zone or will you end up in a horrifying place fighting to get back to life as you knew it? If you could be anything you wanted to be, if you could go anywhere you wanted to go - if you could live an adventure so extraordinary...what would you choose?


The deadline is Friday - Feburary 2, 2007. That is 4 weeks. If at any point you do not think you will be able to TURN IN BY THE DESIGNATED DATE - please PLEASE let me know. Use your time wisely or I will kill you with my bare hands. Love you, kiss kiss. =)

Minimum Requirements - The ability to organize your time wisely or email me if you'll be delayed so I can make arrangements for your person not to be empty handed. So a little responsibility and a sense of humor is all I ask. New members are more than welcomed to participate.

Eve 17 years ago
Name: Alison "Ali" Roberts

Hair color: Long black, usually up in a pony tail

Eye color: hazel green

Body type: young, with just enough curve to make her legal; just over 5' tall

Physical Appearance: (IE clothes) typically a jeans and tee kinda girl, will occasionally wear a skirt or dress if the occassion calls for it; afterwards, she seems more prone to leather and vinyl

Time and Place: (This is where you decide where your person has traveled through the time rift to - whether it is another era, another place or another planet) New York City, 2207

What are you: (IE mermaid, cyborg, human, vampire, werewolf, fairy, pirate) cybernetically enhanced human

What's your story?:

A young woman, barely out of high school a year, 19 year old Ali Roberts had no idea what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Rather than diving right into the college scene, she had instead chosen to take a year off from school and travel to New York and spend some time with her father's side of the family. When she returned, her family was all abuzz about some box that had been discovered. Little did she know, her future had just been chosen for her.
On the other side of the portal, Ali was dumped right in the middle of a firefight, bullets whizzing by her head as she tried to get her bearings. Keeping her head down, she looked around slowly. She was shaken not only from the action around her, of course, but the sheer lunacy of the whole event.

The buzz at her temple startled her, and she looked around for the cause. Slowly reaching up, she felt the implant now resting in her temple. She gave it a gentle tug, but no more when she realized the piece of metal and wires was firmly placed within her flesh. She must have bumped something while poking at the receiver, because suddenly a voice called out in her opposite ear.

"Roberts, you awake over there?" a rather annoyed sounding male voice asked.

Just great, she thought, how the hell do I answer? Hoping the thing was voice activated or something, she just spoke aloud. "Uhm, how could I sleep with all this noise?" The snicker on the other end let her know her comment was received loud and clear, and luckily by someone who appreciated her sense of humor. Now then, how to get out of this alley and find out just where she'd landed.

Pic #1 Pic #2
Laney 17 years ago
placeholder for me as well. I'm new to this roleplaying thing :P
Sarah 17 years ago
Name:Joey Lo Duca
Hair color:light brown
Eye color:chocolate brown
Body type:6'2" 180 lbs well built
Physical Appearance: (IE clothes)Mordern day: jeans and a t-shirt, nothing fancy because it will just get smudged. After the rift: Gentleman's attire, breeches, hose, waistcoat, the works.
Time and Place: (This is where you decide where your person has traveled through the time rift to - whether it is another era, another place or another planet)Colonial Williamsberg, 1753

What are you: (IE mermaid, cyborg, human, vampire, werewolf, fairy, pirate)Werewolf
What's your story?:

I went home to visit my uncle, it was just to be a brief visit. Ana was out of town and I was feeling lonely. I planned to make it for the full moon and run with the pack. When I got there, the complex was abuzz with the discovery of a cave and the contents of the cave. I joined in the discussion about opening the box and after much heated debate it was opened and revealed its...prize. Ok prize is the wrong word, it was more like a nightmare. The pictures were like characatures of the people I had grown up with. And there in that mix was a picture of me, looking like I belonged in a reenactment village. I don't know what any one esle felt, because my world had narrowed to that picture.

My hand went out and snatched it from the box, something I will regret for the rest of my life I'm afraid.

The world spun, turned red, then gray, then black.

I awoke in a small room that held the cot I slept upon, a dresser of fine quality, with a pitcher and basin on it's top, a small bedside table, a tall wardrobe, an oil lamp, a gutted candle and stacks of books on a small roll top desk. I stood, and stretched my arms over head, only to feel cloth tickle my calves. I looked down and found myself in a nightgown. I mad a face, groaned and pulled the gown off. It would be the last time that was ever on my body.

I opened the wardrobe and found the clothes from the picture, along with several other coats, breeches and shirts. A knock sounded on the door and in surprise, I opened it. It was a man in clothes that were like the ones in my closet only...less. Like they were of a lower quality.

"Good morrow, sir."

"Erm, good morrow?"

"Yes, sir. I trust you slept well."

"Yeah thanks."

The man shot me a strange look, but said nothing, not even commenting on my lack of clothing. Instead he pulled clothes from the wardrobe and dresser and began to brush the blue coat from the picture.

"You must hurry, sir, you've a class soon and you must eat before you begin your day. I'll not have you light of head in class again."

"Um, alright."

That earned me another sideways glance and I just shrugged and smiled and let the dude dress me. I guessed I was a student or something, but a rich one if I had a guy to dress me. Well that was cool, because I never would have figured out the clothes anyway. By the way, you go commando under all that stuff, not a big deal since there were no zippers to get caught in and no awkward seams.

So I get all dressed and he does this weird stuff with my hair, then puts a damned wig on my head and shoves a three-cornered hat ontop of that. Ok, that's almost too much for me. I want to ask when and where I am, but I think that might earn me a long look and perhaps a trip to the looney bin. He brushed the coat again, handed me a cane, a satchel deal and then opened the door for me.

I was lead down a hall, greeted by several people, as Joseph, and then we stopped in a large room with a great many tables, that smelled of coffee, bacon and toast. I was very happy to be in that room, because I was hungry. My dresser dude, pulled out a chair for me at a table with other men dressed similarly to me, and I was greeted and so I returned those greetings, sans names.

Dresser Dude, I seriously need to find out his name, brought me a cup of coffee with a little sugar in it, just like I like, and then after a few minutes presented me with orange juice, toast, a healthy portion of scrambled eggs, lots of bacon and potatoes. I smiled at him, thanked him and sent him on his way with a "That will do for now."

The guy to my left, portly guy with a white wig, and green coat, gave a hearty laugh. "I don't know where you found Josiah, but if you give me the name of your trader I'd happily by from his stock."

It dawned on me then that the black guy that had just dressed me was a slave, my slave. Damn. It seemed I was somewhere in pre-civil war America, hell I might even be in pre-revolutionary war America. Crap, damn, hell.

"He was family bred, I could talk to my father, but I doubt I could convince him to give up anyone, even for you." Oh my God, what the fuck? That just came out of my mouth. I quickly began to stuff food into my face, so that I wouldn't have to talk that much. I laughed when everyone else did and before long Josiah was back to take my tray for me and help me to where I needed to go next.

It turns out I'm a teacher at The College of William and Mary.

