Lets fire this up again - BOTB players of their class in Solro/BB history (Everquest)

My choices personally.......and this isnt being biased in anyway what-so-ever...throwing out some oldschool names as well as some newer names. These are the best players that ive personally seen played from said class:

Necromancer: Pharren, Keriath, Nizdazen, Sindaael
Rogue: Mizen, Moonglumm, Vehn, Neptalli, Livtoride, Outright
Shadowknight: Xanathol, Kravn, Grimknot 1.0, Veyron, Myself
Paladin: Lumadwen, Zephros, Xanithor (both versions), Aergon, Raredar
Mage: Tado, Mojca, Keahi, Samtan
Wizard: Aazadien, Backlashed
Cleric: Laurelinia, Angellixia, Audri, Maelarya, Outosec, Cygnan, Terasers, Frogdorr, Bluepill
Druid: Greywood, Banbin, Kazdrina, Runyan, Wildeagle
Shaman: Karubi, Imotepp, Vulash
Warrior: Girthan, Oguryn, Krassus, Veyah, Malric, Kinidian, Dima, Tornasu, Trueda
Berserker: Anhilator
Bard: Anulien, Cronicsong, Elvaiz, Mylec
Beastlord: Dragonfangs, Renon, Discordant
Monk: Kewar, Bananorn, Kajok, Zdicho
Ranger: Sergon, Danse, Teadadar, Arthegorn, Yagher
Enchanter: Darkconclusion, Aamilya, Jehanum, Obo, Vittal

Are my choices!

Give me that roster and no guild ever would touch it.

Kelefane 13 years ago

Who was Jixt in AoT?
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Jixt is Toppil's younger brother - back from Union in like...2001 and helped formed Triadica with Toppil, if I recall correctly. I remember him and his brother asking me to think of a good name for a guild and I think they already had Triadica, but I said something like Brotherhood of blah blah. Glad they went with Triad. Played a monk too, which Toppil powerlvled to like 50 in 24 hours in lavastorm. Really nice guy.
Kelefane 13 years ago
I dont remember a toon in AoT named Jixt.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
If Toppil was there, so was Jixt. I honestly don't remember.
Krassus 13 years ago
They were before your time Kele. They were like 12 years old back then, Im actually still gaming with them both and Jixxt's wife even.

Dont know if it helps but they were like Mae said union and also hung out with Rydun who was Mae's in game husband. (kidding !)
ROzbeans 13 years ago
BLERGH. Who was the weird kid though. I forget, Rydun or Runyan?
Kelefane 13 years ago
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Yeah runyan - man he froot loops.
Gongaa 13 years ago
Yeah runyan - man he froot loops.

Do I know a Runyan other than Runyan??
pharren 13 years ago
No. He played Runyan (surprise!) and Bazum and I don't know who else. Kelefane knows!
Gongaa 13 years ago
Baz / Runyan isn't froot loops! He's dood loops.

Also, I never realized that spool spelled backwards is loops.
Miralyssa Viamorte 12 years ago
Was Miralyssa really a good Shadowknight in game?

Sebastionleo 12 years ago
Just noticed this thread, I feel like I was a pretty good rogue

EDIT: Guess I noticed it 2 years ago and still nobody said anything about me.