What is the hardest part of your day?

Picking lunch. When I get back from wherever I randomly go I am going to write a program to pick lunch for me. This where do you want to go today game sucks.

blazyn 19 years ago
getting out of bed
Guest 19 years ago
LoL me and my best friend play the "whatyawannado" game too. Funny cause now weve resorted to threatening each others lives if one of us says "Idunno" when asked.

Hardest part of my day? Well atm, as Im typing this Im hearing my 3 year old screaming to the top of her lungs because my son has done something to her (I dont know what yet) and shes mad, and then when I get on to him, hell throw a fit, and I really need to go pick up a paper w/ some jobs in it, and it'll take forever to get him dressed when hes acting like this, he'll just throw the clothes back in the floor on the way to the car, Ill probably end up just taking him naked and bearing the looks I get of "God, can you believe that mother just lets her kids go in diapers like that....?" and just smile with a "You would believe it if you had my kids..." type look and man I just cant wait to sit down with my Fuzzy Navel and my book and send the kids to bed.......
Sarah 19 years ago
Getting out of bed at three in the morning to convince my three year old to pee in the potty instead of running in place in the hall screaming at the top of her lungs "I need to go potty!"
Guest 19 years ago
Picking dinner >_<
Droggen 19 years ago
figuring out what bowling alley ill bowl at =/
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Hmm. I dont know, I guess when I was working it was that time before lunch. After lunch always went that much quicker. I suppose now the hardest part of my day is dragging my ass out to run errands. We live like 8 miles out of town and...gosh I'm so lazy. /snort
Vex 19 years ago
the hardest part of my day...

well gee there's so many.

1 - waking up and GETTING up, instead i usually give in and sleep another 2 hours

2 - not bitching and screaming at fuck heads in guild chat

3 - getting dinner plans agreed on with my significant other

4 - digging my ass out of my chair

5 - making myself go to bed even if im not tired
Prosecution 19 years ago
Not strangling stupid people. Especially when they ask you an obviously retarded question.

Questions like:
"Is that your car?" Refering to the car you just stepped out of and locked.

Or one employee I manage "I know you said it wasn't something we sell, but do we have any USB 1.1 to firewire converters". Yes this one employee is notorious for asking questions like that.

Besides wanting to do a little house cleaning.

OH! And having to watch that stupid candy bar commerical with chocolate, peanuts, pretzels, and carmel. I forget the candy bars name, but I now turn off the TV until its over. That one hurts my brain.
Nastirith 19 years ago

I don't know if it's going to my job, or the point where I'm laying comfortably in bed, trying to find a GOOD reason to actually get up and go to that job.

Then there's all those points throughout the day where I second guess WHY I stay at that job...

On the bright side, I remember the money I make, and how it's paying to have my book published. Hehe...

I, too, hate STUPID PEOPLE, but since that can't be tied to any certain point in a day, I can't use that one, hehe...
Aramous 19 years ago
Hardest part of my day is maybe an hour or two after lunch. Because of what I ateat lunch it seems I get so god damn tired that I need to walk around to stay up. This time of the day is slow part in IT and it just kills me to try and get another sugar fix with either chocolate or go for my 6th cup of coffee just to kill more time to walk over and get it.
Gilae 19 years ago
Waking up sucks ass. I sometimes don't mind work so much cause I get to chat with you fine peeps and draw pretty pictures. But when I actually have to work, that sucks too.
Mileron 19 years ago
Getting out of the shower knowing that within 15 minutes I'll be on the road to work.

Walking into work.

Dealing with people who are too stupid to use computers, but think they're smart enough to fix them, and yet have MBAs or are CPAs or lawyers.

Coming home and dealing with my family's BS.
Viriu 19 years ago
Getting out of bed, then getting off the couch in the morning to go to work, and picking something for dinner with the hubby....oh the joy
Mai 19 years ago
Dealing with my family

Just kidding y Think I'd say that and mean it with them reading these posts? Just seeing if you two are paying attention.
Yalelini 18 years ago
sittin in traffic going to miami at 6:00am....its the worst.....ever
Cidwin 18 years ago
if Paul is working, its putting up with the CONSTANT stream of BS coming out of his mouth.. seriously i want to just strangle him till hes blue some days.

the hardest part of this week is getting all my transcripts/sat scores to UTA since the retarded faculty at the board of education in MD and UMBC cannot seem to do a damn thing right even tho i faxed them THEIR request form.
boozie923 18 years ago

-waking up at 6: freaking 30

-GOIng to school

-trying not to have an attitude w. my teachers

-doing work

-eating cafeteria food....barf

-riding in the car

-i like using the internet And sleeping
drizzi 18 years ago
getting out of the bed when i dont have to
getting out of the shower when i dont have to