Clothing references

Modern day Joey bio on SA
Shaelynn 17 years ago
Name: Faith Ripley
Hair color: Dark blonde
Eye color: Blue
Body type: Slim curves
Physical Appearance: (IE clothes) Before: jeans and tee shirt, low ponytail, no make up...After: Leather and knife clad vampire hunter, hair down and long
Time and Place: (This is where you decide where your person has traveled through the time rift to - whether it is another era, another place or another planet) Alternate universe where vampires, were-animals and other fantasy creatures are real (think LKH's Anita Blake type characters in more of a fantasy type setting)
What are you: (IE mermaid, cyborg, human, vampire, werewolf, fairy, pirate) Human vampire hunter

What's your story? Ack I wrote too much lol


> >

Faith Ripley nudged her sunglasses further up her nose with one sweaty, sticky finger. She glanced down with resigned dismay at the chocolate ice cream smear on her otherwise plain white tee shirt. She figured she might as well plaster a sign on her chest proclaiming herself as clumsy slob of the year.
> >
Not that people really ever looked at her. And not that she really wanted them to. Mentally, she shrugged. In her past experience, books tended to be better company than most people she knew anyway.
> >
Faith avoided eye contact with the onlookers crowding the town square as she made her way closer to City Hall, bowing her head under the relentless heat of the July summer sun. Other than the city manager being nearly arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct last month, this was the biggest news all year. Everyone in town had apparently had shown up.
> >
According to what she had gleaned from overhearing gossip and reading the article in the local newspaper, the town’s phosphate mining company had unearthed something unusual - some sort of box that appeared very old and very strange. Rather than do something intelligent like consult a learned authority, the mayor had decided to grandly “unveil” the box amid a town gathering in front of City Hall. She knew he would be presiding over it like a preening proud rooster - like he had dug up the damn box himself.
> >
Speaking of the mayor, he had better hurry it up, she thought and flicked a glance at her watch. Her lunch break at the library was ticking away fast. Lord knew, Mrs. Huffer the head librarian tended to get pissy when Faith took more than her allotted 35 minutes for lunch.
> >
As she patted ineffectually with a tattered napkin at the remains of her ice cream cone on her shirt and hands, the mayor Raymond Tubbs finally waddled out from the glass double doors of City Hall, beaming widely and clutching a box, about shoebox size. Closely followed by the four members of the town council, he stepped up to the nearby podium and grasped the microphone, resulting in a loud squawk of feedback.
> >
He cleared his throat. “Good day good folks of Murphyville! It is my honor to show you all this incredible box found deep inside our very own phosphate mine!”
> >
A man’s voice called out from the crowd, “Yeah, yeah we know the story, Ray, just open the damned thing already. It’s hot as blue-blazes out here!”
> >
Looking slightly deflated, the mayor straightened his tie. “Of course, right...we all want to see what treasure might lie inside!”
> >
Faith rolled her eyes at his dramatics but began to slide her way closer to the podium. Something about that stupid box had really captured her interest.

The mayor held the box in the air for everyone to see. It looked to be made from black stone, and was carved with intricate markings that Faith couldn’t quite make out.>> As the gathered citizens looked on, the mayor fiddled some sort of latch on the front of the box, and the lid flipped open without so much as a squeak. He frowned and reached inside the box. Faith found herself holding her breath.
> >
With a look of wonder, Mayor Tubbs pulled a paper out of the box. He almost seemed frozen in place. A buzz of whispers started among the onlookers with a louder shout of, “Well, what the heck is it?”
> >
The city council members leaned over the mayor and began pulling papers out of the box for themselves. The townspeople started jostling forward, everyone wanting a better look. A surge of curiosity propelled Faith to shove right up to the podium, even pushing snotty Rachel Davenport out of her way and flat on her outraged ass.
> >
Heart pounding fiercely, Faith plunged her hand into the box and grabbed her own paper. She looked down at it, and her thudding heart seemed to abruptly grind to a stop.
> >
>>She held in her sweaty hand some kind of photograph, and holy flying monkeys, it was HER, Faith Ripley. It was unmistakably her, but only different. Her mind struggled to process what she was seeing.
> >
The photograph showed her face, her long blond hair, and her blue eyes. But this was no frumpy librarian in jeans and a stained white tee shirt. This Faith in the picture was dressed in some futuristic, leather outfit. Her hair flowed free of her normal low ponytail. She could almost see the wind whipping it. And her expression managed to be haughty, amused and sexy somehow all combined into one. And good grief was that KNIVES strapped onto her legs??
> >
The picture started to blur before Faith’s eyes. A blinding pain began in her head, centering behind her eyes. She struggled against the sudden intense pain and dizziness. Nausea rolled up from her stomach in sickening waves. Everything was spinning wildly...and then it all began to fade. A surge of black emptiness swallowed her, and she knew no more.
> >

> >

Faith groaned and slowly cracked open one eye. She rolled over onto her back carefully, trying to decide if all her body parts were present and working. Dear God, what had happened? Her muddled mind tried to work it out, but her head pounded like vicious elves were gleefully hammering her brains out.
> >
“Good to see that you have finally rejoined us, dear Faith.”
> >
Faith jerked to a sitting up position that her aching head immediately regretted. She swiped her unbound hair out of her eyes, and looked wildly around her surroundings for the source of that silky, smooth male voice.
> >
She saw that she was sitting on a massive bed with black satiny covers and hangings that darkly gleamed in the light of a fireplace nearby. The fire crackled and gave off the only light in what seemed to be a stone-walled room.
> >
A figure arose from the chair by the fireplace. He too was dressed in black, and the shadows seemed to follow him as he slowly moved toward her.
> >
She scrambled up off the bed. Maybe under different circumstances she could appreciate what looked to be one hot guy, but the only emotion she could muster for the moment was intense fear. This was not good. Her instincts were screaming that she needed to get the hell out of here.
> >
As he moved silently closer and closer, Faith inched to the side of the room, eyes casting about for a damn door. There must be a fucking door!
> >
“What do you want?” She tried for a demanding voice, but her fear made the words squeaky and high.
> >
He chuckled and the sound seemed to fill up the room like a fuzzy warm blanket. “Dear sweetheart, why do you look afraid?”
> >
He was close enough for her to see more clearly. And nothing about him did anything to reassure her pounding heart. He was tall. His hair was slightly rumpled, dark and shoulder-length. His eyes glowed blue in the darkness and they seemed full of lazy, male appreciation of...her. Which was nuts! No man, especially not a man like THIS had ever looked at her this way.
> >
With a sudden dawning realization, she looked down at herself. There was no chocolate stain and no tee shirt. This was not librarian Faith attire she was wearing; this was the knife-wielding Faith attire. KNIVES! She clutched at her legs, feeling the empty sheaths but no knives. Dammit!
> >
He gave her a small smile, still quietly amused at her. “Yes, I confiscated your lovely sharp collection. I’m afraid this time around, my dear, I will be only one drawing blood.” His smile widened, revealing two fangs to her horrified gaze, glistening white even in the dim lighting.
> >
Faith stumbled backward. Oh shit, not good, NOT GOOD. She should have tried to get away before he got so close.
> >
Quick as a snake, his arm was there to steady her.
> >
“Listen,” Faith began, fighting the babble of panicked words that lodged in her throat, “I’m not who you think I am. I don’t know who I am. This is not me. I mean, it IS me, but I’ve never seen you before.” She tried to jerk away from his arm, but his grip was like a vise pulling her closer to him.
> >
“You know, I have to tell you that I find this moment so enjoyable. As I ponder on the many years you have hunted me, tried to kill me, it gives me great pleasure to have the upper hand at last.” He laughed his fuzzy, warm chuckle again. “I confess I never expected such a scared kitten.”
> >
His hand slid up through her hair seeming to caress, then suddenly fisted at her scalp. He closed the final distance between them, his fist pulling her head to one side.
> >
Fear turned to anger inside her. She twisted hard and kicked out at him. Fucking, bullying jerk. “Let me go, dammit. You’ve got the wrong person!”
> >
His arm tightened around her waist. “Ah, my kitten spits at last.”
> >
She glared up at him, wishing she could get a hand free to punch him in that smiling, fangy mouth. With her head pulled to one side, her neck was stretched bare before him. It didn’t take much smarts to see where this was headed. She kicked again and again, trying to stomp on his feet, anything at all.
> >
Unaffected and unperturbed by her struggles, his head lowered, and she felt a soft kiss and nuzzle to her neck. She gritted her teeth as she felt the scrape of his fangs across her skin. The bastard was taunting her.

