TAC Presents - Fucking Fairies! SIGN UPS


We all love them. Little...fucking cute things. Their colorful wings and their adorable angel like faces. In any case =D The Angry Crayon decided to dedicate our next exchange to those really...cute things but we thought we'd do it up with a twist.

Eye color:
Hair color:
Body type:
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!)

In your bio we'd like to see what kind of world your fairy comes from. Is it a beautiful tea time, frog kissing fairy tale full of pink shit or does your fairy walk the dark side. Yes your fairy can be succubus like - in fact your fairy is anything WITH WINGS and ELF EARS. Mind you we're not doing angels, but these are descended from elves, hobbit pimping, tea leaf smoking elves.

Be creative with your fairy - is it happy, sad, dark or bright? All types of fairies are welcomed - nonsmokers, smokers, gun or just even just wand wielding. Male or female - we want to see them ALL.

Turn in date is FRIDAY MAY 4TH. All day friday, starting from the crack of dawn to Saturday morning. We ask that if you cannot turn in anytime on that friday, you make arrangements with me, the mod, to turn in early.

Email me at [EMAIL="rozbeans@theangrycrayon.com"]rozbeans@theangrycrayon.com[/EMAIL] - if you CANNOT TURN IN ON TIME. If you sign up, we would really appreciate it if you are able to complete by the deadline. Failure to do so will result in banishment from future exchanges. That's 5 weeks - use your time efficiently or at least be courteous and let me know so I can make arrangements to ensure that your person is not empty handed.

patslash 16 years ago
Name: Aires Ladybug
Eyecolor: Emerald green
Haircolor: Red as hellfire muhhahahaa! (ok stop)
Bodytype: Athletic, but curvaceous
Rating: doesn't matter
Bio: Aires, as her name reveals, is a free fae, free as the air where she loves to fly, but she also is very attracted by the forests and their inhabitants, like bugs and butterflies. In fact she has chosen her name herself. She loves adventures, but also daydreaming. She has not yet found a good companion, so she travels searching for adventures, fun and why not, love. Her family is unimportant at the moment.
LacyAnn 16 years ago
Name: Blossom
Eye color: Green/blue
Hair color: Copper Red w/brunette
Body type: average/thin C-cup wide hips hourglass figure
Rating: PG - NC17: hehe not too bad please. id like to have her as a desktop i wont be ashamed to have up around my kids haha

Bio: A good girl turning bad. Well not so much a girl anymore. She is a young fairy but the mother of many. She used to be wild and crazy in her childhood but now shes just the typical worring momma fairy. latly shes been havin a bit of a midlife crisis and going back to her old days of rock n roll dying her wings multicolors. her kids think shes a dork and her hubby thinks shes lost her mind. but thats okay shes still a M(F)ILF!
may add more who knows LMAO

Reference Pic: to be updated
Mistresspoisongirl 16 years ago
Name: Yaaz Tiram
Eyecolor: Black and Red
Haircolor: Silver
Rating: NC-17+++
Body Type: Petite
Bio: Yaaz was born in Bozah, a descret water community. Many fay who were born here, as Yaaz was born into a life of servitude. Never really knowing her family, Yaaz has felt alone all her life. After many years of abuse, Yaaz crossed a threshold within herself and quickly took her life into her own hands. Killing her master while he napped soundly one after noon, his blood seeped inther her skin, marking her forever.
Janthin 16 years ago
Name: Sartinette Sunsylph
Eye color: Noon sky blue
Hair color: Pink
Body type: slender Fae
Rating:PG would fit her best, but no worries

