EEP! Credit Sources !!!one1

I'm not gonna come down on y'all like the wrath of fucking khan or anything, but if y'all could be so kind as to credit any reference sources, backgrounds or brushes that require crediting by the artist please?

Cool!! Thank you!!! le

Eve 17 years ago
Didn't know if you wanted the turn in thread all cluttered or not. Mine are listed at my gallery and DA like always
ROzbeans 17 years ago
With poser that's more of a courtesy really, I would think.
patslash 17 years ago
this time is so proud to say everything's mine, mine, MINE!!
Verileah 17 years ago
It really would be cool to hear about everyone's process . Maybe we can share credits/methods in this thread?

For the desktop, I pulled from a lot of different references. proved to have several wonderful stock photos of a girl and harp, and between the four or five of them I came up with a sketch. That got scanned in, drawn over, fiddled with. Once I got the figure in I decided it was time to set up the layout, so I picked out what I thought was an appropriate poem and screwed around with type, borders, etc.

After that I thought it was ready for CC, so I circulated it around and got some great feed back. I made some improvements on the figure and then felt more comfortable moving forward. I tweaked a set of brushes I'd made a few months ago for the linework and spent some time on the details, picking a few things to focus on. The speckling on the wings and dress are the result of patterns. I did a little bit of shading but kept that part simple in favor of focusing on shape and line - for this I wanted sort of a Japanese print kind of vibe, which I thought would be a nice twist for a Celtic Fairy. Then I angsted over it for a little bit, then called it done.

For the sig and av I used pictures of me as a I'm not gun link 'em :X. Ended up redrawing most of the harp, though I borrowed a few elements from the desktop. Same basic style of linework, but this time I used some slight gradients instead of blocks of color for shading. Same process otherwise. Had a great time doing this (I said 'fucking fairy' -a lot-, and who doesn't like that.) Thanks Roz for hosting the exchange!
Merreck 17 years ago
That reminds me... pose reference added to my turn in post.

But, here it is again:
Lessa 17 years ago
For Adiene's Jinx:

I used Daz Cyclorama
Avre ( I actually looked through all the Aikos on rendo before choosing her lol, she had the most attitude *nod*)
BATlab's PVC gear dress from Rendo
freebie tree frog from Daz
Motif's textures for the BAT dress
freebie bud vase from Daz
Mitsu hair.. i think
Faery Wngs Deluxe ( Daz)

When we started doing the signups I spent alot of time reading over each person's bio. I didnt know who I would end up with and wanted to be able to picture each so I would have an idea just incase I got that one.. Jinx was one of my favorites.. I liked her story and the mood of it, I thought it might be something I could pull off. However doing something for someone whos so awesomely talented is intimidating hehe.

The end picture wasnt anything like what I had first planned.. I was frustrated withmyself for not being able to come up with anything at first.. and then decided I wanted a frog in it.. after that.. and choosing her outfit it all just came together. I still see where I could improve on it.. but I was unable to go back and change things around after I downloaded the update to Daz Studio.. the image kept crashing.. and i really didnt want to start over.. so there we are

I actually made a second image.. where she had turned the frog into a man.. Roz has seen it hehe. I didnt like the spell effects I made.. Wasnt sure I liked it so never completed it.
Eve 17 years ago
Mine started with putting that lil guy in I don't know how many different outfits, changing the colors a lot, then I found the background I wanted to use. Worked on it a bit, and decided how I wanted to put him in, had him surrounded by a variety of animals but in the end chose the turtle for his mount. Decided making him cross eyed staring up at the bug would be cute. Finally got those lil plant guys and thought they'd be cute in the background so rendered them up and got them set back there. Went looking for fairy brushes and found the dragonflies too and decided I liked them more for this one. After that, was just a matter of tweaking and playing in post

Credits: P7 & PSCS2
Hiro/Hitoro with MotY texture from ART Collab; pants, one necklace, and boots freebies from Adzan; arm straps from Dragon tamer and Fortune Hunter necklace at Daz; long necklace from Dixie outfit for Aiko; hair is the free mohawk from Arki at RDNA and the bangs from the Elf Dance hair expansion and heavenly hair brushes; wings are a freebie from HocusPocus; background by Deadhead; dragonfly brushes by Raptura; Mushroom man and plant man from Daz; turtle and june bug from CP; DNA rock
Beli 17 years ago
Good idea!

Normally I google a phrase and just look at resulting pictures for ideas. Obviously typing in "fucking fairy" wasn't gonna get me anything less than X-rated so I waded through a lot of cutesy stuff with just plain old "fairy" until this one picture caught my eye. I really liked how you could see the underwear peeking out from the skirt in that pose so I sketched out my interpretation, repositioning a few parts to make her look more aggressive.

The hardest part of it all was coming up with tribal tattoos to put on her arms and wings. I looked through so many of them online and was sorely tempted to just copy a design that was available, but I had four weeks to work on this. I could make my own if I just waited until I was in the mood for it, y'know? After getting familiar with all the tribal stuff I saw, I just started doodling and flowing lines here and there and eventually I got something that I liked well enough to ink. After I inked it in photoshop, I broke it up and used the rotate/distort tool to make it fit in the shape of a fairy wing.

