Max = #1 Dog's name. Max = #1 Cat's name.

Whither 'Spot'? Whither 'Puff'?

Posted by Bill Hageman at 2:45 p.m. CDT.
For the fifth year in a row, the most popular dog and cat name in the United States is Max.
This disappointing news comes from Veterinary Pet Insurance, which analyzed its 450,000 insured clients and came up with lists of the top 10 dog and cat names.
The top 10 dog names:
1. Max
2. Molly
3. Buddy
4. Bella
5. Lucy
6. Maggie
7. Daisy
8. Jake
9. Bailey
10. Rocky
And for cats:
1. Max.
2. Chloe
3. Lucy
4. Tigger
5. Tiger
6. Smokey
7. Oliver
8. Bella
9. Sophie
10. Princess

Notice there aren't a lot of real dog or cat names on the lists. Maggie? Molly? Oliver? Sounds like someone taking attendance at preschool. Whatever happened to real pet names, like Butterball, Whiskers, White Fang or Black Tooth?
No. We get Max.
Carol McConnell, vice president and chief veterinary officer for VPI, says Max continues to be popular, ". . . largely due to the fact that it is monosyllabic and simple for people and pets to remember, yet easy to distinguish from common commands. Plus, it’s a fitting name for an active, energetic pet.”
That's her opinion.
So, before we slip further into this monosyllabic society, we have to ask: What's the best name you've ever given one of your pets?

What have your animals' names been?

We had a dog we named Esmerelda - Ezme for short.

Our cats have been Discus (orange like a shotput but we decided that would be a bad idea), Zeus (often very regal), Toby (came with the name) and Jerry (came with the name.)

Our gerbils have been Harry Potter (he had a lightning bolt mark on his head!) Gerry, Patch (white and brown patches), Ivory (she was ivory colored, really!), Ebony (jet black), and I honestly don't remember the names of the other 37-some.

I don't remember our snake or hermit crab names, but my brother's hamster was Hampton.

Sarah 16 years ago
Growing up I had Joy, the doberman, Scooter the Maltese, and Spiro the Shelty, we also had a number of cats come and go so I don't remember their names.

We also bred dobermans, but I don't remember any of their names, because I never played with them. Well our stud was called Redman, because he was red, but that's all I can remember.

My kids have had Spot the mouse and Sparky the mouse.
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
we've had dogs named Mr T (doberman), Tess (SharPei), "Z" (Mixed) and Skitters (Mixed)

Cats were Murdock (owned same time as Mr T - serious ATeam thing going on - the fish were Face and Hannibal), Dammit, Kiki, Patches, Tigger, Idgit, and a few others whose names elude me...
Vishanti 16 years ago
My sister's friends had a cat named "The Damn Cat." It apparently made it really convenient. "Have you fed The Damn Cat?" "Let The Damn Cat out, he's in a scratching mood." "Where the hell is The Damn Cat? My clothes smell like piss again."
Calimaryn 16 years ago
Growing up we had a Smokey! He was a huge black Persian/Himilayan mix. Man that cat must have weighed 30 pounds. My sister had a frail white kitty named Casper as a child. After we moved we got lots of kitties but darn if I can remember all their names. The ones that stick out are Mickey, Sidney, and Felix. Felix was an awesome cat, was big, bold and looked like pics of full blood Manx.

Just this year Stevie passed away at the ripe old age of 17. He was my sister's kitty first but I had him 14 years. So she named him. I had a Malaki in California when Angel was little. I rescued a Jordan in North Dakota. And I got Gryphin out of a bucket in Tennessee. Baby is our latest addition from a shelter here in Connecticut.