Hot tears began to well up in her eyes. What the hell was happening to her?
> >
“Sweet Faith, don’t you know I will never let you go,” he whispered just before she felt the stinging bite of his fangs sinking deep into her neck.
> >
>Reference pic: >
> >
> >
Temprah 17 years ago

Name: Amberelle De'Espionne, aka Amby
Hair color: golden blonde, sun streaked
Eye color: warm honey / yellow topaz - has feline pupils usually
Body type: very athletic, curvy, 5'10", long legs
Physical Appearance: A combination of serviceable clothes. Faded denim jeans and/or sturdy leather with armor. Usually in an overcoat, sunglasses and always carrying a small armory of weaponry. (weapons of choice include a katana & wakizashi and matte black Glock 9mm handguns)

Time and Place: Earth 2036 ; Location : formerly known as Houston, Texas - United States of America
There was no reason to worry everyone was told. Y2K hysteria was dismissed, unfortunately. But when the clock struck midnight on January 1st 2000 it ushered in not only a new millenium but the start of global nuclear war. It was chaos, and when the dust settled society was in shambles. And an unexpected side effect had happened.. magic was awoken from its slumber and returned to the world with a vengence.

As Mother Earth started to heal herself and regenerate from the damages mankind inflicted, she sent forth her assumed extinct and mythical creatures. Once dormant lay lines crackled with energy awakening those who were magik sensitive. Overnight men and women found changes within them as the energies seeped forth from inside the planet's core. Ireland was completely overtaken by the creatures and England still is a fierce warzone. The status of much of Europe is unknown. Around the globe the strong rose up and imposed order on the weak. Governments crumbled. As time passed, corporations formed that could provide the vital necessities.. at a price of course.

Much of northern and western Texas is now a series of radioactive craters. And huge wellsprings of raw magik. Houston was spared the nukes that destroyed Dallas. Because the city was incredibly diverse before the war - with a port, oil fields, vast medical and mechanical research facilities and a healthy variety of agricultural crops and food supplies - it recovered much quicker than many of the other major metroplexes. But there was no way the fragmented former government could maintain order for long. Just like slices of a pie the city has been divided up into areas controlled by the corporations and larger gangs. No mans land exists in between these pockets of order with mutants, homeless imigrants and other elements of society's underbelly mingling in the shadows.

What are you: 1/2 vampire 1/2 lycan (were-lioness), freelance adventurer and mercenary. Trained assassin and thief. Like the majority of your more free spirited citizens of the city (ie not willing to submit herself to someone else's rule), she's for hire for whatever dirty little deed the corps need. Or anyone else for that matter.

What's your story?: Amberelle knew her feline nature would get the better of her one day. 'Curiosity killed the cat' so they say. So it was no big suprise when they brought the box to City Hall and word began to spread of it that she had to go investigate. Plus with so much buzz around the bizarre find, she saw a perfect chance to make a few bucks. New Orleans' security was a notorious joke amongst her peers. An accomplished thief, Amby knew it was only a matter of hours before the discovery went missing. Late that night she broke in quietly, leaving no real traces, and made her way to the locked office where it was being held. It was a simple matter to get in, and she stared at her prize with pride. Scooping it up she paused. The parallel suddenly hit her and she felt much like Pandora. How could she *not* take a small peek inside? Reasoning with herself she argued back and forth. There could be unknown allergens or diseases in the air inside. Being a vampire that didn't concern her too much. The influx of air could destroy whatever was inside. That would be very bad. However.. It would be kind of hard to find a buyer for the relic if no one knew what it WAS after all. The blonde chewed her lip for several seconds before lifting the lid. Her suprise at seeing simply a small slip of paper inside doubled when she leaned over some to peer in and the image captured on the photograph registered. Seeing herself was definately the last thing she expected. Or rather, the second to the last. Finding the room spinning and everything swirling into darkness was.

note : for inspiration things like Shadowrun RPG, the Roadwarrior / Mad Max movies, the Dark Angel TV series, etc

Oh and being only half vampire Amberelle is not harmed by sunlight but does find it very uncomfortable if out for long periods of time and is somewhat light sensitive. (Feline senses combined with vamp sensitivity)

Sabby 17 years ago

Name: Sabby
Hair color: Dark dark red
Eye color: green
Body type: very curvy sexy body
Physical Appearance: Burlesque Dance Costume
Time and Place: Early 1900's, Sabby is a burlesque dancer, spending her nights in her run down apartment on the busy streets of Paris.
What are you: Human
What's your story?: She loves the spotlight and all she's dreamed of is being in the spotlight. As a child she spent her days playing dress up and dancing around her kitchen while her mother prepared dinner. Later in her early twenties she started dancing at small clubs, she quickly became a favorite amongst the gentleman customers, because of her flirty nature and the fun twists she added into her dance routines. Wanting her chance at real fame and dancing, she has becomes involved with a man who promises her fortune and her own show as a burlesque dancer.


Sabryn, or Sabby as she was more often called, was sitting in front of her mother's vanity. The wood was dark and rich, even though the years past had removed some of the glossy sheen from the table. She stared into the tattered mirror a moment longer... and her thoughts drifted to the night before. Pulling the comb through her long silky auburn locks she focused intently on the night before, she could hear his voice echo inside of her head.

"I can promise you a new life, a different more exciting life. You will be happier with me... Come back with me, Sabby." He said in an almost pleading voice. The man was tall and thin, almost wirey, yet his looks were stunning. His hair the darkest black she'd ever seen, with skin so ultra pale. His eye's silver and piercing. He reached his hand out and touched her hand, the contrast between her dark mocha skin and his making her smile to herself. "Let me take you away from this, Sabby... Trust me, please?"

She looked up into his eyes, then quickly glanced down, "I like my job, Nicolas..." she had whispered.

Then he was gone...

She heard a loud crash in the next room, and quickly her thoughts were yanked back into her bedroom and back to the combing of her hair... She stood quickly and lifted up her candle to go and see what Seraph, her kitten, had knocked over this time... exiting the door, she came face to face with Nicolas again...

"What, why are you here? In my apartment? Nicolas?" She said in a steady voice.

"Come with me, Sabby, please?" He looked down at her, he was nearly a foot taller than her, and his frame was much larger than hers, yet she felt so safe next to him. He held out his hand. "Come." He said again.

She took his hand... and he lead her down the hall...


Sabby was jarred awake by something... A dream? Was it all a dream? Then she looked around. This room? Where is she? The walls were a metallic silver... there were no windows. Darting her eyes around the room she saw the door...she pulled her legs down over the edge of the huge bed, and placed them on the floor. Startled she pulled them back up... the floor was cold. Rock? Marble. Nothing like the warm wooden floors in her home.

She put her foot back down the floor... walked across the room to the door. She placed her hand on it, and it opened, sliding to the side. There was a hallway next to her with more doors. She decided to take the one in front of her. She touched that door... it also slid to the side. She stepped inside of the dim windowless room. She could see a bed on the opposite side. She stepped softly to the side of it.

Nicolas? She was in his home? She stood there a minute looking at him, as he slept... and then his eyes opened and he saw her standing over him. "You are welcomed to join me, Sabby, if you'd like?" He said with a hopeful smile.

She narrowed her eyes, "Where am I? Is this your home? Why am I here?"

Nicolas yawned... "You are in my home yes. I live in an apartment in New York. It's the year 2133, I took you home with me... into the future."

Her knees became weak and she reached out to grab his bed post to steady herself. He reached out for her and puller her down to sit beside him.

"Sabby, I promised you a new life, I wanted you to come here, start new... You can still dance and act. I own a theatre, you can have your own shows. The people here have never seen a dancer like yourself. I have girls you can teach... Costumes, that are more fitting of our times, but still things you' be used to... Will you stay?"


Leaving this story here. My person can either, have her go back to the 1900's or stay in the future~ ( I am leaning to her in the future.)

