ROUND 1 - Lynch vote for Ethan's death (due 9am wed)

Everyone votes here, in BOLD who they want to lynch for his murder in the potty. All votes due WEDNESDAY (tomorrow) by 9AM.

pharren 13 years ago
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I haven't gotten to read new OOC posts since last night, so I might change my mind if I get a chance to read them before 9 (EST? PST?). This has nothing to do with the vampire manatees. Olivia
SnowDragon 13 years ago
Eve (Sorry not enough time for me tonight will have to do sneak reading at work tomorrow)
MashPotato 13 years ago
Gah, not much to go on, but Kilandra/Myraan Avers.
Dia 13 years ago
Ugh I hate the first kill/vote!

I too think Myraan Avers

just a hair more than the other person im thinking
Vudu 13 years ago
im really hoping this doesn't get me killed and i hate bandwagons... and i got school in 6 hours so sorry but i gotta go

Wystro 13 years ago
I'll say Ksagag/Nichole just because that was the first name that I thought of! I guess that will have to be good enough reason.
Ksagag 13 years ago
This is difficult for me b/c I've never played before and I'm trying to catch on as quickly as possible lol. But my vote is for Snowdragon/Nadiya because I felt that more of the clues fit with her better than anyone else. :\
Keriath 13 years ago
Reginald Fleischer
Merreck 13 years ago
Myraan (miir ahn) Avers
Greywood 13 years ago
Olivia Parker
Kilandra 13 years ago
Olivia Parker and I didn't even see his post as I was writing up my new found ideas lol
Eve 13 years ago
Kilandra/Myraan Avers

Simply because I know it's not me, and that quote everyone seems to keep thinking could be referring to me, could just as easily be attributed to her inner dialog. Perhaps she's trying to convince herself that she's up to the task. Blah I hate the first day!
lemmy101 13 years ago
I vote for Olivia Parker
Vulash 13 years ago
Verileah 13 years ago
I still feel like it's Vudu/Kris.
CaptainBinky 13 years ago
Olivia Parker
Gongaa 13 years ago
Ernest Freeman (Wystro)

Just because he's the one who found the body.

This is by no means a well formulated conclusion, though, so don't take it too hard, mang. There's lots of other guys Ethan would have had to step out of the way for, and I'd guess you don't look any less strong than you are. Still, stumbling over the corpse makes me suspicious, and a gut feeling is all I really have time for this time around.

PS: I like your avatar, Wystro! Don't kill me plz!
KaAnna 13 years ago
Kilandra/Myraan Avers
Spirtis 13 years ago
I'm not sure what time zone 9am falls under, so I hope I'm not too late. I have to vote for Olivia.
ShutUpSara 13 years ago
I vote for Nadiya

And it makes me sad.