How the hell...

Is this chick 3D?

Looks quite realistic...

Temprah 16 years ago
holy CRAP.. yeah that looks very real.
Sabby 16 years ago
Or this...

He is claiming that they are ALL 3D. There is No f-ing way, can't be... impossible.. has to be a photo / 3D ... has to be!
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Holy smokes, that's not mixed at all? Wow.
Temprah 16 years ago
Yeah I would have bet money it was mixed photo/3D. I think the guy does books? If it's painted for realism I'd pay to read tutorials on his techniques.
Eve 16 years ago
I saw one of his and showed Vex one day. It's just way too realistic to be straight 3d. I know for a fact that hair's gotta be real at the very least. I just see too many things that are obvious post work that don't look that great, yet the rest looks -that- real? Don't get me wrong, they look hot and well done. I just don't buy for a second that they are totally 3d with a lil post work. He does indeed have a book out, clicked the link to it on amazon from one of his pics. Says right in the description that he is an air brush artist and combines that with the digital medium to create his "Heavenly Bodies". Reminds me of another guy, on Rosity, who was combining real photos with 3d renders and getting all kinda kudos for his realism. Well duh, it started real!
Den 16 years ago
Something in the faces that scream 3d to me.
Sabby 16 years ago
Right but the rest screams photograph to me.

And on other images he implies it is all 3D work.
Mileron 16 years ago
In his comment thread he posts:
"I try my best to achieve as real an image as possible. My workflow goes through a series of software. From Quidam, poser, maya and Zbrush3 to Vue to Photoshop and Mayapaint. Sometimes ill use particle effects for some sfx."

Maya's a $2k(us) app
MayaPaint seems to be plugins for Maya.

He's using probably over 5 grand in software.
Eve 16 years ago
I don't really care if he's got 10k worth, until I see a straight render with no postwork, preferably in mesh form, I still won't believe that's 100% 3d work
Temprah 16 years ago
well I just assumed there was a LOT of postwork on the pictures to add the realism.. I know the wet shirt has to be painted, right?
SnowDragon 16 years ago
His earlier pieces of work in his gallery looked like they were render but the latest ones look like they were photos.
Lunna 16 years ago
I'm with whoever said the faces look render to me... just not 100% real. Also the hands, renders almost always don't look quite right to me. On that paticular image (the 1st one) the knuckles and fingers look spaced too far apart which is fairly common in 3d. Some of the other stuff looks a little too good tho.
Sabby 16 years ago
Turns out - He is trying to pass off this as 3D when it isn't...

Someone mentioned it looked liked Jelena, so I did a bit of searching... I'd bet if you have a paid membership someplace, you'd get a photo in that exact pose. He rendered some shades and some boobs and blended photo + 3D render. (Which is still art.. I guess, just don't fucking claim that you make these people from scratch.)

Eve 16 years ago
Dude is a fucking joke as far as I'm concerned. What he does, I would have zero problems with, if he's just admit it.
Merreck 16 years ago
Funny how the images on the cover of his book look nothing like the images on his deviantART. [Link] Looking at the images on his dA page I'd say only the faces (and even still only the nose and mouth) are 3D. Everything else looks photo with a noise filter over the skin layer to fake a computer generated - yet realistic look.
the---virus 16 years ago
im pretty sure it's a combination of 3d/real photos...
Especially if you look at the one with the white wet shirt, the face is a bit brighter colour and looks way smoother
Elfykins 16 years ago
I got curious, so I went looking...he used several pics of Jelena Jensen...although he denies it... if you take the pics and layer tem over his, you can clearly see that it's a photomanip of these couple of pictures with some tweaking and filters

Here is what he said when I posted a comment about it being a photomanip of a picture of her on daily babes....


11 hours 44 minutes ago

This is a photograph of Jelena Jensen from DailyBabes with some filters over it"


47 minutes 16 seconds ago

Actually no it's not. Check the photo and check my picture - body is different."



ok so it's a combo of several pics of her ...I found the one that that the pose from the neck down is from too...and if you take them and layer them in photoshop and reduce the transparency of the actual photos, they match up exactly
one I found on daily babes, the other on digital dreamgirls..."

this is the one he used for the neck down..minus the far arm, which he cut out or something
Am pretty sure he used one other pic too, am looking for it...think he used one pic for the neck down, and 2 pics for the face...
Elfykins 16 years ago
oops disregard this one ie being wonky
Sabby 16 years ago
Just for fun~

Vex 16 years ago
so all he does is straighten her up? he has that pic labelled as an airbrushing

i knew he was a fake from the beginning lol. i stare at poser chicks and renders FAR to much to not be able to tell right off the bat.