As for dogs, growing up we had Dusty. Personally I had two Saint Bernard's when Angel was little, Barney and Appolonia (Appy for short). Oh, I briefly had a Great Pyrennes named Chaz in ND. No other dogs though.
Lessa 16 years ago
we had a cat named Max once...

dogs named Beau Zeau , Missy ( short for Mercedes.. my little brother named her) Dixie and Wendy

Cats named Cactus Lil ( caki for short) Derman ( Brother named her..think it was short for something too) Lacey , Big Foot ( he has 7 toes on one foot, 6 on another) Arthur , Milfred and Myrtle... and Little Black Kitty cause she was stray and we werent supposed to keep or name her.. we had her for probably ten years..if not longer. There were others I cant remember.. some were Siamese.. the rest strays turned housecats.
Laire 16 years ago
Growing up (as I have no pets now) I had
1. Cat - Peanuts
2. Dog - Princess
3. Dog - Taffy
4. Cat - Oodley
5. Cat - Bandit
6. Cat - Hamlet
7. Cat - Phantom nicknamed Goofy for her desire as a kitten to bark and to hang from the top of the curtains.
8. Chinese Algea Eater named Seatan (pronounced Satan) cause he was a homicidal maniac towards my other fish that we didn't bother to name.
9. After him was Dinner the i have no idea what breed of fish but he took up the entire tank and splashed me as I would walk past so I told him if he did it again he'd become Dinner.

I don't have any pets anymore though we're planning on getting a beta and a goldfish when we move back into the house once construction is done.
Den 16 years ago
Cats: Snowball, Midnight, Melody, Salem, Fufher, Cujo, Gypsy, Portia
Dogs: Amos, Annette, Lite, Chloe, Katie
Trakhina 16 years ago
Cats: Morris, Suzie, Frisky and currently Madame. Forgot the name of the cat between Suzie and Frisky.

Dogs: 3 generations of Laddie... collie, black lab and recently a sheltie. Yorkie, a yorkshire terrier and Sweet Unus, a retired greyhound. We also had a cocker spaniel but forgot his name.
Lunna 16 years ago
Dogs: Coco (chocolete colored mut) , Buffy (spanial/poodle mix), Lumine - Alaskan Malamute. We had several birds over the years... the two I remember were Chip and Tigger. We had 3 baby squirrels once and named them Alvin, Simmon and Theodore.

My hubby called his cat Shithead...
Den 16 years ago
Oh yea...I had two hamsters...Pixie and Dixie.
Rikr 16 years ago
Max (Short for Maxamillion Von Schnopps or something like that.)

and the current pet Jasmine aka Jazzy

Fishy (named by a then 4.5 year old)

Happy (named by the same 4.5 year old)
Starry 16 years ago

Shadow, Purr, Gambit, Rogue, Gambit the Second, Pandora


Pepper, Buddy (that was an accident, we were looking for a mutant name and he named himself ), Kupo
Adiene 16 years ago
My current kitty is named Kaico (Kay-co) our hampster was named Lucky the stripped hampster.. My daughter had a hand in that one lol

Growing up my mom had a mixed dog named Pug (or puggers) then she passed at 14 and they rescued a German Sheapard named MishMish and now have Tiny a huge lab and Ebony (Satan's sister .. I swear shes feral..)

Grandma's poodle mix was named Ceaser.

My first two kitties were a gold and silver tabby : Tigger & Frisky then adopted my roommates cat when she sold her house, Miss Kitty...

My friend had a dog named DOG (dee, O, gee) .... original ...... =/ lol
Four Winds 16 years ago
My dog when I was growing up was a lovable golden retriever named Champers (after the Champagne coloring of his fur) and a nasty farm cat called Samson.

Now I have a delightful little cat named Honey who wakes me up in the morning by clawing my face or licking my nose.
Sergon 16 years ago




Flaria 16 years ago

My Pets:


Female, Traditional Siamese Cat;
Perdy -
She is my first owning the cat and my parents always taking care of her when it is my job. >.<
I was young at that time like around age 10 I think. I found her by the sidewalks and she started to meowing the neighbor's door. Lol. I begged my mother to have a cat ( teen age when I found her)she would let me have a cat but my father isn't easy keeping cats due to his allegeries not cat's something else I don't remember. He finally accept it and says this is our last cat to keep. I named her Perdy, because she is very pretty cat with cute head and nose and gorgeous blue eyes. My mother helped me named her too.


