Round 4 /OOC

Thou Shalt Discuss the Kill!

nickenstien 15 years ago
Im sure I didn't see that before I started replying. Looking at the times I think you were editing while I was posting.

Does the edit-time shown indicate when you started-editing, or when you finished editing ?

Im gunna have a look for more clues later, right now I have to get back to work
CaptainBinky 15 years ago
The linguistics thing ties into Talia's bio, not Willie's.

There's only really a couple of pointers towards Willie at the moment so far, to be honest.

Having said that, so far in this game it would appear that the more evidence against someone there is, the less chance that we're correct
Den 15 years ago
Unfortunately the ONLY thing I see that ties Talia to the SK is that one linguistic clue, which seems too small. That would mean that there were no other clues in any of the previous kills, and I can't believe that would happen.
nickenstien 15 years ago
Indeed. The Zeke thing especially makes me think that the red-herrings are much stronger and far more damning than the "real" clues.

But pah, that's just my moaning because you lot are gunna be chumped into lynching yet another townie (that's me btw)
CaptainBinky 15 years ago
Hmmm... and when I said Willie has been suspiciously quiet - Good God! He's posted once in round 2 ooc just to say he won't be around until the next day, and then voted in round 2's lynch and round 3's lynch - both times voting with the majority... that is Domo, then Ezekial. He didn't vote at all in the first lynch.

I'm not sure what that means... townie who's not particularly interested in playing, or someone trying to keep a low profile...?
CaptainBinky 15 years ago
Indeed. The Zeke thing especially makes me think that the red-herrings are much stronger and far more damning than the "real" clues.

But pah, that's just my moaning because you lot are gunna be chumped into lynching yet another townie (that's me btw)

Er, not trying to bring this up again, honest, because I am interested in where this Willie thing is going... but...

To say these red-herring damning clues on Zeke... the most damning one was the bible / shepherd reference highlighted in Pulp Fiction. And that was shepherd spelled as in the trade, not how it's spelled in the kill - i.e. "Sheppard".
Blackrabbit 15 years ago
Not defending Tor... he's a sneaky bastard by any standards... but he has a new job and a new guuuuuuuurrrrrrlllfriend in his life, so he has been distracted.

That said, I'm all for lynching the bastard on general principle.

CaptainBinky 15 years ago
Fair enough BR, although that doesn't mean he isn't the S.K of course...
In many ways it makes it more likely that he is...

If he was just a townie, he'd probably have dropped out completely by now since he's clearly not all that bothered about participating any more. And yet he still pops on to vote on the lynch at around about the right time to submit who the serial killer's gonna hit.


And I'm gonna have to leave that thought with you, because it's past my bedtime in England. So sorry Splaz, but there really has been a rather disappointing lack of discussion this round so I have to stick with what I've got. I still think the Willie Cleene possibility has merit, but I can't possibly vote for him on what little there is so far. Maybe this discussion will get interesting closer to the end of voting, but I'm afraid I'm going to miss it if it does
Tor 15 years ago
I'm glad my minimal posting has been noted. Puzzle over it as much as you like. I'll pipe up when I need to. Until then, I'll keep communicating the way I have been. Cheers!
nickenstien 15 years ago
To say these red-herring damning clues on Zeke... the most damning one was the bible / shepherd reference highlighted in Pulp Fiction. And that was shepherd spelled as in the trade, not how it's spelled in the kill - i.e. "Sheppard".

I didn't personally think that one was damming at all.

The ones that I thought were very damming was the title of the kill being "Statiscally speaking" and Zeke bio ending in a little poem about how statiistics and formulas speak to us.

AND the bit in zeke's bio about how he amazed his teachers with his instant pattern recognition abilities, exactly as the pillow-smothering victim was amazed by the killers instant patern recognition abilities.

In my mind, they were the nails in Zeke's coffin, and I was utterly wrong (this is especialy annoying for me as this was MashPotato's first game, and she is a good friend So I feel very bad for knocking her out of the game, and for being so sure of myself as I kept pushing for it).

But that is the nature of the game I guess, the red-herring clues need to be there to keep people guessing And it iooks like Karma is bringing things full circle, as I am about to die horrible, through people getting hoodwinked by red-herrings again! hehe. Whats goes around comes around.

I hope you will all be very happy after you kill me, and no longer have to fear the Serial Killer!! *snigger* (Because the S.K is _Definatly NOT_ Willy!! No way!!! Not a chance!!! No way in hell sir-ee-bob!!! You will all be perfectly safe when I am dead!!!! Thank god for that!!! *chortle*)
nickenstien 15 years ago

I thought I had just found a GREAT clue.

The title of the Kil was Ma'as Salaama, I looked this up and it turns out that Mahas-salama means "goodbye" in Arabic. So I looked through the Bio's and to my utter anoyance the only character from an arabic speaking country was Abay, so it was obviously a reference to her and not her killer, GRRRR!!! Hehe

AHHHHH, Now I get it Just before she is killed the killer ask's “How do you say goodbye?”
nickenstien 15 years ago
OK, I really need to go to bed now.