Image of her face for refrence:
(Read about La Goulue & Moulin Rouge for more refrence.)
Have fun!!
LacyAnn 17 years ago
Name: Lacy
Hair color: typically red/brown but an added flare of blues can be added too
Eye color: aqua blue
Body type: slinder/athletic, B/C cup, hour glass figure
Physical Appearance: Tattered blue dress or whatever you could find on an island to make clothes from (plants, animal skin, ect)
Time and Place: Time is not important where I have landed, time makes no difference. There are no themes no styles. It is where the ocean rules and the island is my prision and refudge.
What are you: Human
What's your story?: When I awoke my first thought was too the rough sand on my cheek and the cold splashes at my toes. I rose to find myself on a beach. Still wearing my favorite blue dress now tattered and torn. The beatiful white sand had an erie bluish glow it was almost as if the sand itself was saddened. The ocean, a cool bath of greens and blues, seemed calm above but dark and churring below. I noticed small creatures scurrying around my feet. They even seemed to have that same erie glow. I started to walk along the tree line and try to grasp a sense of time or place. I walked and walked....
Days, Weeks, Months went by like nothing. I only learned that I could not swim off this island. Somehow the currents turned me around everytime I got to a certain point and the next thing I knew I was laying on that same beach again and again. At night I had learnt to hide in the brush and eventually make myself a small hut. It seemed safer in the tree line than on the beach itself. I crafted myself weapons with sticks, bone, and vines. I noticed as time passed I also took on the blue erie glow as the sand and the rest of the creatures. It seemed I was now a creature of this island and no more the simple human I used to be. My hair once styled and short now danced down to and around my hips as I walked. Once slender now I am more athletic. I do not seem to age thou. One thing I never thought I would hope for but now I do....
Time makes no difference now. I just wait on the island to see if another may come. Someone that might answer my questions and solve this mysterious islands' riddle.....


hehe okay my first time doing something like this hope its okay lol i may add more info if i need to
Sangre 17 years ago
Name: Alice Virginia, nickname 'Scorpio'

Hair color: Vibrant purple

Eye color: Green

Body type: Athletic and lean, tall - at least 5'9, with long hair. Age 25.

Physical Appearance: (IE clothes) Anything different, dark and moody. A lab coat for work.

Time and Place: (This is where you decide where your person has traveled through the time rift to - whether it is another era, another place or another planet) Mars' Red Diamond Space Station 2117

What are you: (IE mermaid, cyborg, human, vampire, werewolf, fairy, pirate) Scorpio is the alter-ego of Alice manifested. She is half cyborg, half vampire.

What's your story?:
Alice was the dead girl. At least that is what they'd always called her. She collected black widow spiders in jars, fed them butterflies and chased her little brother with them. At 16, she'd demanded her birthday be held in a cemetary - the table was a rotten old coffin and nobody came. In her town, there were not a lot of girls like Alice and that was ok with her. She grew up a loner, painting skulls and studing hard to be an Undertaker. When she turned 24, Alice secured a job at the town Morgue.

When the news went out about the box, she went like they all went, to discover what was there...and what was next...


On the other side: She is Scorpio and she finds herself a member a gang of Vampires called The Drakul. Half vamp, half cyborg, they feed on synthetic blood and were scientifically cross-bred to guard the Red Diamond Space Station against alien intruders. They are a particularly vicious breed, possessing super natural strength and extraordinary hearing, as well as outstanding eye sight, especially in the dark. They are also able to roam at all hours of the day or night, requiring very little sleep.

Scorpio discovers soon that there is much more to this group of space soldiers than meets the eye - there are rumors of revolution and sinister plots. The Drakul are rebelling. She must decide if she is to join the eventual rampage or find her way home...

First Image
Dia 17 years ago
Name: Diane aka Dia

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Blue/ grey

Body type: skinny to average

Physical Appearance: (IE clothes) Clothing style is - Blue jeans and a tshirt usually ala Girl next door. Hair is shoulder length with a side part bangs over her eyes. (wolf form) - Red fur with grey 'points'. Long ears and a thinner build.

Time and Place: Seemingly current time but somewhere in midwest country. Think the city of Smallsville. In actuality she's on another planet made by aliens modeled after earth and used as a place to study humans. It's a small planet modeled after rural parts of earth.

What are you: (IE mermaid, cyborg, human, vampire, werewolf, fairy, pirate) Werewolf

What's your story?: With a jolt to the head Dia awakens in a large wheat field. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Panic fills her chest and she begins to run through the tall wheat until she finds a clearing. In this clearing is a massive weeping willow and she sees a small dark blot underneath it. Upon closer exspection she finds it's the box from earlier, the one with her picture in it. The picture is of her of course but the strange thing is she's on a porch smiling. One of those big old country porches that wrap around a home. She's standing there with her arms wrapped around one of the thick posts smiling. If that isnt strange enough in the background over her shoulder is a wheat field with a weeping willow standing lonely and tall at it's center.

Tossing the box down, Dia stashes the photo in her back pocket and stands on her toes to look over the wheat. Not far in the distance she can see the roof top of a home. In a mad dash she takes off running towards the home not knowing what she's looking for. The worst part is...she can't shake the feeling she's being watched.
freyals 17 years ago


Name: Princess Ela Abelia (pronounced 'Eee-lay')
Hair color: Long flowing Dark Blue
Eye color: Striking Gold
Skin colour: Light Royal Blue
Body type: Tall and slender
Physical Appearance: She wears the golden flowing regal robes of the Abelia family. However, when she decides to take up arms for her planet, she wears a more fitting warrior's outfit (scant warriors outfit ;P )
Time and Place: The planet Mimosa. A barren desert planet somewhere in the universe
What are you: Humanoid alien

What's your story?: Ela awoke, dazed and confused. The last thing she remembered was that little box, and that photo inside it - that photo of her. She gasped with shock when she realised that her surroundings were quite unfamiliar. She was in a large room, it looked to be made of some sort of sandstone material. The ceiling was over 4 metres high, and beautiful, brightly coloured tepestries were draped over the walls. She was lying on a very large bed, with the softest of silk sheets. She was dressed in a long and beautiful golden gown, made of incredibly lightweight material, with bright blue gems sewn into it, and a large fanned collar spreading out behind her head. She held the material up to examine it closer, and gasped as she realised that her hands were BLUE! She jumped up, panicked, where was she, what was going on! She examined her arms and legs, a beautiful royal blue. She looked around the room for answers, some sort of explanation. A mirror! She ran over to a large full-length, gold framed mirror and stared in shock. The person who stood before her was a tall, beautiful creature with blue skin and hair, and the most piercing golden eyes. They burned, penetrated into her soul, and after an instant a calm washed over her, as though this was actually the way she had always looked. She wandered over to a tall window to survey her surroundings. Outside there were large bubbled domes, filled with lush vegetation. Surrounding the whole area was a large sandstone wall, and beyond it was a barren wasteland of sand, as far as her eye could see.

A noise! Behind her. A tall blue man entered her room, but Ela felt calm, as though he was somehow familiar to her. The man introduced himself as the Chief Royal Consort. He sat her down and asked if he could bring her a refreshment. Ela shook her head, she just wanted to know what on Earth was happening. But as it turned out, she was not on Earth anymore. He explained to her that she was infact PRINCESS Ela, sole heir to the royal throne of the planet Mimosa. He explained how when she was a baby, her parents, the King and Queen, had invented the technology to propel craft into outer space, the ability to travel across galaxies! But it was not a joyous time. For the evil co-inhabitants of the plant, the giant lizard-like species, the Deviants, wanted the technology for themselves. They wanted off this barren planet, and the King and Queen knew that should they suceed in their plans, that they would murder and destroy any future planet they inhabited. For they were the reson that Mimosa, once a beautiful jungle planet, had perished. The King and Queen knew that the technology must never get intot heir hands. And so, the war - that was long forseen - errupted.

Ela couldnt understand why her parents didn't just use the technology to escape the planet themselves, but the Consort explained to her that, simply, this was their home, it always had been since their ancestors first discovered and populated it over a millenia ago, and they would defend it to the death. They had dreams of repopulating the lush groth that once existed, and so stood by their planet. But things turned for the worse when a plot was herald, a plot to kidnap the newborn Princess Ela. Security was breached, and Ela was almost lost. The King and Queen were shaken, and decided that the only way to keep Ela safe was to send her across galaxies using the technology they had created.

