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Thou Shalt Discuss the Kill!

nickenstien 15 years ago
Can somebody help me with this please ?

I am viewing the Battle-School mafia forum, but the oldest thread I can see is the Round-3 voting thread. How do I view older stuff ? (sorry for the n00biness)
pooka 15 years ago
There's a thing near the bottom of the forum view that lets you choose to see posts "from the beginning"
CaptainBinky 15 years ago
How do I view older stuff ? (sorry for the n00biness)

Oh Nick, Nick, Nick... you will make it look worse for yourself won't you?

I was browsing through previous mafia games to try and get an understanding of how people play this game when look what I find in The Stand Mafia's super-secret mafia forum that gets revealed at the end...

Nickenstien playing as Mafia in The Stand Mafia
(also I have tried to play the "I'm new to all of this" card. asking if the rules allow for Carly to kill others in her mafia group to deflect attention. Hehe

You wouldn't be "playing that card" again, would you Nickenstien?

P.S. The thread's here by the way, in case anyone wants to check - scroll down to Nick's first post on that page.
pooka 15 years ago
Why, you little... *chases nick down the block waving cane
nickenstien 15 years ago
What!, NO I am not playing that card again!I geniunly couldn't find the old kill threads!

Thanks for pointing them out pooka

Bloody hell!! This does look really bad doesn't it . I really couldn't find them though

EDIT: Got it now
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
back to the seduction theory - assuming for a just a moment that the mods are following the tenor of the original story, it was a pretty sterile enviroment for that type of thing - in other words, they pretty much ignored gender differences. also, considering that we are dealing with children here and the current views held on anything even remotely having the odor of child porn... well, i think you just have a dirty mind!! (no offense intended - but i just can't see them going in that direction since we are dealing with small kids. if it were a bunch of adults in this situation, or even teenagers maybe, but not preteens and children.)
nickenstien 15 years ago
Something that keeps popping into my mind is the repeated references to Lord of the Flies.

That had a pair of twins in it (Sam and Eric), I just keep wondering if these references have anything to do with the twins in this game.

Gunna do some research on Lord of the Flies I think.


I still cant see this thing you mentioned pooka All I can see is a circle that says "Double click this to mark the whole forum as read"

Edit : Got it now
Blackrabbit 15 years ago
The twins, Sam and Eric (Samneric) if I recall correctly, are the kids who initially tend the fire, and are eventually abducted (?) and forced to join the badguy tribe.
nickenstien 15 years ago
Damn!! I was hoping to look it up on Wiki and find a bit that says "And the serial killer is........Eduardo!" hehe
Blackrabbit 15 years ago
Sorry to rain on your parade. Lemme try again...

The twins, from Lord of the Flies, were the physical manifestations of one child's dual personalities. His name was Eduardo and he was a Very Very Bad Boy.

The End?

nickenstien 15 years ago
I KNEW it hehe
Jetamio 15 years ago
Lol, Stand was my first Mafia game and I won it so being the newbie means nada!

Now, I'm not very good at digging up clues, but there seems to be a theme of 2 running though all the Mafia kills. I'm getting to the stage where I'm thinknig that there is only two mafia, because they know we will not think this and keep over analysing the clues to find more Mafia. Perhaps it is so obvious that we just overlook it, and there really is only two (remaining) Mafia?
Blackrabbit 15 years ago
I'm pretty certain there have been just two mafia left for the last two kills.

I think we off-ed Domo correctly, and I think perhaps the SK might have taken one out, but am not 100% there. If there was a 5th Mafia floating around they might have been taken out somehow too, but the last two Mafia hits have pretty much implied the 2 people standing thing.
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
which simply begs the question - who the hell are they??? LOL

(and Jet - you came THIS CLOSE to losing the Stand. I told Vwin I was innocent, damitall!!!! and the two of us were first timers, too!!)
MEC 15 years ago
I definitely think that there are only two mafia left, I couldn't see any other way around it in the latest hit. I do see the connections between the cleaning product and Splaz, I'll have to comb it over for more clues though.
pooka 15 years ago
So no one else thinks pharren was Mafia?
pooka 15 years ago
I'm just re reading stuff, and maybe pharren was the Sherriff.
nickenstien 15 years ago
I agree myself about Cleaning products linking to me. This is actualy the first that I have read and thought, SHIT!!!! THATS LOOKS LIKE IT WAS ME!!!!!

In face of things like "lock pick" and "air lock" both have the word LOCK in them, I have seen nothing that directly points at me. But Even I can see that the cleaning products thing _does_ link with me.

All I can say in my defense about that, is that there was a WHOLE TON of stuff that pointed at Zeke being S.K, and now it looks like we were wrong about that! (Sorry Zeke, really I am)

So I'm not _too_ worried about 1 good-clue against me, as there was a LOAD of good clues at Zeke, and still looks like we were cleverly fooled by the mods clues to think that (It wasnt just me who went for it! 12 people voted for Zeke, and we have ALL been proven wrong on that vote)
Den 15 years ago
No matter what anyone says...Ezekial IS the serial killer. I don't know who will come forward and say that they are, but the clues point to Ezekial, and anyone else is a mask!!!! I will believe that to my dying day! LOL

Oops...I probably shouldn't have said that so loudly. :S
nickenstien 15 years ago
Well that is exactly it Den!

The clues pointing to Ezekial as the S.K were abundant!!!!! I may have been very loud in proclaiming them, but 12 people were in agreement!

Also, I made points (as many others have) about suspicious behaviour between Zeke and Eduardo before the lynching. And since the lynching all I have seen here is bitching from Eduardo directed at me (no clues, no evidence, nothing constructive, just raw bitching that adds further weight to the possibility of shinnigans between them, that is now gone, not because of _just_ me, but because of the voting of TWELVE people!!!!!!)

ALSO, I reiterate my argument from when he last voted (the pillow suffication death) . He stated that he saw no clue's pointing to Zeke (EVEN THOIUGH TWELVE PEOPLE DID!). But instead chose to vote for me because "Steallth was involved". I have read the kill over and over, no mention of stealth occurs!!! I have publically asked him to explain that motivation for saying this TWICE, and still we see NO ANSWER!!!! Yet we DO see from him continued bitching at me for the death of someone (who he still claims he was _not_ in cahoots with). And that person was lynched because TWELVE people saw very strong clues against them.


SURE, I was _part_ of blaming Zeke, and YES it looks like we were wrong about Zeke being the S.K, but TWELVE people did that!!!!!!!!, So do you blame me, or do you blame the clues ????