Hogwarts Mafia Round 2 /ooc discussion

So, Alex is dead, right? The Mafia killed him?

Verileah 17 years ago
Yes, he is quite dead.
David Bowles 17 years ago
Because (sorry to quibble) you didn't actually *kill* him in your narrative, you just implied he was about to die. Sorry.
Verileah 17 years ago
You're not sorry at all *snorts*.

Hmm...perhaps I shall make him a little more deader.
Verileah 17 years ago
Laha 17 years ago
Well...the only evidence we have is that volie is in effect some sort of enchanted item, perhaps another essence device like the tome/diary he left behind in the second movie.

Very interesting...

Ashmore 17 years ago
The student watched in satisfaction as the threstrals winged through the air with gloomy magnificence.

This has got to mean something... of course being aloof at this school is almost a prereq!


Now was the time to constrain one of the creatures to do his bidding, the Dark Lord raised the student's wand as the threstrals thundered past but then something unexpected happened; one of the beasts reared up and bumped against a tree. Odd behavior indeed if you did not see the bowtruckle who believed his oaken home to be in danger. It made an odd sound and began stabbing fearlessly at the larger creature with its long stick-like fingers. The thestral hardly knew what to do other than to continue rearing and backing away.

It backed right into the student standing at the edge of the forest, knocking them over and causing a silver amulet to fall away from their neck. The student sat up and clutched their head, appearing to be quite confused as to how they ended up on the ground. Standing up, they spied the silver amulet laying atop the blood stained snow.


This is also important. This sounds like someone who is into the dark arts. Perhaps one that knows how to protect themselves from it.

I also think the silver amulet comment is important here. I looked for anyone who mentioned it but only found silver references with a few people.
Temprah 17 years ago
the silver amulet is mentioned in the scenario set up people as being the item that possessed the SK when they touched it...!! I think the significance is not in the item, but in that it fell off.. what would happen if someone picked it up? would we have a new SK? and why would that happen in mid game..... i've got a theory. i may share it later after I do some spreadsheet work.
Just Erin 17 years ago
The student walked down the path out in front of the courtyard and past some commotion involving a snowball fight without even paying it the slightest attention.

If only apparation were possible within the school's grounds then he could come and go as he pleased.

She used the word 'he' here. This could be referring to the gender of the posessed student, or it could be referring to the gender of the one doing the posessing (assumedly Lord Voldy).

The necklace could be the one that belonged to Salazar Slytherin himself, the one that Tom Riddle's mother pawned at that shop in Knockturn Alley. Whatzit called again? Borgin and Burkes? I forget, but you know what I mean.

In any case, I also think that it being dropped is important. It was supposedly a horcrux for a piece of LV's soul.

(edited to insert quote brackets)
pooka 17 years ago
Might the studen services trophy mean something? Also, the SK scene specified that any gendered pronouns should not be taken as evidence.
Temprah 17 years ago
ooo good catch on the trophy, I hadn't thought about that. Umm.. since I don't know the books, what would that be given for?
pooka 17 years ago
Tom received an engraved trophy for special services to the school
that's what hp-lexicon.org came up with. It's a good site for reference, but a bad site if you don't want to be spoiled to the moon and back.

(Sorry, Tom = Tom Marvolo Riddle who would become Lord Voldemort)
Tor 17 years ago
The hints from the Mafia thread that I saw are that one of the Mafia is a "thief" - has ways of entering and leaving a room. Since there aren't any lockpicks about, that means it could be someone who has evidenced such behaviors in the past. Also could be someone who can shift their form. Or...someone skilled in transfig. Sigh.

For the SK, the information about thestrals isn't exactly common knowledge, so that implies Care of Magical Creatures...but not necessarily, as once you've seen death, you'll be able to learn about them and the SK has obviously killed.

Not a lot to go on...I'll check back later.
Vudu 17 years ago
well the sk killer also sounds like someone who would either know the tree class or something to that or something close to dark arts

i scaned the mafia hit a little fast but it sounds like someone who is in the mafia sounds like a girl shes all caring about him and well have you noticed there killing off alot of huffle puffs have you people got something against us huffle puff???
the said that there were a good person passing all classes and her highest one was i think artimacy
Vudu 17 years ago
so they would see he had received top marks in Arithmancy along with doing quite well in his other subjects. see they high skilled in arithmancy this is in the mafia they also said "figure" not sure if it mans anything but usally when a guy talks about Figure they mean a nice body aint there like some pretty boy in here thats in slytherin and knows malfoy?
Temprah 17 years ago
I think the whole knowledge of thestrals came from Voldie... my take on this is everythng from the SK is Voldie he just happens to be in the form of a student, like he's at the wheel and in charge, ya know?
Vudu 17 years ago
ok i found the pretty boy

Name: Dexter Greenman
Age: 14
Appearance: Dark Hair - shoulder length and long in front too, blue eyes, athletic, 115 pounds
Height: 5'4
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 3rd
Favorite Subject: Ancient Runes
History: Dexter doesn't really seem like a good fit for Ravenclaw. While extremely intelligent - he devotes far more of his time to fitting in, girls, being cool, and girls. His father is a writer for a wizardry nightlife magazine, and his mother is a muggle, and former exotic dancer which probably explains his extreme social abilities. Luckily his sharp mind allows him to still keep his grades up (thought not where they could be...). Dexter's goal for his 3rd year is to try to date a girl from each of the 4 houses simultaneously. So far he's only managed a Hufflepuff, and a Ravenclaw without them finding out.
Contents of your school satchel or backpack: Body Spray, Breath Mints, Toothbrush, comb, floss, and of course paper/pencils/pens, and a book.

look at his contents hes trying to get a date sorry vulash im sorry hes not in slytherin so that takes my sign of malfoy down but i mean who doesn't know malfoy?
pooka 17 years ago
I'm not seeing this figure clue, though if you are going for "figure" there are plenty of people out there proud of their looks.

What about the owl being thirsty?
Vudu 17 years ago
Judging by the figure that approached him, student services trophy in hand, he had only made his death a little quicker.
here is is in the mafia
Vulash 17 years ago
Just got home - someone in the mafia is an old time veteran - they killed Jinheim which means he scared them...from previous game experience.

Will clue dig as I can, but seems like we've found a few already.

My first thought on the "thief" was an animagus or whatever those shapeshifters are. Also - it wasn't common knowledge to the others they could do this. There was one or two bios that had shapeshifters that kept it secret.

One of the mafia seems gullible, or very pragmatic

Alex is 4'10". Sitting down one of them crouched to eye level. I don't know if this means anything or not, but it seems like it would be someone shorter.

This same person seems motherly towards him. Someone older then him? "lets clean you up and get you on your way!" sounds like Aunt B. An older female that isn't very tall perhaps? Not a slytherin either, sounds hufflepuffish
Vulash 17 years ago
Also I read it as the fact that he had a half formed thought in his mind was the reason that it made his death quicker with the person with the trophy? Occlumency perhaps? Or am I reading this wrong?

I think the Student Services trophy is definately a clue to a mafia member. More of a symbolic clue - I don't think that detail is there as a side detail.