The portrait didn't have a reference since I drew a regular face and added features from there. I remember looking at it and wondering what would happen if her hair actually flowed like a tribal tattoo, as if someone was about to ink a face on a customer's arm. I promptly erased all the hair I had put on her and started adding lines that curved this way and zagged that way. If you look at the sketch, you can tell that I did an enormous amount of erasing while I worked on it!

Finally ... backgrounds. Ugh. I hate them with a passion. I really, really do because I am just that lazy. In the past, I used to take a photograph and just filter the crap out of it so it was unrecognizable as a photo. The whole reason why I started drawing was so it'd all be 100% my work so that meant I had to suck it up and the background still had to be my own work. I merely took the tribal design that I made for the wings and did the rotate/distort thing to stretch it out over the background. I also used the pen tool to draw in large shapes such as a fake castle or a small crown and would fill that in as a solid color. Those shapes were subjected to filters and distort tools until it all came together the way it did. I ended up surprising myself which is why I'm not kidding when I say each piece is a journey. (This was my first background idea and I was just going to have her shadow looming on the wall behind her and kill the dead space with huge text about the exchange and her character name.)

Hopefully this explains my thought process a little better. I really do take the whole four weeks to work on a project! I don't work on it every day, of course, but when I come back to it after putting it down for a few days, I always see ways to improve it and have the energy to commit to whatever idea pops in my head at the time. Sometimes I just sit there and have it open in the background all day and nothing ever happens. That's OK, too!
Mai 17 years ago
I agree with you on not wanting to do backgrounds, Beli. I hates them!!! They are nice to have and all but not my favorite thing in the world to do.

My initial sketch was done while watching House or something of that nature. I didn't want to put in more than a suggestion of how the hair was going to go so that I had plenty of room to play with it. I also didn't remember what Tori had written exactly so you'll notice a distinct baring of the boobs in the sketch that was slightly covered in the final version. Sketch

I started colouring it in, shading the skin a bit first and then moving on to the hair. Colour Pencil

Then I added pen lines and hid the pencil. Colour Pen

I worked on the hair, and worked on the hair...and worked on the hair some more. I still wasn't happy with it. Hair Shading

So then I ditched photoshop for Illustrator and started over from the original sketch. I IM'd a friend for advice and he suggested that the hair should turn up at the ends in the other direction. First Vector

From there I mucked around with it until I started running out of days to work on it. Which saw me finishing up things Friday morning. I'd probably still be working on it otherwise.
joannastar 17 years ago
For bgs for my art, I find myself taking photos of the sky the entire time. (I got some really funny looks when I was doing it at a wedding last weekend! But I digress...)

I've put full credits in my descriptions on dA, here (and here)
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
well, first i thought i was gonna have kittens. i'm with Lessa - the thought of doing up something for someone as talented as Sabby freaked me out!

I spent a couple of days looking for the rights bits and pieces and thinking about the way the bio had been written. What I really liked about the bio was how she tried to hide her beauty and was a bit ashamed of it. So i wanted to make her as pretty as I could, but put her in a setting that had her trying to hide it. When i tripped over the mushrooms I got the idea of her dancing in a faery ring - thinking that she would try to use the magic to blend in better with the other faeries and not be so different. Ironically though, as she's trying to invoke that magic, she actually started to look like she was celebrating her beauty, without really realizing it. the lighting started giving me fits at that point and after rendering it about 50 times trying to get the lighting to work, i came up with the idea of using different lighting on the background and ended up with 3 renders layered, each with diffferent lighting. i was trying for a moonlight throught the trees thing. also played with it in postwork, which was alot of fun.

the problem at that point though was that you couldn't see her loverly amber eyes, so i decided to do a second image that would highlight the autumny colors and her pretty eyes. my sister complained at that point that she was wearing undies. *rolls eyes* note, i didn't chage that!

overall, this was alot of fun to do!!
Lunna 17 years ago
I’ve been meaning to ad to this thread with a little WIP. I started looking for a reference the second I found out I got Sangre for my fairy. I found this photo raiding my hubby’s old box of Playboys. I liked the over the shoulder look and it sort of fit the “running from her past” background story. Plus… she’s got a NICE ass.

Sketch -- NSFW - bewbies and booty -- Sangre’s reference pic on the left. Mine on the right and the image started in the middle.

Here are the wings I used for reference.
They were the part I was most afraid of so I started there first. I got into a groove early on and really enjoyed working on those. They are still my favorite part.

Wings in progress

Mostly finished

The Fairy
Working on the face and outfit sketch added

The outfit was inspired by

More WIP


I used three brushes on the background.
One is a backdrop brush, one for the mushroom, and another for the grass.

Now that it’s out of my hands I see a couple of little things I want to change. Isn’t that the way it always goes though?