Round 2 - Vote Thread

Voting ends tonight 3/3 at 12 a.m. EST

Slipnish 16 years ago

Guilty as sin.
lemmy101 16 years ago
Solomon Caine
Merreck 16 years ago
I'm probably way off, but...

Trepidation Morose it is.
Laha 16 years ago
I have to go with my guy here and that mean accusing Captain Nova Piestewa!

MashPotato 16 years ago
Yes, it's based on assumptions of familiarity, but...
Cesare Bontempe
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
BWAAAARK! Based on assumptions! Based on assumptions! Captain Jack Blackwater!BWAAAAARK!
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Well... I'm not saying I'm right, but it'd be hypocritical of me to point a finger and then not stick to my guns, so I am sorry if you're being wrongfully accused Hiejinx, but Captain Bontempe seems to fit the bill so far.
Darsa 16 years ago
I'm putting my booty on Trepidation Morose as well. I had headed off in another direction, but was brought around to this way of thinkin'... seems to fit!
Hiejinx 16 years ago
LOL, you'll owe me an apology BlackRabbit for sure and for certain.

However, from my last OOC post I do believe you are trying to pass the dynamite or buck or doubloon or better yet the rum!

By the damn 3 thumps on the barrel I think it is either you or Squirrel Lips so let me return the favor and go for Nola the Dwead Pwirate Wabbit

that last post in the OOC made good sense; changing vote to Trepidation Morose although I'm sure Nola is guilty of something LOL
Lillaanya 16 years ago
Trepidation Morose
SnowDragon 16 years ago
Trepidation Morose
Mike 16 years ago
Its all assumptions though isn't it?

Cesare Bontempe
Jinheim 16 years ago
Trepidation Morose
nickenstien 16 years ago
I also have to follow my gut instinct, and this has lead me to vote for Santiago Ortiz.

For these four reasons - The Sloop, the Tramp, the deceptive (confidence trickster style) theifving, and the physical ability.
Laire 16 years ago
Assumptions based on Sloop, protective of men (hmm possibly chauvenistic?), knowledge of coves and hiding places (I'm banking on he would probably know about hiding a body in a barrel) and it seems from his profile he's developed the ability to blend in. (Maybe I'm misinterpreting)

I say Cesare (Cuirasse) Bontemp
Verileah 16 years ago
Trepidation Morose

Looks good on paper, but I guess only time will tell if we were right :\. A lot of things look good on paper and turn out to be wrong .
MEC 16 years ago
Colonel James O'Connor - "The foul abomination know as...Squirrel Lips...has run to long from his death that should have occurred many years ago. He needs now to finally embrace the undertaker, before he decides to yet again send one of us to it's chilling embrace."
Guest 16 years ago
Trepidation Morose
Tor 16 years ago
Cesare Bontemp
Den 16 years ago
Cesare Bontempe