But she had been bought back, now at the tender ago of 19. Why? "Because your people need you." He said. Her parents had been killed a month earlier, and so as the only surving member of the royal family, Ela had been bought back to rule over her people, who had become distraught and disheartened since the loss of their beloved Majesties. Ela understood her situation. As frightened and unsure as she was, she decided to take up her rightful position as queen of Mimosa. And that was not all. She decided that she would take up arms and join her people in the front line, her parents would not have been killed in vain . . .

* Sorry it is so long. To whomever gets Ela as their character I hope u have fun with her and feel free to use as much imagination as u like!! : ) xoxo
Mistresspoisongirl 17 years ago
Name: Azra Noell
Hair color: short brown hair
Eye color: glass blue
Body type: Athletic and curvy
Physical Appearance: leather work boots, short jean skirt and a fading tank top
Time and Place: 2158, Los Angeles
What are you: Vampire
What's your story? :Azra worked a tiring job stocking at the local grocery store. For months she had slipped deeper and deeper into depression – she never had any time to do things that she loved. Sleep, work, eat, sleep, repeat. When word of the ‘box’ spread through town, she called in sick to see it for herself.
Azra awoke in to rain dripping down her face, she shivered and looked around. She was laying in a puddle, surrounded by brick walls on all sides except one. Azra looked around, trying to regain her sense of mind, when a man stepped into the opening. He was dressed head to toe in an unidentified uniform, and held gun held up to his face with a green laser scanning the alley. As he spotted me, he yelled “Hold your position!” then he whispered to himself, “Identify yourself!” Azra stiffly stood up, wiping her hands on her skirt, the rain continued to pour down.
Four Winds 17 years ago


Name: Lieutenant 952

Hair color: Blue short cut, stubble on face

Eye color: Crimson red

Body type:
Lean and muscular, a marriage of flesh and metal. Body has been genetically and cybernetically modified. 6ft 2in in height.

Physical Appearance:

Light grey combat fatigues, black t-shirt and leather boots, combat webbing and belt. A metal chip embedded at the base of neck with the legend ‘952.’ Scannable barcode laser tattooed on right cheek of face. Left arm and right eye replaced by cybernetic implants/attachments.

Time and Place:
(This is where you decide where your person has traveled through the time rift to - whether it is another era, another place or another planet)


The United States.

A World of Shadows.

What are you:


The War of Six States.

It is more economically viable to wage war with genetically modified human clones outfitted with cybernetic upgrades and implanted with combat wetware.

The catch is you need a steady supply of ‘Original’ templates to work from.

Fortunately for the military the majority of society will never be able to afford the sort of cybernetic modifications and/or genetic improvements that the rich and powerful enjoy.

You are Cyber Genetic Infantryman 952. You signed up for one tour of duty and kissed goodbye to your ‘Original’ body for the promise of a newer and better improved model.

Unfortunately for you, you forgot to read the fine print. You only get your upgraded ‘Original’ body back after three tours of duty. Your kill ratio is 10 for 500. 10 Personal Deaths for 500 Confirmed Kills. One Tour Down. Two to go. Not bad at all.

What's your story?:

Do you stay in the confines of your comfort zone or will you end up in a horrifying place fighting to get back to life as you knew it? If you could be anything you wanted to be, if you could go anywhere you wanted to go - if you could live an adventure so extraordinary...what would you choose?

Part I:

It was a War of Six States.

Time Travel. Practical application. Banned by Geneva Accord of 2130.

Someone decided to change history. Most City States try to do so by influencing the future. One City decided to rewrite the past.

You and your squad were sent in to deal with the situation. Mission parameters: Locate and secure any evidence of temporal devices and detain key personnel for debriefing and interrogation.

The mission was a failure. A major one. Someone had prior knowledge of the attack and its inevitable outcome was changed. Time travel. Practical application.

They didn't kill you outright. That would have been a waste of a valuable resource. And a City State does not waste resources.

You were useful. You were retro-graded and given new purpose. You would travel to the past and destroy the original founders of the enemy City States. You would secure a new timeline in which one City State would dominate the future.

They sent you through time.

There was a good reason why time travel was banned.

Mistakes...happen - and now you have free will. It is a blessing within a curse.

The year is 2007.

This is the United States.

But it is not the United States according to your data files.

This is a World of Shadows.

Faeries. They aren't fragile, and they aren't sweet. But they are pretty. Even with their wingtips dipped in blood. Never forget that.

The Fey are taking back the world. And humans have no place. They forfeited that right long ago. The battlelines have been drawn. A war between science and magick has begun.

Which side will you stand on?

Part II:

If you were the scientific type you might have balked at the possibility of Faeries waging a war against Humankind. And if you were the superstitious type you might have said a quick prayer of protection.

But you're the practical type. The sky is blue and the grass is green.

Actually the sky is burning and the grass is bleeding.

All sorts of winged creatures wielding surprisingly efficient ranged and melee weapons are holding their own against soldiers wearing body armor and packing enough firepower to level a City block.

By your own standards both sides use antiquated weaponry. But beggars can't be choosers. Be it a sword or an assault rifle, you're going to have to pick up one or the other if you want to keep yourself in the game.

You're definitely faster and more agile than the average human soldier, and you're as tough and strong as the strange looking were-creatures that shrug off direct hits from a RPG without stopping and punch holes through reinforced concrete.

Small comfort though when both sides consider you a curiosity at best and a menace at worst.

History didn't go like this, at least that's what your data files keep telling you. But you've seen and fought against stranger things during the War of the Six States. Maybe the timeline has been polluted by your presence, or maybe this world was on the fast train to FUBAR-ville to begin with.

Lieutenant 952 is rewriting the mission parameters now and you are going to make damned sure that dying in this screwed up world isn't one of them
Verity 17 years ago
Name: Siobhanin (shi-VAWN-een) Clair MacGregor
Hair color: Dark Auburn, long, down to her waist
Eye color: Clear blue, almost violet
Body type: Petite, yet curvey in all the right places
Physical Appearance: Green velvet kirtle, with gold laces, hair left down, and flowing free, with a crown of simple wildflowers.
Time and Place: 14th Century Scotland, the chapel in Duart Keep
What are you: Human
What's your story?:

Part 1:

Siobhanin never really fit in with modern day American small town life. Her mind was always off in a distant land, dreaming of people, & time's past. She could usually be found reading in the woods just outside of town, near the little brook. At 24, she finished college, with a degree in archaeology, she moved back home for a while, waiting for her trip to Scotland to dig at the site of a new keep that was discovered a year ago.
"Siobhanin, come you silly goose, the mayor is about to open the box that the miners found the other day. The whole town is gathered in the square" said her sister Brianna. "Lets go".
"All right, I'm coming" Siobhanin said, as she mumbled to herself " I hope they don't destroy the box in their excitement to see what's inside, this could be a major archaeologic find"
As Siobhanin, and Brianna enter the town square, the atmosphere is that of barely suppressed excitement. Adair, seeing his girls finally arrive, grabbed Siobhanin, and starts pulling her towards the front where the city council stood, with the box. "Pumpkin, they want you to open the box, they figured with your degree in archaeology, you would know what to do."
The trio reached the front, where the Mayor was standing, next to a table, with the box perched on the top. "Greetings Siobhanin, are you ready to find out exactly what is in the box?" She reluctantly agrees, not really fond of being the center of attention.
Siobhanin carefully inspects the box, and finding it surprisingly sturdy, with very little to show for it's age, slowly turns the simple lock. At the sound of the small click, the din of the crowd dies down to nothing, you could hear a pin drop. She slowly opens the lid to the box, and peers inside. At first, it seems that the box is empty, then she notices what looks like a scrap of paper, she reaches inside, and carefully pulls it out, turns it over. As she turns it over, her vision starts to cloud, her head feeling light then nothing but blackness, as she falls to the ground the paper slips from her fingers.

