Round 1 - Voting thread

Voting for round 1. Voting will be closed tonight at

12 a.m. EST


Remember that missing the vote is a punishable offense. Will will kill you after the third missed vote.

Don't forget to turn in your SKIDs to both Mai and myself.

Slipnish 16 years ago
ROSA gets my vote as psycho of the day.

Sorry, but the whole, "they had to be close thing" SCREAMS "whisper" to me... Heh.
Merreck 16 years ago
Have to vote early because of work, otherwise I'd think this out a little more.

Cpt. John 'Squirrel Lips' Jessop
Lillaanya 16 years ago
I can't get pas the whole voice thing on this. ROSA
SnowDragon 16 years ago
I am going to have to agree with Lil and Slipnish on this one. Rosa the voice and the slit throat just screams out to me.
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
BWAAAAARK! Polly wanna cracker! Captain Cristo! BWAAAAAAARK!
Guest 16 years ago
William Cleene
He my not have done it, but it will be one less pirate hunter on the open sea.

I fear that Cristo is protesting too much and must change my vote
lemmy101 16 years ago
Captain Cristo. I still don't buy Rosa as SK. I may live to regret it but hell, I really don't see it.
nickenstien 16 years ago
Captain Cristo.

Based on his sole defense being that he is related to mods.
Darsa 16 years ago
I also vote for

Captain Cristo

Verileah 16 years ago
*grumbles* I hate bandwagons! It honestly just happens to be that I believe Captain Cristo is guilty, and so do a lot of other people. *feels bad* sorry Vudu!
Mike 16 years ago
I reject your band wagon and substitue something absolutly absurd and not so logical

Santiago Ortiz
Four Winds 16 years ago
I just don't buy Captain Cristo or Rosa as being the Serial Killer.

My doubloons are on Rowing Boat Silver, or the scheming Captain and his Parrot.

After further consideration I think a certain feathered fiend needs to be dealt with.

I say Dominic the Parrot needs to be roasted.
Vudu 16 years ago
Parrot Dominic How else is the parchment getting in the quarters of Bart Westcott
Laire 16 years ago
Parrot Dominic on the grounds that a parrot could sneak in and plant things without being seen. I'd also peg him for being the distraction to enable the quiet disposal of the crew by distracting them so they don't see what hits them from behind.
Den 16 years ago
Captain Monte Cristo
MEC 16 years ago
Colonel James O'Connor - "I believe that removing this Parrot, Dominic, may be the answer to our current predicament."
Hiejinx 16 years ago
Knock Dominic off BWAARK!
Tor 16 years ago
Ugh, no round one ties please.

Dominic, you'd better be a bad guy. =x
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
oh lovely. i slip in to vote and there's a tie going on. *grumble*

i hate first round voting. there's just too many guilty parties floating around out there.

one coin toss later... Cristo

(Tor votes at the same time - keeping the tie going!!! LOL)
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Monte Cristo