Day Three /ooc chat

Lincoln died of a splitting headache....DISCUSS

Den 17 years ago
Care to point out why???
Rae 17 years ago
1. In the first hit, there is mention that only modern medicine could save Vern. It would take someone with an understanding of first aid to know the limitations. That could be a nurse or Cookie "The SK" Maldonado.

~ Cookie has her first aid badge

2. The SK believes that Vern will be a burden if he lives.

~ Cookie got to be a handfull for her parents. Sounds like she was a burden.

3. Vern is given a "Garden grave"

~ Cookie gives her parenta a garden grave

4. Written in the point of view of someone who appears to be a jealous teenager

~ Cookie is 15

5. The second hit the SK talks about making the world better

~ Cookie's bio specifically talks about it being better if children survive becuase they will be better able to survive and make something new. Her bio is the only one that talks about changing the world.

from the second hit:

Yeah, the world –really- needed someone like her.


The world would be better, even if first things had to be a lot worse.

from Cookie's bio:

Kids'll have a better chance of building something new and lasting since we'll adapt better to th'environment forced upon us

6. The only thing I got out of the third hit so far is the constant discription of the apocalypse.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world
WB Yeats, The Second Coming

The apocalypse is also known as the end of the world or the second coming of Christ. Cookie refers to what is going on as the "'pocalypse" and hell on earth.

from Cookie's bio:
Ma and da were always on 'bout th'Pocalypse.


I guess they were right about all those things I shouldn'ta done...'cause I'm still alive, and it's Hell on Earth time.

Cookie is not the only one with medical training of some type. There are nurses.

Cookie is not the only child who burdened her parents. Xrystal is 17 and her parents got divorced because of her.

Cookie is not the only one with flower references. Carly and Dirk do as well.

However, Cookie is the only one who specifically gives her parents a garden grave. She is the only one who talks about how to change the world. And, she is the only one who specifically mentions the apocalypse that I know of.
vwinsect 17 years ago
oooh I am beginning to favor the cookie child. Thanks for all the out of character good wishes for my better health by the way. And is it wierd that I think it is cool that I have people thinking I did it (or did I not... or did I? ummm only my hair dresser knows umm ok yes still lloopy from the migrain meds lol)

handling the ax would be a survival skill too... would the girl scout have that? probably

and would seducing all the ladies give a man a good reason to be near them to kill them later? hmmm could be... though Lanna thinks he's cute too, but too conservative to voice it publically lol

but the scots thing still makes me think that one of our scottish folks is there... that was too clearly pointing that way
pharren 17 years ago
Care to point out why???

behavioral observations!
Jetamio 17 years ago
I think Cookie is suspiscious too. What sorta girl scout carryes a gun and a baseball bat with them?? (that is assuming a Barretta 9mm is a gun...I'm not exactly well aquainted with firearms).

In day 3 SK hit.

It was as though the earth were taking back its own, wiping the memory of human civilization out of existence

In Cookies Bio

since we'll adapt better to th'environment forced upon us. We were like learning about that in biology, how things like adapt to the changes around them.

Links to how the world around them is changing, and survivors adapting.

barreling straight for him

Reference to the barrel of the gun she carries per chance?

A wet choking sound escaped from battered lungs before Dr. Parnell breathed his last.

Baseball bat?

Filling it all in was a lot easier, but it was like there wasn't enough dirt to fill the hole back up, like a bunch blew away. Or ran off during the rain

Theres lots of references to rain, heavy rain even. It would take a significant rainfall to wash enough dirt away to be noticeably short to bury? A bit far fetched yes, but still...

I made some new merit badges for period. Before people can get things running again. The other day I made my Looting merit badge when I had to get food from the market.

Seems a bit obsessive with badges and merits...perhaps she makes them up for each kill, so she can fill that girl scout sash? Looting, well the killer rummaged through a victims belongings in second hit. Putting her "Looting merit badge" to use, even if she didnt want to use her First Aid one...
pharren 17 years ago
im not buying the gun connection because bios were written before roles were assigned


cookie is suspicious for other reasons
Jetamio 17 years ago
Oh! and the swinging of a baseball bat would be a similar motion to an axe being used to sever a head. Similar length of item, simliar leverage.
pharren 17 years ago
i do like the clue in the axe being left where it lie after relieving lincoln of his head. it could either mean the killers are lazy, the killers are brazen and dont care, or (one of) THE KILLER(s) IS A TINY GIRL SCOUT WITH DEATH-SCENTED DEVIL COOKIES.

you decide.
Jetamio 17 years ago
im not buying the gun connection because bios were written before roles were assigned

Erm, everything in bios were written before roles were assigned? Does that invalidate everything?
pharren 17 years ago
if theres a hint that points to something in a bio, then no... but to say you suspect her because she has a gun doesnt make sense, since she had the gun before she knew her role. thats like thinking vulash is the doctor because his character is a doctor, when he made the character before roles were assigned... just doesnt make sense.
Den 17 years ago
:P the 'episodes' are written based on what is in the bios...otherwise the whole game wouldn't work.
pharren 17 years ago
and in which "episode" was somebody killed with a gun?
Den 17 years ago
No one - I believe the clue was relating to 'shooting a wounded horse'.
Tor 17 years ago
I'd also like to add at this point that people are mixing and matching clues (except Rae). If y'all are sold on killing me, at least decide on a role to focus on like she has.

Just be aware that I have a remarkable amount of bio overlap with the two people most vocally accusing me and have been active in providing clues and research up to this point. That said, onto the show. I encourage all of you to do your own research and make sure you are all behind your votes. Here's what I see.

The initial quote from Yeats speaks of anarchy and disorder, but that's a recurring theme on both sets of clues and can most likely be dismissed as setting. Here are the other bits that people haven't touched much on.

Yes, foul weather abounds. Seattle and the surrounding areas in Washington state have the highest average number of days with precipitation in the United States aside from Hawaii and Alaska - tied, incidentally, with a small city in New Hampshire. So...rain is a Seattle theme as well. With the exception of the couple of tourists, rain points to everyone. Fallen trees, rockslides and floods. Returning to the earth. Hurricanes were mentioned in other threads. Forces of nature are mentioned later. Hurricanes are primarily southern and eastern phenomena in the northern hemisphere for another rain tie in. Anyway.

The following are separate issues.

Reflections. Terrible *road* conditions. Failed plans as an ongiong theme. Crow sitting in the bed of a truck.

Cold is repeated twice, but people have already dismissed it. The clue's been mentioned before folks.

Reflections come up twice in this hint. There is exactly one character remaining with a mirror. Carly.

Carly's husband was killed in a car accident.

Failed plans are all over the SK threads and Carly's bio.

Everything else has already been mentioned. Sigh. But feel free to lynch another townie if you'd really like to.
Den 17 years ago
Yes...lay the blame on someone who definitely is a townie. I was just chatting with someone, who had convinced me not to vote for you...*sigh*
Tor 17 years ago
Shrug - I'm dead anyway since no one researches this late. My own fault for posting late.
Den 17 years ago
Fortunate for me, those who've voted already see the real clues, and who they relate to.
Temprah 17 years ago
*sigh* I wonder why I even tried to stick my neck out and point these things out. So easily ignored it would seem. We will be down one more townie tonight i bet, and Jet the mafia girl lives to kill another of us.

now I am reminded why i hated this game *sigh*
Tor 17 years ago
Nononono. Love the game. Just not the order folks die in.
Den 17 years ago
yea...sometimes it really does suck :S