Too many wow accounts being cancelled

I tried to cancel mine.. and got this page

Wystro 17 years ago
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Aint that a bitch? Mike canceled ours too.
Laschae 17 years ago
I cancelled mine a few days ago too. Just not enough time or interest or a computer that runs it properly to lose $15 a month on.
Vex 17 years ago
i quit playing over a month ago, i just never got around to cancelling.

TBC = The burnout crusade. total shit expansion. its like they took eq1's "vt" idea and multipled it by a couple months and infected every inch of the game with it.

Onimi 17 years ago
lol, doh thats funny shit tho. i have to agree with ya game sucks now imo. lol but yet i still play =( sigh someone shoot me!
Laschae 17 years ago
*bang bang* I only got a little ways into the expansion before I gave up. I know alot of my friends quit after it came out. I didn't do any instances or raids before I quit so I dunno if it was repeatative or what the deal was. But no one likes out grind out levels ><
Den 17 years ago
huh - I guess maybe because I haven't been playing that long, and because this is my first MMORPG game ever, and because I hadn't even made 60 by the time TBC was released...I still enjoy it. I've been 70 for a few weeks now, and still find a lot to do with that main charrie, as well as my newer, lower level alts. Ideally my guild would group more to do instances, but since I really enjoy soloing, I have learned to work around that.

I've also tried out LOTR, and City of Heroes, and did not like them at all. So, until I find something I like better, I'll probably keep playing WOW for some time to come.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
This is where we all sit back and sigh, remembering how fun EQ was back in the day.

FyreGarnett 17 years ago
i have a hard enough time finding time to play EQ2 - I don't dare try another game. WoW just seems too big to me.... too many peeps and all play it.
Temprah 17 years ago
This is where we all sit back and sigh, remembering how fun EQ was back in the day.


amen sistah!!!!


We cancelled our WoW accounts recently too and have been puttering around in CoH/CoV. Dunno what we're gonna do long term-ish. Mainly killing time until we can try Conan I think.
Darsa 17 years ago
Hubby tried LOTRO... didn't even make it thru the free 30 days before saying he didn't think it would be right for him.

I miss the old EQ, big time. I've tried quitting a couple times and ended up coming back hoping for some of the same ol' thing, but there's not much of anything left...

Kelefane 17 years ago
EQ1 is still great fun and alive and well =P
Rikr 17 years ago
Nothings recaptured that initial immersion that EQ gave me. I remember killing kobolds thinking how great the game was. Pre-Bazaar in Kelethin selling stuff at the bank. Equipping my warrior with 2 centi short swords, (I think that's what they were called) thinking I was the shit. The good ole days.
Starry 17 years ago
I just picked up WoW again, but Im on a new server - playing some alts - and gonna transfer my 60 druid at some point.

And since raiding its a goal anytime soon, I figure I can prolly get enough content enjoyment and not get tired of it - plenty of time for them to fix everything.
Beli 17 years ago
My WoW account is only active because we were given free play for one year as gifts over Christmas. My pregnancy has killed whatever desire I've had for gaming in general. I've been playing WoW too long and needed a break from it anyway. (I do this in every MMO I play so it's not anything specific with WoW. Just a familiar pattern I go through every other year.) I'll log back on for Children's Week when they have the neat pets coming out! I'm getting the bird hatching out of an egg -- sooo cute.
Artemis 17 years ago
I wanted to get into Guild Wars - but its a PC only game..... and i'm getting a MAC soon by my future hubby lol.....
so that does that one...

i need a new toy...

i've run out of bandwidth and am on dial up speed soooo no WoW this month..... sucks....
i just want my druid to reach 40....
Starry 17 years ago
I almost picked up Guild Wars as well, but there are 3 and it was more than just getting The Burning Crusade and a few months of play.

Even tho I would have liked a game that I can play in short bursts ^-^. WoW is still fun to me, but man will it eat the time.
Artemis 17 years ago
looks like i might hit Ever Quest...... but which one.. 1 or 2?.... and do you need 1 to run the 2? dont ya hate it when they do expansions or whatever?
Starry 17 years ago
From what I hear, Everquest pretty much has versions that include all the expansions.

For Everquest 1: Anniversary Edition
The original game + all current expansions. I think.

For Everquest 2: Im not finding a all in one. But if you go to the everquest2 website, theres a 10 day trial for EQ2 - and you can play a Fae!
Darsa 17 years ago
Cooommmme toooo EQ1..... you know you wanna!!

(And nope, you don't need EQ1 to run EQ2)