Part 2:

"Lass, Lass, are ye alright? Wake up. Ooch, tis nae like ye tae be so frail an weak. I ken ye dun wanna go through wit thae weddin, but ye must, fer the clan's sake. The Earl of Dunborough was the only one who would have ye, wit nae dowry, and he willna wait much longer, we need tha money to keep tha clan warm this coming winter."
"Father?" Siobhanin wispers.
"Aye, Lass tis yer papa, now git up dear, nice an easy, yer groom is waitin on ye."
Groom? What happened, the last thing Siobhanin remembered was reaching into the box, and pulling out a photograph of herself in a very old fashioned looking gown, standing next to a Tall brooding man, in some really old looking building. Siobhanin blinks a few times, to clear her vision, and looks up. "OH, MY GOD" she thinks as she realizes that she is now in the exact setting that was in the photograph. As she looks around a bit more, she sees the same brooding man looking down on her with barely constrained irritation.
"Stand up now Siobhanin, you have delayed this wedding for the last time. I have given your father the marraige settlement, and you signed the bethrothal contract last night." the dark man at her side said, as he reached down, and pulled Siobhanin to her feet.
The wedding went by in a blur, as Siobhanin's mind raced. What happened? Was it the box? Where did it come from. How the hell was she going to get back, and what was she going to do if she couldn't get back?

Part 3 in the works, and a portrait coming soon

Portraits of Siobhanin Taken before "the box".

Close up of the Face:
Vex 17 years ago


Hair color:

Eye color:

Body type:
Petite Slim/Athletic

Physical Appearance: (IE clothes):
Normal goth attire. Corsets, lace, a little bit of leather/pvc/latex pants/skirts, platform boots/shoes.

Time and Place:
200 years from now, alternate earth

What are you:

What's your story?:
“Lotus” was born in Vukovar, Croatia. At the age of 9 she witnessed her mother and father get brutally slaughtered. Such a traumatic event left her with amnesia about her life, to the point she did not even know her name. One cold night, she was huddling under a bridge when a ‘man’ by the name of Joseph Li walked by. He took note of the shivering little girl and offered her his coat. He sat and chatted with the little girl and found out a great deal of nothing about her. She didn’t remember –anything-, she had been stealing from the roadside markets to survive, and sleeping in the cracks of the city architecture to break the wind. Joseph packed the little girl up and took her home.
Over the next 15 years, he raised her like his own daughter, naming her Lotus, after the small tattoo she had on her back. She was his beautiful little flower. He trained her in the ways of ancient Chinese combat, chin-na and dim-mak. He also trained her to use ninja-tos, a small katana-like weapon.
During their time spent together, Lotus realized there was something very different about this man. He did not every go out during the day, and had a very peculiar diet. She never asked questions, she did not believe it was her place. If he wanted her to know, he would tell her.
On her 24th birthday, Joseph answered all the questions that plagued her. At first she was shocked, but the more he delved into the history of vampires, the more intrigued she became. She asked him if he could bestow this gift of eternal life on her. He was hesitant but she pleaded. She did not want to grow old and die within his lifetime. He was her only friend, and family. He ultimately agreed and turned her.
Over the next few centuries, they traveled the world together, discovering lands such as Paris and Germany, Taking up residence in China and Japan numerous times. All the while, they still trained together, perfecting the arts of combat.
They traveled to America for the first time during the year of the Boston Massacre. It was here that her sire, her only family, experienced his final death. They had gotten into a very heated battle, and Joseph was gravely wounded. They had finished off almost all of their attackers, save one. The one that would come to haunt her. The one that extinguished Life, and Afterlife, as she knew it. He killed Joseph while he was in his weakened state, trying to recover.
She was changed, she was vicious, and on a mission to destroy the man that took her father away from her. She had ran into a clan of organized killers called Tàcharan, while she was travelling European lands, She ended up making associates of them. She had heard of an old vampire-killer turned vampire in the Nachton area and set her sights on the city.
Banbha 17 years ago
Name: Tara Marshall
Hair color: Copper Red
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Fit with womanly curves
Physical Appearance: Tara likes the fine tailored clothing. Anything that flatters and compliments her

figure and coloring, whether it is pants or skirts.
Time and Place: Originally from 1604, Bristol, England
What are you: human privateer
What's your story?:

Bristol is your typical naval port in England. It is where the Her Majesty's ships are built and
launched. They are fine ships too, and I often would wander to the docks to see the bare ribs of a
warship or frigate being crafted by the boatwrights. No one would scold me too much for being there, was I was Admiral Marshall's daughter. I got to know father's crewmen quite well and was soon taught the ways of the sea and ships at an early age. The sea always called to me. The salty tang on the wind that would brush across my face always exhilerated me. Father would never come outright with his disappointment that I was his only child and that I was female. The family tradition of Marshall men going into the Royal Navy was about to be skipped a generation until I had my own family. I was not interested in having a husband and children. I wanted to be barefoot on the deck of a frigate, my body rocking to the movement of the waves out there on the sea.

But I was a girl and it was unseemly for an officer's daughter to have such silly notions. However, my yearning for a ship of my own grew as I myself, grew up. Father saw my interest gain even more and decided it was time for me to go on a trip. To go to the colonies in the Carribbean and be a guest of a governor friend of his at Port Royale. I detested the thought of being put into anyone's care at the age of sixteen. The thought of sailing to Jamaica, kept me from arguing too much.

The months long voyage upset my maid but I relished it, taking a walk on deck whenever possible,
permitting the weather. The sailors amused me with their tales, even to satisfying my curiosity and
questions regarding how ropes were tied, sails rigged, and so on. I was never want from boredom as I was constantly learning about ships and the sea.

The arrival to the warm waters of the Carribbean ended that period of my life, where I had to now take on the mantel of a lady again. I silently sighed. Upon docking at Port Royale, I was given the all the hospitality and privelage of a lady. Of course, my father a decorated admiral, also was its own prestige to those that wanted to have that status of being in my company. I detested it. People who only wanted to be with me because of my family's reputation were dishonest.

My days at Port Royale were long and if I wasn't attending the governor's wife, I was out walking with my little coterie of young women. My eyes ever longed down to the proud masts of ships in the dock though.

I spent five years in Port Royale, making it a new home for myself. Father would sail in every six
months on patrol to check on me, tell me the news from England and so on. I would suprise him with talk about ships and the tales going on around the island. I think I impressed him when I could
intelligently and enthusiastically talk naval lore with him, and be interested. After that, he decided
to relent to my requests to indulge my hearts desires. Father took me to the drydock where a new type of fast ship was being built. It was smaller and was shallower in keel than the large English
warships, but the lines to me were lovely.

That was when I had the notion that I was going to become a privateer. I knew that some of the islands were in need of goods and there just wasn't many crews out there that wouldn't outright thieving the goods to sell on the black market. The sloop building at the dry dock was just the first step of my new life.

Two years of saving my allowance, playing the court games, and so on, paid off. I only had to find a crew for my ship. The man who was building the sloop almost laughed me off the island when I told him I wanted to buy the ship before it was finished. Calling me crazy woman and that the ship wasn't for sale to a girl who wanted to play sailor. I quickly told him that I know the sea and how a ship is rigged, and so on. Even in the building process, I suggested to him to make some special 'holds' for goods. He did think I was crazy but after pointing out to where certain modifications could be made and how to streamline the keel for more speed and agility, the builder then started taking me seriously.

It was a hard time proving my worth that I knew what I was talking about and doing. After a few sails in the fast sloop, taking on the first crew that was getting too landbound and was ready to go along with a crazy woman, did I start making a name for myself. My name stayed the same, but my past was left behind. Only one person knew of my familial ties, my first mate, Garrett.

Some call me a pirate, others called me a savior. The Spanish hated me, as I hated them. But I only did what was in my blood and called to me. Whether it was a selfless act of kindess to the less fortunate, or I was out for profit, I was where I wanted to be.

Then a strange thing occured.

A box. A picture. A roaring sound. Disorientation and all of a sudden, loud thunderous crashes around my ears and a dark sky pierced by flashes and debris falling around me. A wail could be heard in the background, making me temporarily deaf.

