April 2007 - TAC Presents Exalted Crayon ---> VERILEAH

So Vex and I were thinking...I know, stunning isn't it? So we were thinking that this summer The Angry Crayon will have been opened for 4 years. Zoinks, huh? We had been discussing doing an artist of month for years now but never got around to implementing it. So this March we buckled down and said, god dang it, we're fucking doing it. Curse words and all.

I've owned and operated TAC with Vex's help since June of 2003. We've had many members come and go, come and stay, come and wreck havoc but none so prolific, so creative, so compassionate as Verileah and she is TAC's very first Exalted Crayon.

I've known Verileah since EQ and she has always been one of the most kindest, funniest, smartest and hilarious members of both TAC and its sister site Sanguine Afflictions. Verileah singlehandedly turned TAC into not just an artist message board but an all encompassing powerhouse of fucking fun and literature. Verileah graced us with The Mafia and has personally run over half if not damn near 90 percent of all games played here on TAC. She is our book club moderator and is always trying to come up with ways to educate us goobers with her enlightening book and music reviews. She creates a comfortable and fun place for book lovers as well as artists to come to. It is our sincere pleasure to have her as an exalted member and part of TAC Staff.

Along with her many accomplishments on TAC, she is also co-creator of www.SanguineAffliction.com One day I got a hair up my butt and made a second forum which eventually became a completely original (well original enough hehe) vampire world. She tirelessly works to maintain her presence as a Staff member as well as personally written many of the technological smart stuff for both our Vampire and Werewolf species. She talks pretty, in other words. =D

Despite all this, Verileah is just a good person, as are all our members, but she is also someone I am very fortunate to call a friend. She is kind to strangers, compassionate to idiots and tolerates a shit load more than I do. I know I can say that we are all better people for having known her.

Thank you for everything you do, Billie. Yer the bestest.

[10:53] Billie: seriously, I'm teary eyed and shit. It's crazy *laughs*
[10:54] ROzBeans: kat and i were talking and finally said let's fucking do this already.
[10:54] ROzBeans: we were talking out the particulars of what we could do to showcase the choices and I said, 'I think billie should be first.' and she immediately replied, 'You read my mind.'
[10:54] ROzBeans: you do so SO much for the board billie. I am grateful beyond words.
[10:55] ROzBeans: For both TAC and SA, without you none of what they both are today would have ever happened.
[10:55] Billie: *laughs* It's funny, I always wish I could be doing more
[10:55] ROzBeans: you do anymore and i'd give the board to you lol

Vex 15 years ago
Here's my efforts dedicated to Billie

You do an amazing job around TAC and SA. I'm very grateful

ROzbeans 15 years ago
I wrote the pretty words!!! Vex did do an amazing job trying to capture your love of books and magical presence. We all love ya billie =)
Sartori 15 years ago
Whooo, congrats Verileah!
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
wtg Billie!!! perfect choice guys!!!
Slovman 15 years ago
Congratulations to Verileah, and a great idea for a feature!
Sabby 15 years ago
Wow, huge gratz to you! Definitely a great choice for the first exalted crayon!! *dances*
pharren 15 years ago
I know I can say that we are all better people for having known her.

so very very (veri?) true.

ive known verileah and her husband since i started playing EQ in 2002. fozzik was one of the first people to treat me with respect in that new guild, which really meant a lot to me at the time, and still does. when his wife verileah started playing shortly after, i immediately became friends with her. how could you not? shes smart, funny, compassionate.. all the things mae listed above. she is one of the few people i feel i can tell *anything*, no matter how crazy it may seem to me, without fear. she is an excellent listener, and her intelligence and creativity makes her a great sounding board for ideas - any ideas - from art to philosophy to relationships.

veri is one of those on my small list of people i met on the internet that i actually care about, and have influenced my life in a positive way.

thanks for always being there, and thanks for being awesome. you deserve this award and more. you are truly an amazing person.
Lessa 15 years ago
Lunna 15 years ago
Congratulations Verileah!
Geeii 15 years ago
You are so awesome babe. Congrats!

P.S. Vex and Roz...you guys rock too
Verileah 15 years ago
Goodness *blush*. Wow, thank you so much. The portrait is lovely and…wow, for being so prolific I’m sort of speechless right now.

I came to TAC because I liked to screw around with screenshot manips and Pharren said I should visit and look at the sigs Mae does. So I visited, registered, and said hi. Everyone was nice and friendly and polite, but being a shy person I quickly retired to lurking.

And then I browsed through the other boards and discovered the Hate. (For those of you who don’t know, TAC at one point hosted a forum for our EverQuest server – a place people could vent their frustrations outside of game.) It was quite fascinating to me, because I just assumed people at the high end game were –forced- to get along by virtue of having to work out spawn sharing rotations. I was quickly proven quite wrong and exposed to a crazy world of competition and rivalry.

My first reaction was to log into game and send Pharren a tell. “What kind of place are you –leading- me to!” But of course I got sucked in – there was something infectious about the atmosphere, the personalities, the release of such vibrant expression in all its forms, from art to just saying FUCK THIS GAME, and FUCK YOU TOO at the top of your lungs. I think that underlying attitude of total freedom of expression has endured even as the board has evolved. And while I haven’t been here from the very beginning, I have had the privilege of seeing the board grow and change quite a bit in the 3+ years I’ve been here. Though my personal interests certainly have their seasons, their rises and their falls, TAC has remained my home through them all – there is just something about this board that persists, no matter what’s happening this week.

Thank you, everyone – Staff, members, newbies (*bite*…sorry, I can’t help myself). I’m proud of this community – proud to be here, proud to crash on Roz’s couch and call it home. I worry sometimes that (as will happen with family) you guys see the worst of me more often than you get to see the best. When I’m trying to finish a piece and it’s not right and I’m tearing my hair out, or when I’m all tuckered out after a mafia game. When I’m just not having a good day, or I’m so into something I can hardly focus. Maybe my penchant for biting the new people doesn’t help either . To my regret, I think I tend to post more when I’m agitated and internalize my positive side. So, let me go on record now and say that I love running Mafia games. It’s something I’m actually quite passionate about, in spite of anything I might say while a game is going on. It’s wonderful and exhausting and I’m pretty tired and punchdrunk by the end of it. I’d like to think that you guys see some of the good stuff too, though, and oftentimes the things I’m too inhibited to post anywhere else. The crazy, the cursing, the smut, the silly, the criminally violent – y’all have seen it all at one point or another. I think you’ve especially seen the overthinking,

I’ve spent a fair amount of time, lately, contemplating what my niche is, both in terms of TAC and in terms of life. And you know what? In the immortal words of The Lady Chablis, “Two tears in a bucket, mother fuck it.” I’m Verileah, and I’m a motherfucking TACer.

Thank you all, very much.
Verileah 15 years ago
Okay, I was sort of trying to play it cool there but then I read all the replies that happened while I was typing this and...*cryiing* *HUGS EVERYONE*...I'm officially a gibbering mess. Now I really am speechless.
Eve 15 years ago
So cool! Grats Veri You have never been anything but sweet, well least that I've ever seen
Adiene 15 years ago
hehe you're so silly-cute! <3
*hugs* Grats to you !
Jetamio 15 years ago
Laschae 15 years ago
Trakhina 15 years ago
Congrats, Veri!
vwinsect 15 years ago
Merreck 15 years ago
Congrats to you!
Wystro 15 years ago
Congratulations, Oh Exalted Crayon!