Lets fire this up again - BOTB players of their class in Solro/BB history (Everquest)

My choices personally.......and this isnt being biased in anyway what-so-ever...throwing out some oldschool names as well as some newer names. These are the best players that ive personally seen played from said class:

Necromancer: Pharren, Keriath, Nizdazen, Sindaael
Rogue: Mizen, Moonglumm, Vehn, Neptalli, Livtoride, Outright
Shadowknight: Xanathol, Kravn, Grimknot 1.0, Veyron, Myself
Paladin: Lumadwen, Zephros, Xanithor (both versions), Aergon, Raredar
Mage: Tado, Mojca, Keahi, Samtan
Wizard: Aazadien, Backlashed
Cleric: Laurelinia, Angellixia, Audri, Maelarya, Outosec, Cygnan, Terasers, Frogdorr, Bluepill
Druid: Greywood, Banbin, Kazdrina, Runyan, Wildeagle
Shaman: Karubi, Imotepp, Vulash
Warrior: Girthan, Oguryn, Krassus, Veyah, Malric, Kinidian, Dima, Tornasu, Trueda
Berserker: Anhilator
Bard: Anulien, Cronicsong, Elvaiz, Mylec
Beastlord: Dragonfangs, Renon, Discordant
Monk: Kewar, Bananorn, Kajok, Zdicho
Ranger: Sergon, Danse, Teadadar, Arthegorn, Yagher
Enchanter: Darkconclusion, Aamilya, Jehanum, Obo, Vittal

Are my choices!

Give me that roster and no guild ever would touch it.

ROzbeans 15 years ago
Cleric: Meddiki. That's it. Game over.
Verileah 15 years ago
Don't forget Jinheim for Shaman.
Darsa 15 years ago
Shaman: Karubi and Vulash (There are no other Shaman omg!)

I am thoroughly insulted!! Hmph!!!

Mizen 15 years ago
Necro - Bruuce(originial), Sindaael, Pharren
Bard - Mylec, Pry
Rogue - Myself, Corboy, Gylius, Outright
Mage - Samtan, Mojca, Zimmy
Shaman - Jinheim (no one else is close IMO), Imotepp, Karubi, Bubajuka
Warrior - Krassus, Brotzi, Dima, Girthan
Wizard - Aazadien, Yamdarr
Druid - Runyan, Wildeagle, Banbin
Shadowknights - Kelefane, Xanathol, Graznoth
Paladin - non nipple licker Xanithor, Spioctor
Ranger - Razzi, Kacarrotto, Teadadar
Cleric - Gwarmodo, Mae, Frogdorr
Enchanter - Schill, Annubisx
Beastlord - Discordant, Dragonfangs, Renon
Monk - Zdicho, Kewar, Blazyn
Berserker - Swampfunk, Anhilator
tamaelia 15 years ago
LOL Corboy used to rock my socks in sw.rogue.sekritchannel. Funniest doofus ever esp when he was giving shit to Dalnoth.
Darsa 15 years ago
I am the best cheerleader in EQ, hands down, no contest. I suck at raids but can cheer and jump around excitedly with the best of them. Of course playing a character with gigantic boobs helps too...
ROzbeans 15 years ago

I enjoyed raiding in Triad - probably the only time in the 6 years I played that I was serious about being a cleric. I think that was mostly because a few of us were united against Yindarye and we wanted to always out do her. =x Definitely the only time I tried to lead the cleric channel with Terasers lol.
Kelefane 15 years ago
I enjoyed Triadica as well. Its where I learned how to raid and made a ton of good friends there that will remain friends forever.


My best time playing and raiding in EQ was in Age of Tyranny - Hands down, no contest. The AoT times were the best times I had in EQ.
tamaelia 15 years ago
Kele, do you know my brother Atraxas from the SK channel/boards? He and Ugla are probably CT's best SK's, always felt safe as a rogue when I had either of them on the other side of the mob to me. I like SK tanks.
Kelefane 15 years ago
Ive heard of both of them yeah.
Meddiki 15 years ago
Thanks Roz!! When we fired on all cyclinders we keep old Krass alive through some shit!

Won't be another game like EQ, from those dam orc shaman in everfrost to the nakied CR in Seb and the drama in the triad cleric channel!
Vulash 15 years ago
Honestly I probably don't deserve to be on that list

I would say Medivh (I think I butchered the spelling?) was the best shaman on sol ro, but there were some other great ones spread out that many people didn't know about.
karnah 14 years ago
Old thread, I know, but I'm a little insulted my name never came up. lol
pharren 14 years ago
There were lots of good clerics out there, but come on, Angellixia was some sort of robot, or alien, or secret government experimental superbeing. It's hard to compete against that.
Kelefane 14 years ago
I revised my original list some. By the way, some of you Solro people may laugh at me, but maybe Pharren can back me - Trueda has turned into an awesome EQ Warrior. He is very very talented and he could easily be the MT for an end game guild. So I had to add him.

That roster would be #1 guild serverwide and I bet not many here would refute that, lol
jixt 14 years ago
Some of the best people that Ive had the chance to be along side with are...

Necromancer: Yoge
Rogue: Dikthaf, Gylius, Dirkkin
Shadowknight: Masoyama, Kelefane
Paladin: Wardance (RIP), Spioctor
Mage: Zimmy
Wizard: Thrakk
Cleric: Meddiki, Hakammer, Mae
Druid: Runyan, Toppil, and Caitlinn (Mae), Rydun
Shaman: Jinheim, Stuurgh
Warrior: Krassus, Khamodo, Tarkas
Berserker: n/a
Bard: Demortui, Mylec, Yodelroy, Vebran
Beastlord: n/a
Monk: Zdicho, Mogor, Myself lol, Ssorn, Ronnin
Ranger: Sergon, Klonakilty
Enchanter: Kreeden
pharren 14 years ago
Jesus, man, you have a great memory. Thrakk, I forgot all about him. I'm with you on that choice. Most wizards I've encountered are pretty horrible, but I seem to remember him being pretty amazing.

Re: Hakammer - which one? -_-
pharren 14 years ago
Oh, Pecerbus was a damn good wizard too, but he was not on our server for very long. He actually ended up in Harbinger/Undecided on Azjol-Nerub out of sheer chance, playing a lock.
Vulash 14 years ago
Nastile deserves a mention for enchanter - I've never seen anyone match her, and she did it with shit gear
pharren 14 years ago
Who was that one BoR enchanter whose name started with an S that was hated on so much, with a druid wife/girlfriend? He was awesome. And that one chanter from Triadica who owned solusekro.com or something like that, Ganza?