Lets fire this up again - BOTB players of their class in Solro/BB history (Everquest)

My choices personally.......and this isnt being biased in anyway what-so-ever...throwing out some oldschool names as well as some newer names. These are the best players that ive personally seen played from said class:

Necromancer: Pharren, Keriath, Nizdazen, Sindaael
Rogue: Mizen, Moonglumm, Vehn, Neptalli, Livtoride, Outright
Shadowknight: Xanathol, Kravn, Grimknot 1.0, Veyron, Myself
Paladin: Lumadwen, Zephros, Xanithor (both versions), Aergon, Raredar
Mage: Tado, Mojca, Keahi, Samtan
Wizard: Aazadien, Backlashed
Cleric: Laurelinia, Angellixia, Audri, Maelarya, Outosec, Cygnan, Terasers, Frogdorr, Bluepill
Druid: Greywood, Banbin, Kazdrina, Runyan, Wildeagle
Shaman: Karubi, Imotepp, Vulash
Warrior: Girthan, Oguryn, Krassus, Veyah, Malric, Kinidian, Dima, Tornasu, Trueda
Berserker: Anhilator
Bard: Anulien, Cronicsong, Elvaiz, Mylec
Beastlord: Dragonfangs, Renon, Discordant
Monk: Kewar, Bananorn, Kajok, Zdicho
Ranger: Sergon, Danse, Teadadar, Arthegorn, Yagher
Enchanter: Darkconclusion, Aamilya, Jehanum, Obo, Vittal

Are my choices!

Give me that roster and no guild ever would touch it.

ROzbeans 14 years ago
Kelefane 14 years ago
Was Miralyssa really a good Shadowknight in game?

btw, I posted my list on my guild board and I hurt some feelings and I had to lol
Kelefane 14 years ago

Enora (Jenbobo's wife) was actually a great Enchanter!
pharren 14 years ago
Oh yeah, and Amileah was a good cleric. I thought Synistor was a good SK, but that was when I first started raiding and pretty much had no idea. I was just hella impressed by him soloing in SRT.
Kelefane 14 years ago
I know Veyron had a lot of hate, not many liked him. He was a loot whore and an agro whore

But thing is, Veyron was an excellent Shadowknight. I learned as much from him as I did from Grimknot. Two totally different styles etc and I padded my game after both.

Veyron was soloing things and doing things that at the time, I thought impossible. Soloing that shrink wand camp way back then in the Deep was an impressive feat and Veyron somehow did it.
Vex 14 years ago
lol spioctor.

i talk to him all the time. so weird to think of him as spioctor though. o.o been AGES since i connected the two.
pharren 14 years ago
Maso's pork chop comment, lmao. I know there's a screenshot of that somewhere. Didn't that have something to do with a supposed relationship between Linna and Spioctor?
Kelefane 14 years ago
What is Spioctor doing these days?
Vulash 14 years ago
Brushing his teeth
ROzbeans 14 years ago

karnah 14 years ago
Angellixia? I dont even remember that name. Seriously though. Meddiki and Terasers never paid full attention, they were always slow starting the CH loop. Everyone who I've seen mentioned played 1 character. I played 3 consistently, and during raids half the time. I 3boxed 3 clerics flawlessly for solo CH loops while nuking on them also. I'm sorry but the only cleric who really stood on my level was Sekai. I'm not talking gear im talking skill.

edit yes I know sekai was a bard, I don't remember his box clerics name
pharren 14 years ago
Angellixia was in some euro guild, I think. She was fucking amazing, for real, amazing, in groups at least. We'd be roaming through Muramite Proving Grounds and aggro a bunch of shit and somehow survive and at the end, I'd be sort of slack-jawed staring in amazement, and she'd be all "tee hee". Very disconcerting, actually. Her boyfriend was Darkfirez, some euro ranger. Seems he was always aggroing some extra shit. I can't remember the name of the guild, but I think it's the guild Dima went to.

Karnah, you can't make the list, because you were constantly being hated on by catty pregnant/nursing/PMSing clerics in the healer channel. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (or insulted, or looked at funny, or aggrivated in any other way). Their vengeance reaches across the eons to strike at you here, and now.

karnah 14 years ago
Lol well put Pharren
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Karnah, you can't make the list, because you were constantly being hated on by catty pregnant/nursing/PMSing clerics in the healer channel. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (or insulted, or looked at funny, or aggrivated in any other way). Their vengeance reaches across the eons to strike at you here, and now.


Sadly, I barely remember Karnah. Sorry dude. Or chick.
karnah 14 years ago
That's sad I guess I didn't leave as much of an impression as I thought. What ever happened to sol ro's rage anyway? Anyone remember that day I sac'd Xani 2.0 down to lvl 51?
pharren 14 years ago
Roz, you were one of the clerics constantly hating on Karnah. I'm not saying he was always innocent, but I remember a few times where clerics were just jumping all over his shit for no reason whatsoever. I can't remember who else was always on his case... Alanaya, maybe. Or some other cleric whose name started with an A. I think this was back when Krassus was guild leader, the first time we made it to PoTime.

It's hard to keep everything straight. We made it to PoTime, some people quit, we recruited and backflagged (I think this is when Kelefane, Greywood, Verileah, Keriath, and some others joined), made it back to PoTime, and then the whole BoR thing happened. I thought Karnah was in that first PoTime period, but maybe I'm wrong. I mainly remember his photograph because it came as such a shock the first time I saw it. In fact, I think I saw it here recently...
pharren 14 years ago
KAPOW! There it is: http://www.triadica.us/pix/karnah.jpg


He just looks like such an unlikely target for the sheer amount of anger directed at him by his fellow clerics.
pharren 14 years ago
I'm sorry to turn this thread into a "remember when", but remember when, the first time we made it to PoTime under Krassus, when the zone was so bugged (I believe this was due to the release of GoD and the switch to DX9 or DX8 or whatever it was back then, which cause major collision problems like gnomes being unable to climb the steps to the castle in PoFire, and people getting stuck on each other), we made it to p4 and maybe even had beaten Saryrn, when some cleric(s) mounted (during VZ? TZ?) and fell through the floor and died, causing a wipe? I honestly think that was a huge contributor to the downfall of Triadica.
karnah 14 years ago
Yea, I was part of the first Triadica PoTime group, I was there for the first kill of Saryrn, Tallon Zek and whatever was the other of the first 3. When Krassus quit and Sergon tried to take over, half the guild left, and Sindaeel invited me to Magna Charta. People hated on me alot because I was pretty arrogant, and Krassus always invited me to small group stuff. Like farming GoD with Brotzi, Karubi, Zimmy, and Galidor. Or 3manning Vex Thal with Graznoth/Archid. I maintained a solo CH loop for over 2 hours to 3 man DXXT using Karnah and 2 other clerics that Krassus gave me the info to, that's how I got my Dark Mace of Thought. Edit that was a little confusing, we were all 2-3boxing so, 3 men and 8 or 9 chars.

Anyone else remember Krassus making modo /shout "Krassus has the most delicious penis"? LOL
karnah 14 years ago
BTW pharren, that enchanter of Mira's was my character, I gave it to him when I quit. He must have changed the name again though, because the name was Llanwyllenn when I gave her to him.