This wasn't Port Royale anymore. I soon found out I was in London, but not the London of the 17th century, but of the 20th century, during a war, a terrible war that made buildings shake and crumble into London's streets.


My entry!
syyreeidak 17 years ago




Hair color:


Eye color:


Body type:

Athletic , 5’ 2”

Physical Appearance:

Chrome plated cyber armor, silver body suit

Time and Place:

Motoko is transported to the planet Braffenia in the Andromeda Galaxy 2.9 million light years away.

What are you:

Motoko finds out that she is a cyborg.

What's your story?:

Motoko, a twenty one year old college student studying computer science at lace w:st=">Boston University, returned home to Hasami, a small town in Nagasaki prefecture lace w:st="on">Japanlace> for the Christmas holliday. When she arrived at her parent’s house they brought her down to the town hall where the police had a small box in the meeting hall. The box was found in an old coal mine on the abandoned island of Gunkanjima also called Hashima Island fifteen kilometers from lace w:st="on">Nagasakilace>. Several kids had sneaked onto the island and were exploring the old mines when they found the box. It was in a section of the mine that had contained artifacts over five thousand years old belonging to the

Lungshan culture of Shangdong province lace w:st="on">Chinalace>. The Mayor and the police chief had opened the box and discovered photos of them selves in it. The Mayor was standing on a plateau with a blue gas giant planet rising behind him. The police chief saw himself standing on a beach with a magnificent city rising out of the ocean in the distance
Out of curiosity the other people in the meeting hall reached in and pulled photos out of the box and each saw him or herself on a strange world.
Motoko reached in and pulled out a photo. She saw herself standing on a platform with a nebula in the background and an odd looking aircraft flying by. While everybody was musing over their find the box began to glow brightly. A flash of light blinded her. When her vision returned she was no longer in the town hall. Everybody was gone. The room she was in was dark. Along the far wall was a bank of monitors. The images were unrecognizable. In the center of the room was a green holographic globe. Motoko thought it looked like a map of a solar system. It reminded her of a science fiction movie she had seen recently. She checked the heavy double doors, they were unlocked. She pressed a button and they opened with an angry hiss. She stepped into a dimly lit corridor. There was nobody around. She followed the corridor to what looked like elevator doors. She pressed a button next to the doors and a moment later they slid open
“Let’s see where this goes,” She commented as she stepped in. The control panel had a series of icons on it. She didn’t know what they meant so she pressed the upper most button. There was no indication of motion but the images on the display above the door were rapidly changing. A moment later the doors opened. Motoko stepped out into a hall bathed in sunlight.
“Great, I hope I can find somebody,” Motoko said aloud as she went outside. The air was warm and a gentle breeze blew against her face. It was then when she noticed that she was not wearing the skirt and blouse she had on a little while ago. She was wearing some type of chrome armor over a soft silver body suit.
“What’s this?” she asked. “This isn’t good.”
Motoko wandered the city for hours. There was nobody around. It was the most magnificent megalopolis she had ever seen. The sky scrapers soared hundreds of stories into the clear, blue sky. Vehicles were strewn everywhere, simply abandoned. Why was everybody gone? What happened and why was she here.
“It figures I wind up in an abandoned city. I have to get back home. This can’t be good.”
By night fall Motoko had reached the outskirts of the city. The main road out of the city stretched off into the horizon. The city was surrounded by a vast wasteland. Motoko thought about leaving the city, but it didn’t seem like a good idea at night. She decided to check the nearby buildings for a good place to spend the night. Something caught her eye in the distance. She thought she saw something move. She ran down the street to the corner. She turned the corner and saw something duck into a building. Motoko cautiously approached the building and peeked through the front window. It was a restaurant. She entered. The lights were out in the main dining area, but there was a light on in the back.
She felt her heart pound in her chest. Maybe she would find out what happened to her and to this place. She approached the back door and peeked through the opening. Inside she saw three people sitting on the floor. One was a young girl, the other two were adults. Motoko debated revealing herself. What if they were hostile? She needed answers though. She decided to risk it. Gently she pushed open the door. “Hello?”
The three occupants looked up to see Motoko in the doorway. The adults stood. They did not appear to be frightened. It was like they were relieved. The male motioned for her to come in. He spoke, but Motoko could not understand him. Slowly she entered. It was a kitchen. The other adult, a woman took her hand and sat her down at their makeshift camp. They were fascinated by her clothing and appeared to recognize it. They realized that Motoko could not understand them. The woman pulled out a small object from a pack. She handed it to Motoko and pointed to her ear. Motoko placed it in her ear and she heard a faint humming.
“It’s humming,” she said.
“That’s because it was waiting for you to say something,” She heard the man say.
“I can understand you,” Motoko said, surprised.
“Of course you can. That is a translator in your ear. It sampled your brain patterns and can now translate our language into yours. Ours does the same.”
“Where am I? Where is everybody?”
“You must be one of the chosen,” concluded the woman.
It worked then,” Said the man. “The others will start to come through soon.”
]“What others?” Motoko asked. “What are you taking about?”
“This city is called Miftran. It is one of a very few sanctuary cities left on the planet Brafennia.
We were attacked by an alien race many years ago. Our people have been fighting a terrible war against the invaders, but we are losing.” The man pulled a small object out of his pocket. He held it in his hand. A holographic image of a reptilian creature appeared.
“This is a Giggonian. These are the creatures who invaded our planet.”
“What do I have to do with all of this?” Motoko asked.
The woman smiled at Motoko. “You are going to save us.”

Part 2

"Excuse me?" Motoko asked. She was not sure she heard her correctly.
"You and others like you have been brought here to Braffenia to save us."
"How am I supposed to do that?"
"You're a warrior. You have been given powers that will help you defeat the Giggionians." Said the man.
"I am not a warrior. I'm a student. I am in college." Motoko protested.
"I bet you weren't a cyborg either before you came here," the woman said. She took Motoko's hand and pressed two fingers against her wrist. To Motoko's horror a small compartment opened just above her wrist revealing circuitry.
Motoko jumped to her feet. She staired at her arm. her stomach felt quesy.
"What have you done to me?"
The Woman stood and walked over to her. "It's ok."
"Stay away from me. What did you do to me?"
"It wasn't us. It was the War Department. When you were brought here your body was augmented as you materialized. When you go home you will be returned to your natural state."
The woman gently took her arm again and closed the compartment.
"The cybernetic augmentations make you stronger and faster. You will be able to defeat any Giggonian warrior."
"What makes you think I want to help you. I didn't ask for this. I just want to go home."
"We need you. You and the others are our last hope." Pleaded the woman.
"Besides, they won't let you go until your mission is complete," Added the man.

"Come, sit down and have something to eat." Said the Woman. "I neglected to introduce myself. I am Sarana. This is my husband Karn and my daughter Allya."
"Hello," Motoko said relaxing a little. " My name is Motoko Harada." She sat again and took a small plate of food offered by Karn.
The food was good. Nothing like anything she'd had back home.
"Stay with us until morning. That's when the others will start arriving and we will take you to the fortress." Sarana said.
"I guess so."
After they ate Sarana, her husband and daughter turned in for the night. Motoko couldn't sleep. She sat by a window in the front of the resturaunt and looked out at the deserted city.
The next morning Motoko awoke still sitting by the window. Apparently she was more tired than she'd figured. She found Sarana in the back packing her things.
"Good morning Motoko," Sarana said. "Did you sleep well?"
"A little."
"We're going to the fortress now. There you will meet General Vaxis," Karn said while he folded his and his daughters blankets.
A short time later Sarana lead Motoko out the back of the resturaunt into an ally way. They took back streets to the other side of the city. They went under ground through a sewer entrance and followed the tunnels for almost an hour. Finally they came to a massive door. Sarana put her finger on a small sensor. A moment later there was a loud clang and the door opend slightly. They slipped in.
On the other side Motoko was greeted by several soldiers. An officer introduced himself and escorted them down the corridor to a large briefing room. Motoko saw dozens of heavily armed soldiers and technicians moving about. The briefing room was filled with others dressed the same as Motoko. Some were human, others were completely alien. She'd never seen creatures like these before. A few were humanoid with various skin tones and features similar to humans, but others were completely unrecognizable. Motoko couldn't compare them to anything she'd seen on Earth. These creatures waited patiently to be informed on what was going on.

