Mike just bought it and I'm using the buddy key. Anyone else playing?

Adiene 17 years ago
I ordered it but my CC people want to be meatheads so still waiting for mine =(
Den 17 years ago
No- I beta tested it just long enough to see it wasn't for me.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
It reminds of me of Dark Age of Camelot - only it doesn't suck.
Keriath 17 years ago
i was in the first beta for it and played up to level 23 or so. Just didn't like the look / way it was all playing out so said screw it and shelfed it.
Wystro 17 years ago
I played beta as well but decided that I would not continue. A bunch of people I know love it, but it really is not for me.
Lessa 17 years ago
I played it, but only for a few hours hehe, the only thing i didnt really care for was the third person camera angle thing.. I dont know if that can be adjusted or not.

One of my good friends loves it, shes even found herself a good Christian guild and is having a blast hehe. Told me I wasnt allowed to use my Fuckin Fairies sig on their boards though *pout*
Wystro 17 years ago
That really is a fucking shame...
Lessa 17 years ago
Eve 17 years ago
Of all the fuckin' noive! *giggle*
Xandare 17 years ago
played the open Beta too... didnt really care for it...
patslash 17 years ago
why couldn you use the sig??
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Probably because of the F word. I hear it's not held in high regard in some places. O_o
Lessa 17 years ago
hehe yeah, Her guild is pretty faithful group of christians.. anything too sexy or things like swearing or whatever prolly wouldnt be recieved well. *grin*

I wonder what they would think of TAC
ROzbeans 17 years ago
lol Probably not much.
Geeii 17 years ago
Meh, played in beta. It is beautiful for sure. And the quests really do make it feel like you are in LOTR...but that's the problem, its so damn slow and combat is so damn mediocre....not for me..
ROzbeans 17 years ago
I dont know, I'm still a lowbie but I just did the 'attack on Archet' quest. The frigging village was on FIRE. How cool is that? For the first time in - god I don't even know - I was excited! I was like 'holy cow - this village is on fire - mike come look!'

'Yes. I know.'

'No really, oh my god it's on fire!'

'Yes, you are in Rohan, I did that.'

'Yeah but come look - it's on friggin fire!'

Mike walks off to the kitchen.

He was thrilled with me, I'm sure.
Vebran 17 years ago
its so damn slow and combat is so damn mediocre....not for me..

Well yeah, it is slow when compared with WoW, compared to EQ 1 at launch this thing is like a frigging rocket.

I'm curious though, what games doesn't have repetitive combat? Or pigeonhole you into, generally, one (at the most two) role(s)?
Vebran 17 years ago
Roz sure loved my choice of name for my Herald of War, Gary.
Masoyama 17 years ago
I was thinking of trying this one out.

What is that Christians Guild Website . name??
Lessa 17 years ago
Heres their link http://eruhini.com/php/

theyre a christian guild but also a roleplay guild.. not sure how they managed to work it all together hehe, though I have yet to read their rp. I do know Sylexis is an awesome RPer