Contact infos

I am not really supposed to be here during the day :X. But I can be reached via email at verileah at gmail dot com.

Vulash 13 years ago
vulash at gmail dot com
timothytmurray at gmail dot com

I don't really use a chat thingie madohicker anymore but I'm on facebook if I'm at the computer at home. At work I mainly just check email occasionally (not really an office job so that isn't super often).
pharren 13 years ago
I'm not supposed to be here during the day either, but today I brought my laptop to work and connected via cell phone because I won't be able to participate much tonight (or Sunday night) due to raids. I try and check the forums as often as I can during the day through my cell phone, but the browser is weird and sometimes it just won't happen.

At night, I suppose I'll start using AIM again. SN is misterever, or you can try emailing me @ misterever at aim dot com, but good luck getting a reply. I barely ever check it
CaptainBinky 13 years ago
I'm captain.binky at gmail dot com - I'm on UK time
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Aim: Rozbeans
yahoo: mae2gurl
Kilandra 13 years ago
yahoo is aaronicamullens
Gongaa 13 years ago
I'm captain.binky at gmail dot com - I'm on UK time

I'm walrusspam at the same place as the Cap'n. I promise I won't send you porn, pharmacy ads, or Nigerian princess calls for help!
Ksagag 13 years ago
My email is ksagag at yahoo dot com. I check it regularly throughout the day b/c it's my homepage
I've been trying to be as active as possible and keep checking the threads, but I have class tonight so I'll do my best!
Merreck 13 years ago
merreckeq at hotmail dot com

I don't use any form of IM, but I will reply to emails (or PM's here) asap.
Greywood 13 years ago
Wystro 13 years ago
MashPotato 13 years ago
PMs would work best for me
Vulash 13 years ago
I reinstalled aol - I'm vulash. It won't sign me in though just keeps saying connection lost.

EDIT: I had to fix my date and time from the computer crash - I'm on aol now as Vulash
Slipnish 13 years ago


I am hardly ever on yahoo, however.