Her backstory is posted HERE


My portrait of her

She's intensely hyper, and is known to be addicted to some kind of pollen which she gathers, and snorts up her nose. It has an 'energizing' effect on her . She is a wizardess of Ro, and loves fire and flames and is quite powerful with them. She loves everybody, but that doesn't seem to help her enemies any. She doesn't find this inconsistent. She has 2 familiars, Melinda, a fae drake (sort of like a small dragon), and Tula, a cat which changes colors, sometimes it is white, sometimes mottled white/brown or white/black, sometimes pure black.
Wystro 16 years ago
Name: Xannu
Eye color: purple
Hair color: black or brown or multi-colored
Body type: slender to very thin
Rating: PG - NC17 ( anything goes)
Bio Not much of a bio, but you are free to pierce or tattoo the shit out of him! Punk, goth, wild hair, billygoats, jumper cables, whatever.
Quelin 16 years ago
Hmm hmm I suppose I SHOULD do an exchange here some time!
Name: Quelin Eye color:
Blue - or any other light color will work if you really feel like it (Hazel, green, purple, lilac, etc)
Hair color: Blond
Body type: Normal esque, I'm open to athletic or curvy
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!) Whee whatever inspires, just please somewhat tasteful in the nudity aspect (if you go that far)

Bio: I am a little shit (I can I say that right :P?). Cute as pie, but can be as mean as junkyard dog if she's in the right snit, or hell just plays a nasty prank on you. Heck if she's all sugary it may be to drown you in it. This is basically a really hyper version of me here!

No smoking for my Q-bee, but if you feel more inspired by a gun toting urban or sci-fi faerie go for it, flowers and sunshine? or moss, dark and mushrooms? sure why not! I'll ride my killer attack squirrel through the forest and get you all!

I'm so not helpful wheeeee!!
Guest 16 years ago
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Crimson
Body type: Slender
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!)
Bio: Trish is one of those fairys with a darker side. She lives in a location that consist of a corrupted government which rules world, where the law is taken with extreme punishment. Trish is in a rebellion which will stop at no cost to win back freedom. Trish most specialized skill are her stealth tatics which she uses when shes on an assination mission. Charming and elegant she leaves her victums with a smile, she'll decide to weather or not her victum will know whats coming or not, and if they'll feel anything.

Tori B 16 years ago
Name: Slill
Eye color: Lavender
Hair color: Platinum Blonde
Body type: Slight, a mere slip of a thing
Rating: PG 13 or Tasteful Nudity, meaning all the naughty bits are covered by hair or wings or mushrooms or flowers
Children follow her.. she flits further and further into the marsh, lighting up like a little glowbug, just far enough ahead of them.. oh.. she'd never hurt them.. it's all in fun, just a bit of mischief, you know. She's the fae who sours the milk, tangles your hair while you sleep lets the cows out. She's sly and clever, cunning and full of pixie pranks.

To see her you must take a long blade of grass and form it into a circle and peer through it. If you're very lucky, you'll catch a quick glimpse of her. Her skin is pale and she has "very" long silky flowing hair. Her wings are mostly transparent with a faint touch of gold and are not of butterfly type. Antennae grow from the top of her head. The rest is up to you. Have fun with her.

Verileah 16 years ago
Name: Milo
Eye color: Yellow-orange, fire-like
Hair color: Dark brown, sticks up twig-like in every direction
Body type: Tall, lean. Slightly equestrian features, but handsome, with a dark complexion and a lithe grace
Rating: PG-PG 13

Milo was a Phouka, quite literally the stuff nightmares were made of, and until two centuries ago he had been doing pretty well for himself, invoking fear in mere mortals with his various frightening visages. And then he’d gone and crossed the wrong woman. Or, more specifically, the wrong banshee.

Her name was Clara, and she was both the saddest and the loveliest sight he’d ever laid eyes on. That didn’t change the facts, of course – that she was a sleeping girl and he was a nasty little creature destined to give her a frightening nightmare – but he thought it noteworthy upon later reflection. He’d slipped into her mind, wrecking havoc in her dreams all night long. It was simply his nature to act in such a fashion – he truly had no ill will toward this stranger whose night he had made very unpleasant indeed.

That it was nothing personal mattered not to Clara.