A short while later several officers appeared. One went to a podium at the front of the briefing room. "Thank you all for your patience. I am General Vaxis Commander of the Braffenian defense forces. I know that you are confused and want to kow why you have been brought here. Several years ago our planet was invaded by an alien race called the Giggonians. Braffenia fought fiercely, but we were no match for their superior technology. Our people are on the brink of anihilation. We were about to evacuate the survivors from the planet when a creature arrived with a simple looking box. He was from a planet destroyed by the Giggonians. The box he possessed contained a technology that could transform beings into super warriors, but only certain beings were compatable. The box would seek them out and bring them here. Only a few of my people were compatable. The rest were brought in from across the galaxy and beyond.

Motoko was amazed at what she was hearing. She couldn't believe she was a part of this. it felt like a dream. The general went on to explain how they were going to launch a massive counter assault on the Giggonians. Cyber armies were assembled in all of the sanctuary cities on the planet and they would all strike at the same time. Before the assault, however, the cyber troops had to unlock their abilities. The Braffenians would help them.
Motoko found that she was looking forward to discovering her new abilities.

tamaelia 17 years ago


Name: Tamaelia Thepierat

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Amethyst

Body type: Athletic/lithe

Physical Appearance:
(IE clothes) Being a pirate, Tamaelia often dons buttoned and bound britches and swashbuckling styled shirts, pounding the deck in buckled high top boots. When wearing her long hair bound up under a hat, she can be mistaken for a youthful chap who hasn't grown a beard yet. A second glance reveals modest curves that hide under the ruffled sleeves and collar of her flouncy shirt.

Here are some links to the kind of stuff Tam would wear:

Time and Place:
The late 1600's in the docks of Ireland and on the high seas of the Atlantic to the Carribean Island of Barbados.

What are you:
Irish bred maid turned pirate.

What's your story?:

Before the box...

Tamaelia stretched wearily as she walked the damp, musty alleyway that led to her rented room, shared of course, noone she knew could afford to rent by themselves. It was dark, had been for hours and it would be all too soon light again and time to go back. Back to the service of Baron Aylmer, starching his linen till her fingers stung and her eyes burned. She trudged up the stairs to her small room and peered out the grimy window at the docks in the distance. She fancied she could hear the gulls and sighed; dropping heavily onto the bed without bothering to undress.

In but a few hours she woke, her sleep broken by the voice of her roommate Shaelagh calling her to break fast. They ate quickly and bustled down the stairs and out into the grey of the dawn. The both were in the employ of the house of the Baron, though in different manners. Shaelagh was in housekeeping; her mild temperament saw her promoted before Tamaelia. They walked quickly until Tamaelia took Shaelagh's arm and tugged her to the open door of the Civil Hall, it was uncommon for the doors to be open so early and Tamaelia was always curious... it often put her in ill stead with the Baron's head Housekeeper, Mrs Maroney.

She saw other people filing into the building and dragged her friend along. Soon she saw the object of everyone's attention.. a curious box. She fell in step behind a dapper gentlemen and stepped the last paces to the table that bore the ivory adorned box. Peeking in its open lid she saw a card, or what she took to be a card. Picking it up she turned it over and saw a picture of a young woman, about her age and with her features. Indeed it was her face, her lips curled in a wry smile, her eyes that met hers in merry challenge...

And before further reckonings could take place the air seemed to shimmer and hum about her, and she felt a dizzying wave of sound spin her over and she fell into the darkness.

After the box....

Tamaelia winced and sat up, to hit her forehead on the unnaturally low ceiling. Cursing in a most unladylike manner, she opened her eyes and surveyed her surrounds... heavy timber panels and canvas hammocks slung between stout frames. She was in the sleeping quarters of a rather large vessel. Other sailors were sleeping in various other hammocks; snoring off the rum of the night before.

She realised it was warm, no... hot and humid... certainly not Ireland's southern coast. With some effort she managed to get down from the swaying cot and stumble over various hazards before finding the portal that led to the main deck of the ship. She turned the handle and stepped into the early morning. Blue sky, white sand, green forested shoreline, this was the port of Holetown... a young city on the west coast of Barbados.

"Yer up early lad," a gruff voice startled her and she turned on her heel, to face the dashingly handsome Captain John Black of the equally handsome Maiden's Fancy, the carrack who's deck they presently shared. "Best fetch some coffee, lad, me noggin's thumpin an' me throat's raw." His gravelly tone attested to the apparent rawness, so Tamaelia turned back and went in search of coffee. Catching a glimpse of herself in a small glass window pane, she was startled to see the reflection was the same as the one she saw in the photo. She smiled wryly at herself, her hair tucked under a cap and a billowing shirt concealing her female form, she sucked in the air and stepped into her new life.... a pirate's life for her.

Guest 17 years ago
I decided I don't think I can participate, It really looks fun, but I don't think I have the time. I don't want to feel stressed or leave someone without anything=/
McAfee2000 17 years ago

Okay Roz I signed up - e

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Still need to do an image of the Hero -

Name: Kelvin lace w:st="[/IMG]Hobbslace>

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Body type: Young but with a muscular build

Physical Appearance: Kelvin likes to wear comfortable clothing. Blue jeans and a t-shirt are his normal clothing, or socks and underwear while tooling about the house. He has a small tiger tattoo on his left hip. He would be one to have a t-shirt that said I was sucked into a wormhole and all I got was a lousy t-shirt.

Time and Place: 3007 – To Mars to help defend the Alliance of Planets from Invasion of aliens he mistakenly woke up.

What are you: Soldier

What's your story?: Kelvin was immediately recruited into the military. It seemed his years of playing with video games made him a natural Mech operator. He was shoved on to a spacecraft and taken to Mars where he found it had been partially terra-formed formed to make it more earth like. What surprised Kelvin was his uniform was something out of Buck Rogers or some other Space Opera. It did not seem like it could provide any protection.

During his stay, he has become more than just a grunt in the lace w:st="on">Alliancelace> military. His natural curiosity and drive have propelled him to be on numerous adventures of discovery. It was on one of these adventures where they awakened the aliens which now threaten all.

First Image of Kalvin = more to come

Lillaanya 17 years ago
Name: Kateryne Raeya

Hair color: Long, jet black

Eye color: bright green

Body type: Tall and slender

Physical Appearance: Present day attire would be something stylish yet understated and comfortable. Something like a simple pair of low rise jeans and a tshirt worn with to die for boots, a leather jacket and awesome accessories would be her thing. Time warp--rich fabrics, sparkly jewels, she is powerful, she is evil, she dresses any way she chooses

Time and Place: 15th century, somewhere in Eastern Europe

What are you: Sorceress

What's your story?:

Kate is a 24 year old grad student studying forensic anthropology. Her family is wealthy, powerful, and seems to have a tradition of always coming out on top...of course they just call it luck. She was given a once in a lifetime chance to join in a major excavation in Romania when one of her professors reccomended her for the team. She arrived at the site and was immediately put to work. There was this box that no one else had yet been able to open...would she take a look at it? It was inlaid with several types of exotic woods and gold, and seemed to have no lid to open. She ran her fingers over the smooth yet somehow familiar surface, tracing the designs until the top slid free and Kate blacked out....

Part 2

Kate woke in the upper rooms of the ancient castle she had come to help wasn't so ancient anymore. The room was filled with a lot of strange things...bottles and vials of various sorts, skulls of several different creatures lined a shelf....books...many, many books of every shape and size were scattered about. A chain with a jeweled pendant that lay on a table across the room caught her eye. Without knowing what she was doing she reached out a hand and summoned it to herself to examine. A sly smile spread across her face, she just might enjoy this....