May 2007 - TAC Presents Exalted Crayon ---> MAI!!!

So yes, I realize we're a little late. =x You could also say that we're late in giving tribute to another upstanding, evil...I mean lovely contributor to the site. Mai's been a member of TAC since...shoot, since I can remember. She was one of the few that came over initially from SMMO and has been with us as a productive artist, an amazing Staff member and most recently as one of our veteran Mafia players and Co-Moderators. In the past several years, she has graced us with her charm, diplomacy, wit and steadfast love for TAC.

She has co-written several Mafia's along with Verileah and has brought excitement and excellently written drama, action and sneaky twists. It is always a pleasure and a thrill to be a part of one of her games. She even won a game, herself!

Mai is also Co-Creator and Staff at our sister site and was instrumental in creating the vast differences between our clans and packs. Her previous Role Playing knowledge was beneficial to the completion of SA and for that we are forever in her debt. Not only in its creation but its continuity has Mai excelled in keeping SA afloat and a thrill to read. She rp's not one but 3 major Elder/Leader roles on SA (right, 3...did I lose count?!).

On a personal note, when Mai and I met, we were both, in fact, Mae's; one of at least 4 that we knew of over at SMMO. She made our 'Mae 4 the Win!' buttons and we had a matching sig that had 'Good Mae, Bad Mae' but I think it was undecided who was which. I had the pleasure to finally meet her face to face in Atlanta back in February of this year, but the stinker won't let me post any pictures! She was absolutely beautiful and omg had the coolest nails! - and it was a sincere delight to finally meet the Mai behind the avatar.

She is the bestest, she is the coolest, she is THE Mae...ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you The Angry Crayon's May 2007 Exalted Crayon - Mai.

We love you, Mai! le

ROzbeans 16 years ago
Mai I did want to apologize for the delay of presenting you with this month's Exalted Crayon - but you know with the exchange finishing, Vex going on vacation and my crummy chicken burger incident, things just got a little crazy.

The banner was created by our very own, very lovely Verileah. It's your stoat! I actually had to look that up!! /giggle Vex is working on your portrait and will hopefully be able to present it next week after she returns from...where ever she went to. I forget
Tor 16 years ago
Maibomb 4tw! Woot!
Verileah 16 years ago
*cheers* Yay for Mai! Thank you for everything you've done for the communities from day one onward, and here's to keeping a good run going . Gratz on the golden crayon of goodness! We are all very lucky to have you here.

Hope the stoat is not too 'cute'...figured you were prolly getting tired of my character portraits so I did Mai's other form instead :X.
Rae 16 years ago
Yay Mai! I would say I knew you were all special and stuff, but I might be a bit partial. Congrats! I know how hard you work at everything you do.
Wystro 16 years ago
*showers adoration on Mai*

Lessa 16 years ago
Congrats Mai!
Vex 16 years ago
big grats mai, and i'm so sorry for not having your big portrait done! I meant to start it last month but well, it went by really fast. moving and all that crap had the last few weeks all nuts, and then i had to go outta town to visit the bf's parents. I'm half done with it and hopefully by this weekend it'll be done.!
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
Woot!!! Oh congrats!!!!
Slovman 16 years ago
Congratulations! It sounds like you very much earned the honor!
Eve 16 years ago
Gratz Miss Mai!
Merreck 16 years ago
Congrats Mai!
Beli 16 years ago
Congrats, Mai!
lemmy101 16 years ago
Huzzah! Congratulations Mai!!! You're like, completely totally fab and lovely to boot!
Adiene 16 years ago
tamaelia 16 years ago
Weeeee How exciting !!! Congrats Mai, you have truly earned exalted status, enjoy all the luvins! *hugs*
Onimi 16 years ago
awe congrats to you!!!
Mai 16 years ago
Awwww, you guys are all so sweet! *sniffs* I love being here on TAC and SA. I've met so many people who've become wonderful friends. When I first came to TAC from SMMO it was so fresh and new that I found it difficult not to get sucked into the discussions. Once I was hooked on the place and the people then it was hard not to get involved. Thankfully Mae asked me to help with Sanguine Affliction because I was really excited about the idea of the new roleplay board. Back on TAC, I joined my first mafia game, nearly got lynched the first night, and was hooked thereafter. Running them has its own amusements and there hasn't been a one that I haven't enjoyed helping with and writing for. (Watching the discussions,theories,finger pointing and all the rest while knowing the answers has great appeal as well. People's observations and creative thinking never cease to amaze me each and every game.)

I've really found a home here and couldn't imagine a more interesting, talented, outrageous bunch of people to hang around with.

*hugs everybody*

Thank you all very much!

I'm going to go now and find a tissue.
Mai 16 years ago
Billie, the stoat is adorable! *squishes it* You did a beautiful job. I think Mai, the character, would love it. I know Mai the player does!
Sarah 16 years ago
Congratulations Mai!

You deserve it. Wee! *huggles*
Den 16 years ago
I met Mai via her reputation, before I ever chatted with her with regard to SA, or TAC. She had been a player on another board I rpg'd on, prior to my joining, and I heard all kinds of stories about her characters. Two other people I rpg'd with knew her, and were constantly telling me how well she wrote, and how nice she was. It was this reputation, and subsequent meeting that made my move to SA that much more enjoyable.

She's always been helpful to me, as well as patient, and I really appreciated that then, as I do now.

Hugs hon! And gratz again.