Oh, how he cursed that moment of hesitation! He’d only wanted to complete his grand finale with a bit of extra flair and had every intention of slipping away just a split second before she woke up, but, alas, he lingered a fatal moment in constructing the thousand foot fall into oblivion. Clara’s eyes snapped open just before he could slip away, and Milo has been trapped in her mind ever since, destined to remain imprisoned until he could find his true form (which, naturally, isn’t as easy as it sounds, as so far it’s been two hundred years and Milo hasn’t had much luck in finding himself).

At first, Clara and Milo devoted all of their energies to making each other as miserable as possible. Clara had complete power over him during the day, but he controlled the night, when she slept, and each used their respective strengths to full advantage. But, as time wore on, an uneasy peace of unspoken agreements settled in to replace their feud; after all, one cannot dwell in another person’s mind without becoming, at the very least, accustomed to it, and in truth both Clara and Milo had grown…comfortable…with each other.

Not, of course, that Milo did not wish to escape with every fiber of his being. But how was he to figure out his true form when he couldn’t remember, in this world where sleeping was waking and waking was sleeping, what it was? For just as he could only access his powers while Clara slept, when she woke he remembered nothing of his own mischief save the scraps of dreams.
Sartori 16 years ago
I'm not a fairy, and I don't even play one on TV, but... here goes.

Name: Tianna
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: White / platinum blonde
Body type: Youthful but feminine and a bit curvaceous
Rating: PG13 verging on R. Sexy without nudity.
Bio: Tianna's kind are mischievous creatures who inhabit a stand of fruit trees at one end of a lush, green, mystical valley. They are small, perhaps a foot or two in height. Their skin, hair and eyes may be almost any color of the rainbow, generally giving a somewhat floral appearance.

It is their attractive, charming and alluring appearance that lures travelers and passers-by to come near. Most are enchanted by these lovely creatures, and come closer to get a better look. Those who do get a good look at them, it is the last thing they ever see.

No one knows quite what happens to these unfortunate souls who get too close. The bodies are usually not found, but when they are, they show no sign of combat or injury. Strangely, most of the bodies (especially the men) have a smile on their faces. The victims have been relieved of any gold, silver or gemstones that might have been on their person, which the fairies re-shape to adorn themselves even more beautifully.

Tianna holds no special place among this society of fairies. She is neither high nor low on whatever social scale they might have. She is youthful but fully grown, having just reached the full blossom of adulthood. She is adventurous, mischievous and eager to experience the pleasures of life.
Beli 16 years ago
Oh, god, fairies. Major kudos for the theme at least, Roz.

Name: Beli
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Body type: Short and fa-aaa-aat.
Rating: R is fine.
Bio: Beli is an overweight grump who loves the honey nectar and doesn't stick her fingers down her throat afterwards unlike some anorexic fairies she knows. She doesn't do anything particularly useful with her time either. (Seriously, I don't care what you do with her. Be as silly or ridicilous as you'd like.)

Sabby 16 years ago
Name: Sabryn (Sabby) Amberwing
Eye color: light light brown (almost amber)
Hair color: Dark Brown / Black
Skin Color: Brown (medium to light)
Body type: Athletic
Rating: Anything is fine with me....
Bio: At a young age she was an outcast amongst other fairies for her striking beauty. Her unusual appearance gained her a lot of unwanted attention, most of it negative. Her skin was a rich shade of brown and her eyes almost an amber yellow... She was also more athletic and thicker in build than all the other thin fairies. Her hair was long and full of curls, tho she tried to keep it tied back and up to hide them, longing to be able to just be herself and not be ridiculed...

