Kiss of Winter TURN INS! (Opens December 31st)

Thank you again for participating in The Angry Crayon's very last event for 2008 - Kiss of Winter, Winter Solstice! Feel free to turn in your art anytime from midnight 12/30 to the evening of 1/1/2009 and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

ROzbeans 15 years ago

(Due to personal injury for a family member, Lunna had to opt out early in the event. The injured member is doing fine, she just had to take care of hims! This piece is presented to Adiene from Lunna, made by me.)

Wystro 15 years ago
I had Tamaelia! I hope you enjoy your gifts, Sweetheart!

The avatar may change because my mind keeps changing =)

This is for Roz. Granted, I had the same idea as everyone else, but the image of Haytee looking out at the Aurora with all of her mixed emotions was too good to pass up. This one is a little more sketchy and me-ish.

Sabby 15 years ago
I had Temp, I am sorry I couldn't include your pet or that you are not in chain... =-x I just couldn't get either to work. Really hope you have had a great holiday and that you enjoy your gifts as much as I enjoyed making them!



Also, a Desktop and a Print Quality one:
Shaelynn 15 years ago
I had




I hope you like and enjoy! Happy New Year!!!

If the desktop is sized all wrong, let me know and I will fix it!

Lessa 15 years ago
I had Den!
hope you like them hun.

I actually did two cause I had so much fun with it.

And a bonus for Miss Haytee:

Lillaanya 15 years ago
To Kels!!

Girl is a mix of Bambi and Katya, Dress is RT Redemption, Psyche Jewels by chexm1x, Erinna hair with my textures, background by didi_mc
freyals 15 years ago
From Freyals to Roz - Haytee.
Hope you like her ^^

Jetamio 15 years ago
To Eve I decided to do her as an SK cos I couldn't find anything monkish enough to me lol. Oh and you must have one hugeass screen! I couldn't stretch it big enough without it being pixelly

And a sig

Kels 15 years ago
This is for Lillaanya ~the pretty rainbow fairy Aleena! I'm sorry I missed the memo tha a signature was required too and I'll work on that in the morning (This is my first exchange!) I hope you like her, she was fun to play with and I hope I captured your idea for her!

McAfee2000 15 years ago
I was fortunate enough to get Darsa and her wonderful character.
I hope she likes her Mammoth Hunter version of Darsa.

Desktop version -

Desktop 800x600 version -

A signature version -

Lastly a Deviant ID version

Oh and a small 1200x1024 version

I hope she likes my little presents
Eve 15 years ago
I had Jet! Had a ball with this one Hopefully you can see here rapier and sword okay. I was gonna try and make them more icy but it just wasn't working so they got some magical sparklies instead

I also did a pic for miss Haytee, with a bit more sci-fi twist for my angle

Den 15 years ago
Merroda, for Lessa

Kethaera 15 years ago
Oh my god, you people are good!

I had Lorelei's Cillainea. I didn't have any pictures to go by and I'm not a WoW player, so I hope I got close enough. I also didn't realize we were supposed to do sigs too, so I had to add one last minute! Meep!

Let's see...the character is done in DAZ Studio, the background in Bryce, composition and the like in GIMP. If you want specifics on anything I used, feel free to ask me...tomorrow. I'm brain dead right now!
Sabby 15 years ago
Another for Roz...

I know its not much but wanted you to have something from me as well. *hugs*

MoonLily 15 years ago
A little birdie gave me... Diabolica aka Shaelynn's Daniela the Ice Maiden

Adiene 15 years ago
I had Lunna Hope all is well

then a quick thank you for Roz even tho I screwed up on her =x Just pretend hehe She was greener I swears >(

Happy New years!
tamaelia 15 years ago
I'm so late, please accept my apology Wystro!

I had nearly finished something extra to go along with my artworks but I find it hard to work on arty stuff when I have both my kids AND husband home so meh. I will post the story after I get it done.

