Once Upon a Crayon - Thank you thread!

Do your squeeing, ooohing, omging, and fainting here!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and to Roz for pulling everything together and making it happen with spam and style *nods*.

tamaelia 16 years ago
Consider me in the "squeeing, ooohing, omging, and fainting" class.

Moonlily, I love the painting! The moreso because I find myself completely intimidated by it every time I have a try at it. And you painted NIGHT !!!!! and it looks like night! I'm in awe

Thankyou so much!
Maeya 16 years ago
Lillaanya, thank you SO much for your beautiful rendition of Aurian It was such a delight to see someone else's take on one of my favorite characters. I love the rich colors you used for her clothing, and the makeup, and I feel like you captured her love of magic perfectly.

Will upload the siggy tonight (late for work atm! O.o) but I"ll be gazing at the desktop all day long at work ^_^

Thank you!
Eve 16 years ago
"I had Eve's Cherry." Wow! I wondered where I lost it! *snickers* Sorry but could not resist Thanks much Laschae, and I'm sorry she gave ya fits. That's definitely something Cherry would wear for sure!
Laschae 16 years ago
I'm glad you like it Silly outfit took me weeks to find! Couldn't find anything for V4 that I liked but had already bought Vexxis assuming I was going to use her lol. Thankfully my boyfriend understand my need to use as much of his money as I need to be creative =D
Vex 16 years ago

So Lessa - did you enjoy the book? she's one of my favorite characters i've read. There's a trilogy-in-1, not sure if thats what you read though, as well as a few other short story collections and small novels.

I love my desktop and my sigs ( they've entered the rotation !! ) - the desktop does fit great. Thank you again! I really hope you like yours.
Lessa 16 years ago
Vex, Mine is awesome thank you,( Im sorry im slow for post, multitasking atm hehe ) I'm thrilled to have one of your pinups!

I did really like the book, I was only able to find the anniversary edition of the first book though, If I ever find the others ill definately be picking them up!

Edit: I managed to mess up the link above your second sig, so click it again hun for the full image
Shaelynn 16 years ago
WOW! Thank you so much, Patslash! I know I picked a hard character to do, but you did an outstanding job! She is just how I would picture her in my mind!

I love it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! *insert squealing here* YAY

Den 16 years ago
Wow - as usual I'm in such awe of the magnificent pics you all do. I do have to say I find the Anita Blake, and Merry Gentry characters my favorites, but then they're the only characters I'm familiar with. Sholto and Anita Blake both look very much like I pictured them

Great job you all
DawnStar 16 years ago
Oh Sangre ~ how could I NOT love her! She turned out even better than I could have hoped...she was a rather strange character to submit but you were more than up to the challenge presented! Thank you thank you thank you!

Ewwww...my keyboard is all drooly...
katlienc 16 years ago
Darsa....I love my Polgara siggie and wallpaper! I am so glad that you loved the series. You really did a great job on Polgara! Seems we got each other, I hope you like what I have done with Titania
LacyAnn 16 years ago
OMG! I swear this is one of the best exchanges! Eveyones work is so fab! Thank you to everyone to joined in I loved just looking at all the diff styles. Its really inspiring to me. and to Eve, girly you outdid yourself. that image ... wow... what else can I say you did fab. the gown... to die for.. lol thank you so much!

my love to you all and hope that your holidays go well. Ill be waiting in the wood work til the next exchange!
Sangre 16 years ago
Love her Kittystavern! She is just how I pictured her! Great job, hon Love it!!!!!

patslash 16 years ago
i'm so glad you liked it shaelynn! it was a challenge but pretty fun to do!
Kittystavern 16 years ago
I know I already told you how much I love her, ShowDragon., but I wanted to let everyone know just how much I love the Anita you came up with. Thank you so much! She's wonderful!
SnowDragon 16 years ago
DarkMusings all I can say is OMG wow. My husband also loves it as well. He loves the books as well. You did an amazing job and the Tat is just omg soooo good. I couldn't have asked for anything better. She is so much better looking then the real book cover. I would love to send the picture that you did of her to the author with your permission. So that it may be put up on her website.

As far as everyone else I am just loving seeing what everyone else came up with. They are all just amazing. Pat you did an awesome job on Claire. I am rereading the series yet again because of this exchange. I am just drooling over everyone's pictures.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the event =D I know with the holidays everyone's been busy running around like chickens so I appreciate everyone. There are a few late turn ins, but I know they're emergency related and I'm sure people are posting after they get off work too. So those of you waiting, thank you for being patient.

I think our next event won't be an exchange but maybe more of a contest with a cash prize and fun goodies. We'll see - I just appreciate all those who sign up and participate. =)
Verileah 16 years ago
Thank you Maeya for the wonderful Hound art! You put in Stranger! How cool . I'm glad to have found another fan of the series, and a Sandor Clegane fan too - The Hound lives!!!! He looks fantastic - you captured his scarred face, his sigil, the helm, everything!
Temprah 16 years ago
Diabolica she looks awesome *bounce* I love how sexy yet tough you got her to look.

And, I'm so glad you're enjoying the book. I'm obsessed with that series right now, just reading them all. The good thing is reading them out of order isn't TOO bad.. since I have been *giggle*
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
OMG!!!! *bowls Tempy over with HUGE huggers!!!*

*ahem* right. decorum. *pfft* screw decorum!!!

She's beautiful!!!!!! And sexy!!! (I wish I could wear an outfit like that!!!)

I wuv my Surreal!!!!! Thank you!!! I can't wait to get my puter hooked up so I can download her and use her!!! WOOT!!!!

To the "hosts"....

This was the hardest challenge to pic a character for - there are just too many favorite books out there to choose from - I had about half a dozen others that I could have used, but I was in the middle of reading these books ofr the 100th time and while Surreal is not one of the main characters, she's a major part of the story and I adore the way she handles herself! Dawnstar was more than a bit peeved when she realized I snagged Surreal first (heeheehee)!!

To the rest -

Awesome artwork everyone! I especially loved Sholto and Jaenelle - I was really looking forward to seeing how "non-human" characters would be handled and you both did an awesome job! All the artwork was great and I can't wait til the next exchange!!
brierlea 16 years ago
Vex, thank you for the picture! How did you do the scar so wonderfully? *hug*