She loves all things in nature especially the colors of Autumn~

Sorry for the lack of a good bio, I am so not good at writing them. I'll be adding in my fairy refrence picture soon!
Banbha 16 years ago
Placeholder for me here. I need to get back into doing something besides fiddling around in Poser. I will get something up for a bio here once the kids are back with Daddy after this weekend.
Mai 16 years ago
Signing up

Name: Aillin
Eye color: Very light blue
Hair color:Long, straight white hair.
Body type:Tall and slender
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!)whatever you like
Bio:Aillin has been a character of mine several times. You can do something nature loving and fantasy or something high tech and the like. He's normally an elf but has okay'ed me signing him up for this exchange. He's calm and fairly quiet with an affinity for water.
Rae 16 years ago
Name: Zhanna
Eye color: pale blue
Hair color: black
Body type: slender
Rating: Artist's Choice
Bio: Zhanna used to be a very warm and happy soul. Over time though she began to only be able to see the darkness and sorrow in the world. Zhanna alowed her magic to freeze her heart so that she could never be hurt. Zhanna's heart became so cold that her skin developed a faint bluish tint and everything she touched became frozen. Just as the ice protects, it also preserves. Zhanna's heart waits for someone to melt the ice and show her the light and beauty that exists in the world.
freyals 16 years ago
Name: Illoria Valenthio
Eye color: Very light blue
Hair color: Very long straight black hair
Body type: Small and thin
Rating: PG - NC17 (no G rated shit here on TAC!): lol - whatever you like!

The offspring of a pure albino Snow Drop fairy, and a dark-featured Night Fae, Illoria received the loveliest traits from each of her very different parents. Pure white skin, long black hair, light eyes, dark lips, and beautiful curling wings of a bright transparent red, framed with black. So striking was her beautfy that the evil Goblin King heard stories of her, even though he lived many forests away. He came to see for himself, and realised the rumours to be true. He decided that he would have her, and add her to his harem of rare and beautfiul fairy brides who he kept prisoner in his caves. Illoria heard news of his plan and fled the forest - away from the Goblin King's lands, into the strange dark forests of the north ...
Guest 16 years ago
Name: Lillithan
Eye color:
Hair color: Long,
Body type:
Young woman, curvy
PG - PG13 (would love to use as a background)
Bio: Lillithan, also called Lilly, is a fairy that must feel free. She runs with the local wolf pack and is their gaurdian. She is fiercly loyal and protective of those she loves. She often watches over the pups while the pack hunts, making sure they stay out of mischief.

She tends to blend in with the surrounding forest and her skin has a dark gray tint (much like a drow but not completely).
joannastar 16 years ago
Name: Tasiel
Eye color: Completely Black
Hair color: Black
Body type: Medium/tall, slim
Rating: PG - 13
Bio: Tasi was a human mage, but she was so skilled, so enamoured of magic, and, lets face it, a teeny bit of a show off, that she drew the attention of certain powers and through a series of unclear events she became fae. She still does some human things, and can be quite gregarious, but she often gets lost in dreams, and her real love is flying high in the sky, at dawn and at midday, feeling the air on her wings.
Picture refs: [x] [x] [x]
DawnStar 16 years ago
Name: Alyrra
Eye color: Robin's egg blue
Hair color: Sapphire with silver streaks
Body type: well rounded...but in decent shape
Rating: she's a closet clothing-optional type

Bio: Alyrra has charge of the kitchen around her acorn...doesn't it just figure! To liven things up a bit, she's got a still of sorts where she brews the best meade in several counties...just ask her, she'll tell you. Well, maybe she wouldn't since no one's suppose to know about it! She's pretty much a loner ~ seems no one wants to hang out in the kitchen where they might get put to work.

Her heart is really in the wilds, which is where she prefers to be. When she's able to escape the stove, she heads out into the big wide world where she's been known to take on just about any comers in one-on-one combat...she's pretty handy with that short sword
strapped at her waist and the briarwood staff she carries. After all, a fae's gotta stay in shape somehow!
rixster 16 years ago
Name: Shea
Eye color: Deep Blue
Hair color: Black
Body type: athletic with a touch of curve
Rating: PG - NC17: your pick

Shea's darker nature and her beauty tends to lead her into all sorts of trouble, even for by fae standards.

Shea spends her time traveling, looking for others to join in with her adventures, or just someone to play with.
She likes to skirt along the boundary's of her darker side, but can be a beacon of light and good, if the mood takes her.