Here's the piccys:

There is a story that goes with the desktop, and it is nearly finished. Then the picture will make much more sense. I will post it as soon as it is all done.

*hugs Wystro*

Edit to add my little story:


Bzzzzzzccchooooooooommm … the continuous droning hiss of a myriad of electrical devices permeated every surface and space of the small cabin. Wystro yawned wearily and stretched against the frame of the bunk. Stroking the soft ears of his travel companion, Bijou, he stared with distant eyes at the frost that flickered and hazed around the porthole which framed the jet sky outside. Norrath was so far away now. The vast space that separated him from the dazzling marble colonnades of Felwithe’s grand walks spread like an aching chasm that tore at his proud elven heart. Yet not even a flutter of pain played on his pale countenance; eyes cooler than blue diamonds gave no hint at his grief, his loss.>>
Bijou batted playfully at Wystro’s fingertips, purring into his palm as he petted her dark, mottled fur. Pulling his eyes from the strange sky he smiled at the feline. Wystro replayed the past day in his mind; the heated debate in the Council, Niola Impholder’s persed lips as she read the parchment, the unspoken questions that flashed across the faces of the Magicians’ of the Council. Wystro frowned and rubbed his temples briefly, wanting to forget his uncharacteristic and angry outburst at their dowdy, tired, restrictive attitudes. But this was Felwithe; cold, stony, rigid, proper. He felt suddenly conspicuous, the impeccable silk robe and exquisite brocade tunic seemed to scream against the marble and oak of the City. He had been barely able to restrain the burgeoning magic that crackled in tune with his temper as he spun on fantastically well-crafted heel and stormed from the room. Wystro released the breath he realized he had been holding; had it really been so fast, so final?>>
He unfolded his tall frame from inside the bunk that seemed to only just contain him and stretched out cramped limbs. He looked out the window again and scanned the inky dark for a hint of his destination. Earth she had said it was called. A blue planet. Not at all like her home, nor his, but for different reasons.>>
She had said Invernae once gleamed like a giant pearl against a velvet shroud. Now caught forever in the icy grasp of Winter, a ghostly nebula swirled about its shadowy countenance as if to signal the death of the once noble planet. She had said its frigid heart had withered after the exodus, it had felt the loss of its inhabitants and grieved itself away. He identified with that sad, mournful place. His own endless winter had begun the moment he left Felwithe’s festooned gates. >>
He had seen the eerie glow decend into the leafy heart of Faydark Forest; he followed the beacon and entered the unworldly craft that winked and hummed, a promise of passage to a new world of no magic and no tradition was quietly accepted. Only a brief sojourn to collect his most precious possessions and a travel companion and he was back in the strangely soothing, reassuring company of his host, Haytee. She had guided him to his cabin, simple and small with a desk that held books about Earth; its history and customs. He touched the cover of one; it seemed to be a journal and recognized it was a calendar. Flicking it open at the tasseled bookmark, he saw a day had been highlighted with the words “Arrive – Earth” and beside the date it read Winter Solstice. Haytee caught his eye briefly and smiled, knowing the poignancy of the date and what it symbolized and left him to sift through the flurry of thoughts and washes of emotion that swept over him. >>
Haytee had left the doorway, giving him the quiet solitude he needed to absorb the moment. Wystro picked up the quill that lay on the desk and wrote in the journal. One less day till summer…>>


So, I hope its not too kitsch or fluffy for you. Its just once I had this story of Wystro meeting Haytee and how they both end up going to Earth for different reasons, I couldn't shake it and ended up with no snow to show for in my picture. But its a winter of the heart, if you will. A desolace before the warm days of summer return and entice the life back.

I talk too much!
SnowDragon 15 years ago
I had the wonderful Freya....
I made 2 Desktops I had so much fun with your character.



First Desktop

Second Desktop This one I wanted to do where she lost her first love
Shaelynn 15 years ago
I have another giftie to turn in! This one is for Roz!

My interpretation of your Haytee - *hugs*