Jersey Woolly, Doe;
Spirit -
She is my first show rabbit and won three first place ribbons and best of Variety ribbon but really it is supposed to be Best of Breeds, she LOVES to have an attention and the most sweetest rabbit in the world. If you stayed with her for long period of time she will give you kisses for being there for her and showing that she is appreciated your company. Reason why I named her because I love the Spirit movie from Dreamworks. After, I named her she starting to act like one. @_@ I put her on the top of the bed, and I watch her not jumping off the bed or I don't think she would. I observed her and I see her head peeking over the edge of the bed to see the distance. Oh Ho Oh...she is clever little thing..She saw my chair and decided to jump onto the chair from the bed so that she won't hurt herself. Smart isn't she? She loves to explore entire bedroom of mine. Again, I had to put her on top of the bed and I have to leave the room and attend the hallway to see what my mom calling me for and then about few minutes I went back to check on the bed.. Poof she isn't on the bed.. I panicked and looks around on the floor..Because at that time no chair, that's my reason of the panicking. I looked for her and then ta da.. she is on the floor hopping just FINE.. I'm like, "WHEW." So, I picked her up and checked for any cracks on the fragile bones, none are broken. That thing scared the hell out of me. Now, since I'm living in New Jersey.. my parents can't take care after her and told me that they have to give her away to a good good home, I know I have no choice but told them to make sure she is gone to the good... great home. So they did, I did cried because of my memories with her.


Pomeranians, both females at 7 months old;

Whisper - the black color with little of white on the chin and little of white on the back of the hind paws, and last starting to have little of white on the side of the shoulders. Little of white on the end of the tail's fur. She loves to give kisses, her amount of time of kisses are 3 minutes tops. =O She is very sweet and mostly quiet than her sister, Bambi. >_>

Bambi - She is Standard size with Fox like color which it is called Sable. Very verbal than Whisper, she can be affectionate if you know how to treat her. Lmao.

Vixen - She is my first family dog before Lady, the rough collie that my dad used to own but died at cancer. Vixen is short fur Border Collie, blue eye on the right and brown eye on the left, if I remember correctly. She is very old dog, we think we lost her at 4th of July and tried to find her and we assumed that she might be dead by now.

Sarah 16 years ago
Morris seems to be a popular name for kitties for us children of the '80s.
Rainee 16 years ago
Let's see... first dogs I remember were my sister's mutt named Princess, and my mutt named Sam. Then there was my beagle named Cricket, after the way she hopped through the snow as a pup. Then my next adopted stray mutt, Lucy. She had two litters of pups before we got her fixed... they were all named, but heck if I can remember those! My current dog is named Nikki... we didn't name her tho, that was her name when she was adopted.

Cats, first one had was named Inky... he was black, figure that out :P Then the second, which we sadly had to put to sleep just a week ago was named Smokey... he was grey of course. He lived to a few months short of 21 years old.

I had several hamsters as I grew up, one was named Coco, then the last one was Sweetpea (trust me, she was not sweet tho, I had to use gloves to pick her up!). I don't remember what (if) I named my first lizard, but the two green basilisks I got soon after moving in w/ Mylec became Louie and Bitch. Bitch got the name from biting me one day when I picked her up... then she turned out to be a he and we had to give her up for adoption - two males do not get along once mature. Mylec has two map turtles named Franklin (after the one in the kid's books) and Taz. We now have a relatively new tortoise that has yet to get her permenant name, we call her Lil' one atm. His corn snake is named Malakai (reference to Steven King's Children of the Corn movie). My betta is Mr. Fish III (he's my third betta).
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Cats -

Charlie - my cat as a kid
Kramer - long black cat, first cat we had married (aside from Clovis but only had him like 3 days or something)
George - fat black silver tabby, very lovable. gave him away but we regret it till this day
Elaine - 2nd cat we had married, mixed calico, skittish
Sidrah - angry black cat 3rd cat married
Newman - briefly, gave him away, he fought with George and ate too much

Dogs -

Buffy - Mike's dog, sweet cocker spaniel
Shadow - currently have now, silly black lab/husky mix
Asha 16 years ago

Charlie (bitza)
Brohdy (Black & White Border Collie)


Chipper (Canary)


Monty (Persian X) female
Cye (Tabby) male
Neo (Tabby) male
Cody (Tabby) female


Cabernet, Champagne & Moselle