Day Three /ooc chat

Lincoln died of a splitting headache....DISCUSS

Temprah 17 years ago
Do not be so jealous, my pet. I remember you singing a different tune in the Cafe outside of California...

Ah, Estaban remembers, and despite the ever-present danger, he feels only as a man when in your presence...

*chuckles softly* Darlin, I ain't forgot so quick. But uh, I would like to live to see another day so I'll be keeping my eyes on the clue hunting. Unless a course you wanna bunk up and keep a gal safe, then maybe we could discuss things more in private?
Vulash 17 years ago
Jenna Jameson Mafia going on here
Slipnish 17 years ago
*chuckles softly* Darlin, I ain't forgot so quick. But uh, I would like to live to see another day so I'll be keeping my eyes on the clue hunting. Unless a course you wanna bunk up and keep a gal safe, then maybe we could discuss things more in private?

Estaban smiled a ten thousand dollar smile, and bowed in courtly fashion.

"To keep a woman safe is the ultimate test of a gennleman. I would relish the chance to keep thees body safe for the duration." He said, rising and waving his right hand from her crown of red hair to her boot clad feet.
Temprah 17 years ago
*Vulash is just jealous because he didn't get any hot redheaded luvin before he got keeled*
Slipnish 17 years ago
He should use some product on that wild hair of his.
Vulash 17 years ago
My ghost haunts both of you
Temprah 17 years ago
I like it when people watch... =D
Slipnish 17 years ago
You might learn something, Doc...
Den 17 years ago
Guess I don't have to check out Dr.Parnell after all...heh.
Temprah 17 years ago
with our most vocal clue gatherer biting the dust.. or rather tarmac.. I guess I'll step into the crosshairs and hope our resident doctor will be my guardian angel.


Mafia hit day 1 clues
1. "He looked up and saw lightning flash across the cold grey sky, the start of a rainless summer storm, but in that flash he was certain he also saw a pair of red glowing eyes"

from Jet's bio :

Her hair is long with a slight wave and dyed a vibrant red, contrasting her stormy grey eyes.

2. Quote from day 1 hit :
Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper
We'll be able to fly...don't fear the reaper
--Don’t Fear the Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult

Fly a possible hint at Jet? This one isn't strong I know but.. I'm thinking!

Day 2 Mafia hit clues

3. Lyrics Quote :
I get so scared
Just to see you on the street
They're living dead
Your all the same, you never speak

~Black Limousine by The Rolling Stones

From Jet's bio :
"When her eyes adjusted she found the street littered with bodies too. "
I will freely admit up front there's something in my own bio about going down the streets littered with bodies, and yes I believe most of us have something similar. However, it fits Jet too so it should be noted.

Day 3 Mafia Hit clues
4. "He was at a water pump filling up their bottles of water for the next day."

From Jet's bio :
"Items being carried: A backpack with what she would take on the plane with her - bottle of water, passport, tickets, doorkeys, digital camera, purse with a few dollars in cash, and a credit card."

Yes yes, *quite* a few people have water bottles. It's still a matching clue.

5. “We're here to take care of your wee headache problem.”
This word use, "wee" leads me to believe it's one of the two Scotts. Angus has no real clues towards him (and I hunted) so I attribute this to Jet as more likely of the two.

From Jet's bio :
Jet is from Dunfermline in Scotland, (a bit north of Edinburgh)

** EDIT ***

Forgot a huge one!

6. From Day 3 Mafia Hit
“Its called culling the herd."

From Jet's bio :
"The only sound now is the wind whistling gently down the street, herding litter like a flock of sheep before it."

A reference to herds of things... not exactly common in anyone else's bio!!
Den 17 years ago
Those are awesome clues Temp...though in addition to the water, dead bodies on the streets, you too have red hair, as does Angus, who's also Scottish, and Vera has grey hair...
Mai 17 years ago
Vera is a mod only character. I'm sorry if this is confusing but you can't lynch her...because we won't let you.
Den 17 years ago
lol - thanks Mai...I sorta figured as much, but wasn't 100% certain.

And I really didn't think she was a suspect, but was using her as an example
Temprah 17 years ago
Yes I have red hair but not grey eyes. It's not mentioned in her bio but has been in RP a few times she has icy blue eyes. The combination of red and gray using the storm description is what really got me to think a connection to Jet. If you don't agree.. please share who you DO think is guilty! I want all the townies on one page tonight so we can get a damn mafia bastard.
Den 17 years ago
I was actually thinking along the lines of taking out the SK...but more on that later.
Rae 17 years ago
I agree that all of the townies should be on one page, but I think we should focus on the SK first as then there will only be on hit tomorrow instead of two. More townies surviving is a good thing. Unless of course to are Mafia.
Temprah 17 years ago
Ok guys... floor me with SK facts. I am still too mixed up on that one to find a clear cut candidate. And after getting Kyle killed I don't wanna make mistakes like that again. My view of thoese facts was wrong so I'm open to y'alls theories. But I think Jet is a *STRONG* and *OBVIOUS* mafia and should be taken down over a "guess" for SK. Risk for taking a townie out instead is high unless we can get something solid.
Rae 17 years ago
Sorry it took so long to reply, I had to wait until I got home from work.

I am sorry Temprah but I am not completely convinced on Jet.

From your clues:

The color red - Jet has red hair, but so does Temperance and Angus. Esteban has a red scarf.

The street reference - Jet mentions bodies litering the street. Angus is a street sweeper, it is his job to clear litter from the street. There are street references in your bio as well.

Bottles of water - Jet has a bottle of water. Estaban has Evian water in his bio.

Being Scottish - Jet is from Dunfermline. Angus is from Edinburgh

The stormy grey eyes and the herd are good clues, I will give you that. All together though it is still as much or more of a "guess" than what I am about to offer for the SK.
Den 17 years ago
Pulls up chair, and listens to Rae intently.

Give it to us sister!
pharren 17 years ago
cant decide between nickenstein and carly... a lot of these clues you guys are throwing out are like grasping at straws. wasnt that "wicked grin that was a parody" etc actually flagg? how can you use that as a clue?

the second letter in Hanks name is "A" and its also the second letter in the word "mafia" so therefore Hank must be mafia....?

carly and mcnickenstienenhagen are seeming mighty suspicious to me right now... but also watching how people vote.