But before I do, here is my last-ditch effort to _try_ and convince you all of Willie's guilt.

Willie Cleene

Cleanliness and cleaning comes up LOADS in the serial-Kills (I dont need to re-point them out, I't has been mentioned over and over again by many people)


Specialty: Visual geometry and vectoring, pattern recognition, spatial savant

ALL of these skills have been linked in the SK's!!

Visual Geometry and Vectoring: Ties very closely with the flight-simulator where a kill occured.

pattern recognition was a HUGE theme in the Pillow-Smothering-death

In the newest kill, The shelves in the library have been shifted about so that they are _just_ stable enough to appear perfectly normal, and yet they are unstable enough that they can be easily toppled when the serial killer chooses to make his move.

Who could perform such a complicated and intricate deadly-furniture-aranging feat ??? ONLY A SPACIAL SAVANT!!!

With the air-lock kill, the victim is flushed out into SPACE!! Space - Spacial ??

In round 1, Teresa pointed out a clue against Willy about the word "tonelessly" showing up in the first SK kill. This accuratley describes an albino's complexion. She was promptly killed.

There is a route 410 in Washington.

from Willie's bio :


didn't blame the other children for any outbursts that his appearance may catalyze. After all, he was the aberration, not them.

Now this character clearly has extreme low self esteem issues, and looking at the recent kill:


there was no room for ‘self esteem politics’


the fault was within them. It was frustrating, and oh so expected, so typical of those who thought themselves superior.


This school was only as good as its weakest link

Here we have repeated references to personal inferiority complex and low self esteem!!

Also a phrase from the kill:

caught up in the game.

and Willie's bio is the ONLY-ONE (of a surviving character) that makes use of the word game.
This "game" reference also ties in very nicely with the Flight-Simulator Serial-Kill.

In addition to all of this, CaptainBinky raises an very good point about Tor and his suspicious activity during this game. In that, as Tor has a new job and a new girlfriend in real life, _if_ he was merely a townie, surely he would have dropped out of the game by now.

In response to this, Tor stated:

I'll pipe up when I need to

Are we to believe that WHEN HE NEEDS's TO and WHEN SKIDS ARE SKIDS ARE REQUIRED have coincided EVERY-TIME by pure coincidence ??
Check it out for yourselves! he only ever makes any comments here WHEN HE NEEDS TO be around to submit his SK hit.

hehe, anyway, my closing statement:

CHANGE YOUR VOTES FOLKS!!! I personally didn't realise just how much evidence there is for Willie being the SK until I wrote this out. There is HEAPS AND HEAPS OF IT!!!!!

It is a travasty to the game and all of the mods hard-word and dedication, if everybody is willing to simply go-with-the-flow and copy the majority vote, without actualy having a good think about it and reviewing the evidence. PLUS I am innocent!!!!!! I REALLY AM!!!

anyway I need to sleep now (I hope you all see sense and that I am still alive and kicking in the morning! )
nickenstien 15 years ago
In addition to this, If I was so clearly the SK, then how is it that NOBODY has found ANYTHING in the recent Serial-Kill that even remotely points at me ?????

And there is much that points at others (Included the pile of stuff that points at Tor ??)

This is tantamount to you all loudly proclaiming that you don't really care about the clues, you just don't want to be the odd one out!!!!

but since everyone else seems focused on Splaz, I guess thats the way the voting is going tonight.

(Den, I appologise for quoting you there, I am not picking on you or singling you out, or accusing you of anything. I am just using it to help my argument about my distain for the voting practices. You are in fact one of the few people who has the gumption to point it out also)

I reitterate, NOTHING ON ME IN THE KILL!!!! LOTS ON OTHERS!!!, but still you go for me!!! You do all realise that by offing me because you don't want to go against the grain (in the face overwhelming evidence that it was not me), means that in the next round you are all going to be doing this again!!! And hey, IT COULD BE ANY OF YOU that is the focus of the next knee-jerk Witch-Hunt. They won't even needs clues on you! Everybody will just follow the majority again, regardless of what is staring them in the face. Think about it!!
nickenstien 15 years ago
Ohhhh, Times up!!!!!

YOU FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I luagh heartilly at your fate!!!! Get ready for a new Witch-Hunt for the S.K next round! Idiots :P hehe
nickenstien 15 years ago
hehe, thinking about everything that has gone on over the last few days, I am particularly reminded of this piece of classic comedy

It actualy correlates _very_ closely with what has happend here these past few days!

Watch this, and see the parralels between the characters in it, and the happenings in this mafia-game over the last few days!

If you Imagine CaptianBinky&Eduardo as Massingbird&Captain-Darling. (The former being a very good pursuader, the latter being against me all the way)
George+Baldric as me, and Blackadder as my character Splaz (the former being a very poor defender of the latter )
The lovely Pidgeon "Speckled-Jim" that I foolishly got killed, being MashPotato/Zeke
And the Judge representing the rest of you blood-hungry voters

It all ties together buitifully, and it's very funny too (This is my last post here, because you are all about to kill me Happy playing everyone! and GOOD-LUCK! I'm very sad to be leaving you all, I was rather getting into it all! )