FtLoS- You're soooo STEAMY! aka you rock, thanks, and what have you

Post your thanks and stuffs here! I just wanna say thank you to everyone who has participated in this event. We had a HUGE turn out! Some of you got in the spirit doing all kinda teaser pics before assignments were even sent out. I love seeing that! So from both Lessa and myself, thank you all so much

Shaelynn 14 years ago
Wow! Laschae! You totally have blown me away! I love all the pictures - they're gorgeous! All the pretties, all mine!! (I think this may even make up for the time I got stiffed on artwork at an old exchange on another board, hehe)

I really love them, thanks so much!
Lillaanya 14 years ago
OMG so pretty! I honestly think this has got to be one of the best exchange pics I have ever recieved. I really love her! Thank you so much Janet!

/runs off to use new sig and kick poser to render faster
Laschae 14 years ago
LOL I'm glad you like them Lynn there's about 40 odd renders of me trying to get ir right haha I wanted to make sure it was extra special for you.
Faeini 14 years ago
Thank you so much McAfee!! i love what you did with issy she looks like shes ready to kick ass! : and much love to eve and lessa for such a fun event that once again got me out of my box!
Nianya 14 years ago
Thank you Shaelynn!! I actually saw it first on DA before I checked TAC. LOL I love her so much!!
Mai 14 years ago
Thank you, TwilightFenix! I think you did a great job. I especially love her expression and cute goggles. Makes me want to go out and make more engineering things! She looks properly cute and slightly annoyed all at the same time. Obviously the new spy dragonfly bot is giving her some trouble! >_< hehe 2
Jetamio 14 years ago
Thank you Faeni! She's awesome, just how I imagined! Thank you so much! <3
Laschae 14 years ago
Thank you Lil great job on her Everyone did a great job!!!
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Thank you tons, Sara! Hope you're feeling better soon =D /hug
katlienc 14 years ago
Keth...thanks os much for the stunning portrayal of my Svucaterina. I am using the desktop illustration on my Mac right now...it is perfect. Love the trappings of a "fortune teller" LOL...like the gramophone.
Kethaera 14 years ago
Keth...thanks os much for the stunning portrayal of my Svucaterina. I am using the desktop illustration on my Mac right now...it is perfect. Love the trappings of a "fortune teller" LOL...like the gramophone.

LOL, I'm glad you like it! I thought that gramophone was SO perfect! By the way,
I made the crystal ball prop, so I'll be hosting it at DeviantART for people to download once I get it all properly packed up.

And thanks for my girl too! I love the expression particularly in the "take the picture already" one, it's SO her!

I'm also glad my computer is still alive, for the moment.
katlienc 14 years ago
The crystal ball is just too cool for words So how do you make the props? Zbrush?
Twilightfenix 14 years ago
Thank you Mai for mine. I really like what you did and I am sure the story you were thinking would have been amazing as well. Thank you very much I really adore it.


[now to go battle the telco with strong words about why I hate thier service]
Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
Everyone has done wonderful jobs!

Keth: That crystal ball looks amazing!
KaAnna 14 years ago
Lillyanna! Oh my gosh! Sarwyn turned out absolutely incredible! I absolutely LOVE all of the potions, skulls and various items laid out on the table. That is just exactly how it should be! The glows on the bottles are excellent! So much to look at! And I love the way you set up her Apothecary as well as her clothes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
patslash 14 years ago
tori thank you so much she looks absolutely gorgeous!! and thanks for creating the avatar as well!!!
Janet PD 14 years ago
Karaliina - OMGOMG! Sooo incredibly fantastic - I totally LOVE it !! Really, put a huge smile on my face. Big hugs and thanks a bunch!!
Karaliina 14 years ago
Janet PD I'm soooooo sooo happy that you like it! For me this is the best part of the exchanges, to give! hehe. *hugs* hon
Verity 14 years ago
Nianya, Thank you so much! Rusty came out Great

Sassy just as I picture her in my head!
Wystro 14 years ago
Verity! I love it....You did such an amazing job with such a challenging subject. There's so much going on in his workshop, and I love all of the creations that you stuffed in there! =)